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Title: Top 25 songs countdown as of 08/15/07
Post by: SFEnnisSF on August 15, 2007, 01:37:08 pm
Top 25 songs on KBBM Radio as of 08/15/07

25.    Phillip Dampier - Homage To Brokeback Mountain - BBM Radio Exclusive!

24.    The Williams Brothers - Can't Cry Hard Enough - The Williams Brothers

23.    Beth Nielsen Chapman - No One Knows But You - Sand & Water

22.    Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love - Love, Elvis

21.    Emmylou Harris - A Love That Will Never Grow Old - Brokeback Mountain

20.    Global Stage Orchestra9 - The Wings - GSO9

19.    Gustavo Santaolalla - The Wings - BBM15

18.    Gustavo Santaolalla 18 - BBM 2 - BBM2

17.    Jack Greene - Statue Of A Fool - Country Favorites

16.    Jerry Douglas - Little Martha - Lookout for Hope

15.    John Mellencamp - Ain't Even Done With The Night - Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits

14.    Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry - Be Here

13.    Mark Weigle - As It Turns Out - All That Matters

12.    Pat Metheny - A Map Of The World Part 1 - A Map of the World (1999 Film)

11.    Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever? - A Kind Of Magic

10.    Wynonna Judd - My Strongest Weakness - Collection

9.    Dolly Parton - Think About Love - Super Hits

8.    Extreme - More Than Words - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Extreme

7.    Gary Allan - Life Ain't Always Beautiful - Tough All Over

6.    Joe Euro - The Fogs Of August - Eyes On The Horizon

5.    Lonestar - Not A Day Goes By - 16 Biggest Hits

4.    Rascal Flatts - What Hurt's The Most - Me And My Gang

3.    Global Stage Orchestra8 - BBM 3 (Lake Scene & Flashback to Dozy Embrace) - GSO8

2.    Roy Orbison - I Drove All Night - King of Hearts

And the #1 song this month on KBBM Radio is:

1.    Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn - Greatest Hits

Title: Re: Top 25 songs countdown as of 08/15/07
Post by: ifyoucantfixit on August 15, 2007, 03:19:33 pm

Title: Re: Top 25 songs countdown as of 08/15/07
Post by: jstephens9 on September 06, 2007, 06:58:41 pm
I love the idea of having a Top 25. That' great. I have always loved looking at music charts. How do you complile the chart? I would love to help out with that if you ever need help.

Title: Re: Top 25 songs countdown as of 08/15/07
Post by: SFEnnisSF on September 07, 2007, 12:45:25 pm
Live 365 provides us the statistics on how the tracks are "performing". 

Here's a technical overview if yer interested:

Track Power Rating

The Track Power Rating is Live365's measurement of the performance of any given track. It considers all the listener-to-track data we have and puts it into one easy-to-compare number.

The Track Power Rating formula gives more importance/weight to certain bits of information over others. For instance, a listener clicking the  button beside a track is a stronger indication they like the track then just giving it a "thumbs up " Another example would be giving a track a "thumbs down " is a stronger indication of dislike then changing radio stations while a song is playing.

Live365's Track Power Rating weighting
 Thumbs Up
 Thumbs Down
 Left the station
while track was playing Power Rating
Value +10 +5 +3 -3 -0.1 Total

Score = ((buy * 10) + (wish * 5) + (up * 3) + (down * -3) + (drops * -0.1)) / max(total_begin_listeners, total_end_listeners)

This score is then put in a list with all Live365 tracks across all stations. The highest score is given the value 10 (5 stars) and the lowest value is given the value .5 (half star).

So even though your ratings are specific to your station, the overall 0-10 scale takes into consideration all tracks across all stations.

Each time a "Buy" button is clicked for a particular track, the data increments by +10. Each time a Thumbs Down is clicked, the data is incremented by -3. Each track-related action figures into the final Power Rating score.

Then, the score number is assigned to a number of stars for easy identification/comparison in managing your MP3 files.

Track Power Ratings
Stars Score Description
 10 Exceptional!               
 8.5 Very good
 6.5 Good
 4.5 So So
 2.5 Poor
n/a 0 not rated

We take the raw score (details below), factor in the audience size, and then spread the results across the spectrum of 0.0-5.0 stars, with .5 star precision (0.0-10.0 numerically).

You can always view all of the underlying data that make up the Power Rating by clicking the "Details" tab on your Edit - Tracks page or go directly to the Track Rating Detail Page from here.