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Title: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played
Post by: Fran on April 05, 2006, 10:32:11 am
:)   Please check here before posting in the "ABCs" game.   :)

"ABCs of Brokeback Mountain" Game

Words played Rounds 1 through 959

Note:   The last word entered on the list is highlighted in red.

A:  Academy, Annie, Aguirre, always, asses, asphalt, August, altitude, alarm, apathy, acting, army, apples, acclaim, anus, all, attention, agape, asthma, allotments, awards, Anne, anal, ain't, a | apartment, attitude, auger, awarded, ashtray, aroused, ashes, angel, Ang, Alma, appalled, accent, asphyxiated, axe (ax), ask, anticipation, arm, A&P, arrow, Alto, ache, arms, ads, alley, apparent || ardor, aphrodisiac, across, address, alcohol, aisle, aluminum, amorous, avuncular, alma, asleep, Absarokas, agriculture, appreciates, acceptance, amen, around, adamant, anywhere, alcoholic, awnings, ageless, abominable, Anna, anchor | anguished, accompany, artificial, academic, anti-piracy, about, atonic, ass, accident, ankles, askew, afford, accidental, accept, abrasive, apologetically, aunt, apron, abjectness, abundance, author, antsy, ambition, Allman, answer |100| asthmatic, ancient, avoid, applications, armchair, astonished, artistic, agatewear, agonized, alternative, asshole, austere, aware, Aggie, admit, antlers, audacious, alas, anxious, April, addicted, apathetic, ablaze, availed, asphyxiate | assorted, advice, acclimated, acrimonious, angst, Asian, aphoristic, afternoon, ahead, akimbo, awful, axles, after-dinner, allotment, addresses, agony, allowed, abysmal, at, accounting, A., ascertained, air, Adapted, arose  || age, autumn, alights, a-horseback (ahorseback), archetypical, apart, anthem, apple, abhorrent, athaletes, adding, awakened, awkward, airplane, attempts, amok, affairs, affecting, afforded, Arab, accomplished, aspired, abusive, absconded, astute | apt, awash, abject, appetites, awesome, along, artistry, away, aching, atop, are, as, ankle, able, annoyed, anything, again, applied, Actor, approach, Actress, adaptation, attack, adjacent, aplomb |200| arousing, assessment, abrupt, Announcer, appealing, anybody, air-conditioned, applause, amiable, abundantly, adjust, adored, arboreal, assortment, abundant, abruptly, authentic, awkwardly, ascribed, arena, amber-colored, abounded, avoids, advertising, accumulation | agnomen, abide, abreast, appear, adamantine, aspersions, after, awakening, alibi, agreement, adumbration, anyway, abrogated, advertised, aloof, asked, affection, Alberta, approaches, attaboy, absolute, acrimony, archetype, aversion, ablutions, || aloneness, authenticity, acted, affinity, alright, another, and, aphorism, abstain, addictive, ablutionary, advertently, admitted, animals, auguries, attitudinal, avoidant, absolved, Aguirre's, abs, against, above, attuned, actually, awe-inspiring | assuage, asking, added, ash, asexual, agenda, alive, American, arouse, assistant, already, ands, aptitude, admiration, aspect, aphoristically, almost, altar, alert, artless, action, able-bodied, albatross, advances, apotheosis, anatomical |300| anatomical, Alma's, abandoned, adoringly, animosity, addressed, angels, alone, appearance, auditorily, addled, alarmed, attacked, any, angry, aerie, avatar, act, asks, aftermath, appreciate, Award, accolades, appreciated, acumen | arched, attractive, add, admissions, aback, annoying, addling, aside, agree, almond-shaped, amazed, ashamed, ago, an, appreciating, assbackwards, adjusts, apple-shaped, asinine, absent-mindedly, ate, aphorist, accelerate, Awards, angelic || agog, awfully, asphyxia, acrid, accompanied, awfulness, audacity, alabaster, among, appears, alto, adiós (adios), approached, Aggies, although, animal, abscond, am, alcoholism, arrival, alarms, anger, area, appalling, amuse | argument, abandoning, assume, aisles, Australia, apron-clad, aftereffects, appeared, actions, acrimoniously, altercation, audible, Angeles, athlete, appreciative, audaciously, anguish, appeals, available, aches, asperity, advantage, arrived, advising, argumentatively |400| accosts, absent, accosted, altercate, appropriated, Atlantic, adventures, Accordion, Ace, arrives, anatomy, arriving, accomplishing, avid, absence, adumbrates, arguably, assisting, appetite, alongside, awry, alternate, amiss, appealed, appetizing | applecart, attitudinally, antediluvian, afraid, afterwards, ashtrays, answered, assumed, assignments, altitudes, atmospheric, assigned, around-the-clock, awake, amorously, achieved, agreed, approaching, approachability, amorosity, attends, according, aged, announced, attendance || aboard, allows, attracted, applauds, assiduously, attract, aromas, appreciatively, authenticate, aggravated, applying, acknowledge, apparel, aboveboard, advised, acceptable, august, attrition, awoke, agent, accident-prone, Anthony, ambled, abilities, accompanying | asserted, achy, addressing, all-out, aid, awakenings, arrangement, Albertan, acorn, all-too-literal, allow, advertises, accountant, acclaimed, assured, America, archetypal, await, attached, applauded, aftereffect, arranged, amiably, attracts, avocation |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: A (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:29:54 pm
