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Title: Emile's "Atoned" Writings Of "Melancholia'
Post by: "Joseph Golden" on January 07, 2008, 04:06:08 am
Hey Everyone,

I starting this board to post my cherished and loved works of are i wrote. I'll post different things sparingly and as often as i can.

I'm open to your opines and will often ask for your questions when I'm stuck in a "Writers Block"  As i in one right now.
I recently wrote this. I'm not to sure what is about. It's mainly a collection of words floating around my head.
Here is is....

An unimaginable impression of delirium
Crossed in my soul of there prejudice
A thankful rise into the prime
Matered by the last yield of friendliness

A moment in all else nothing deteriorates
Loves hand binds the hopeful endearment
Swale's of atoned spirits among the desolate
Pleading with conformity's last resentment

Social standards or History's mistakes, I know
Is this pleasure there ain't no agony
Out of what we know, there will be a deathblow
Whether it comes from you or our nonconformity

The scene wont come to a tragic conclusion
Small minded comunities suddenly transform
Your path will lead back our habitation
If not i see no new conformation.

I see the end....... 

I'd also like it if you could help me with a title.

Your opines are welcome and i look forward to them.


Emile [Pronoucation; Emm-eee-lie]