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Title: Heathcliffe, Heath and Ennis all tragic???? a common thread
Post by: optom3 on April 18, 2008, 10:21:34 pm
I have always loved Emily Brontes Wuthering heights and with Heath being named after Heathcliffe I decided to re read it.I was struck by a couple of things.In the book Heathcliffe is haunted by dreams of his dead love.That gave me a jolt as it seemed like Ennis and his ghosts of Jack.

The next bond seemed to be that Heaths' life was nearly as tragic as his namesake.Obviously Heath does not become vindictive as does Heathcliffe.

Heath by his different acting roles reinvented himself many times over,this is what Heathcliffe does in the book.In particular Heath made a very conscious decision to shun his original pretty boy image,in favour of more gritty roles.Heathcliffe disappears for a time after his great love marries someone else and returns a different man.
As ridiculous as it sounds there did seem to be some parallels.I found myself wishing that Heath had been named after a less tragic character.
So there seems to be some degree of correlation between all 3. Or maybe I have finally lost the plot.!!!!!!