account, absolutely, arrive, accounts, arrangements, ability, astounding, Albertans, arrange, awesomely, acclimate, ached, airways, abolish, assistance, Ang's, antelope, abashed, awkwardness, anachronistic, Alberta's, approximately, ascension, artfully, authorization | alluring, afterglow, attractiveness, adoring, assignation, adorable, accosting, alcohol's, altered, appetizingly, addicts, alarmingly, appliances, apricot, adjoining, Animalia, advises, ambiguity, amid, ambitious, aggressively, armpit, Albertans', Annie's, applaud  || adapted, anxiously, additions, amounted, adjusted, Annie'd, assimilate, arriver, addiction, augur, aspirations, assault, allotted, avoided, A, aproned, assumes, applies, assignations, accompanies, asininely, antagonized, allowing, arranging, asymmetry | asininity, answers, appetitive, announce, associate, also-ran, attired, ambling, assembled, arrivals, accelerated, ample, abhors, affectionate, affectionately, affections, accidentally, alienating, assuaged, arranges, articulated, assist, accents, attended, assumption |600| aptitudinal, annoyance, attaining, awareness, agonizes, absences, aggravation, annals, accepting, apprehensively, acidic, admitting, applicable, accessorize, accessories, antics, acclimating, Alabama, Allen, absently, actual, aspires, affected, attire, appetence | ably, attune, allotting, arranger, accented, affectional, avalanche, awaits, addle, abolishing, antithetic, angered, allowance, acres, attraction, attracting, agreeable, azure, adventurous, About, abashedly, AFI, Alexander, accepted, activity || also, accost, accepts, amble, anymore, attractively, Argyll, activities, alleys, attempt, agricultural, amazement, angrily, admission, accustomed, abuse, apartness, arrivé, abusively, averse, astraddle, attempted, attempting, accommodated, accommodate | acquainted, adoze, acerbic, admonished, accusatory, answering, acidly, antagonistically, antique, askance, assuming, accommodations, armful, anew, all-night, affair, attending, all-nighter, Already, assigning, assemblage, Antonini, accoutrements, admits, asunder |700| Australian-born, ACE, ardently, anarchic, actress, altogether, Algonquin, affreightment, asininity, attend, actors, accomplish, annual, addlepated, apple-cheeked, ass-hugging, array, apartment's, antlered, aspiring, aunt's, asshat, asshat's, annoyingly, arm-twisting | assets, augment, ante, aspects, Aames, adamantly, aggravates, accuse, attorneys, accomplishments, assaulted, airing, admiring, arc, angriness, angering, accusingly, abstinence, auditory, audibility, abstained, accuses, automatically, awed, avowed || announcer, abused, Amazing, aperitif, anticipating, anticipated, announcement, apply, affectation, abroad, attacking, artists, apprehensive, assign, adventuresome, aggressor, Argentine, ahold, authenticated, apathetically, audiences, aesthetic, attachment, abnegation |  arises, anchors, alumna, accomplishment, accomplice, announcer's, astonishment, amazing, anyways, Alain, alter, altetshke, azure-hued, adversity, ashcan, advise, assent, assertive, allure, alimentary, ass's, accommodating, announcing, artful, Angelenos |800| all-American, adapting, Advocate, Australian, Amy, alleviate, Argentina, abrazos, ambulance, Austen, all-time, anthems, au, adores, anxious, antisocial, anticipate, achievement, abusiveness, afternoons, abnormality, alleviated, accumulate, angrier, achier | accumulated, apparently, afar, advocate, aglow, anger-ridden, axed, archaic, affording, Agency, accompaniment, acknowledgement (acknowledgment), abridgement (abridgment), affordable, adjusting, amount, achieves, acknowledged, argued, arguing, attainable, approves, approval, administer, appeal || accused, abandonment, appointment, anticipates, amusement, Alison, acclimates, altering, Alby, afterthought, appease, appeasing, adrenaline, amusing, assisted, Adshead, anathema, antagonistic, assistants, anachronisms, artist, annular, astonishing, amorousness, appertains | America's, Almighty, August's, avoiding, attorney, affixing, assertion, acutely, akin, absolutes, amber, adheres, adhere, asset, amplified, achingly, Aaron, amplifying, abomination, art, astoundingly, altitudinous, aggressive, antibiotics, accelerator |900| athleticism, amongst, abdication, agriculturally, affirmed, A.M.P.A.S. (AMPAS), appreciation, abstention, arrested, amused, antireligious (anti-religious), amalgamation, alarming, amends, alight, anon, altitudinal, angling, aspire, authentically, augments, acknowledging, anyplace, awaited, alpha | automobile, assumptions, auto-pilot (autopilot), actor, averts, Adapting, acclaiming, aghast, amateur, articulate, ailment, appropriate, allergies, additional, assists, adorned, attributed, admittedly, appropriately, antihero, affixed, anatomically, Audio, ABC, awe || apprehension, angles, Absaroka, apoplexy, accommodates, auspices, adapt, allay, attitudes

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: B
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:30:50 pm
B:  Brokeback, BetterMost, balls, broke, buckle, bolo, bitch, border, bulbous, bull, blue, bags, boy, bandanna (bandana), beans, bride, bank, binoculars, beer, bedroll, boutonniere (boutonnière), blizzard, bravado, burning, bowlegged | brother, breakfast, Budweiser, bar, butterfly, because, bob-wire, bench, barrette, bling, bride-to-be, buttoned, betrothed, Bobby, bicycles, barrel, bear, banquets, buddy, boots, Black, bud, Bill, brakes, backwards || babies, born, bashful, blatantly, blood, branch, bananas, bluebirds, busted, biceps, behavior, bitter, big-ass, backseat, boastful, better, bad, blocks, bra, befuddled, barn, bruise, broncs, bewitched, burr | bottleneck, breasts, Bakelite, business, boat, bridle, blessing, baryphonic, behemoth, bandy-legged, basial, bilious, Battle, blithe, baseball, bleached, brass, bales, baling, brunneous, blameworthy, bridal, baby-sit, booty, beguiled |100| browns, beaver, Buddig, binge, belt, B, battered, brimstone, burned, beach, brother-in-law, Blackie, bare, Beers, bamboozled, baby-sitter, banister, birds, be, breath, boxes, bitching, BB, bloated, big | butted, blanket, Basque, bottom, baldies, bottle, bovines, BAFTA, baffled, backbite, black, boys, beyond, brazen, bet, back, biscuits, Butt, bedroom, braiding, brands, bruised, bag, bleach, Brokie  || Brokies, BBM-ers, brusque, brave, bulls, broken-cloud, beat-up, buff-colored, beanpole, bullet, basket, bladder, buddies, butchers, budget, buckskin, bark, barren, buckaroos, balance, both, bathroom, bully, bills, bellicose | bane, beginning, bolt, bullshit, bold, bed, blowy, bathing, breakneck, best, bubble, bandannas (bandanas), blinds, beads, buttons, babe, brilliant, box, boneless, behind, brilliance, breathe, buying, BetterMostians, backbreaking |200| body, bawling, bachelor, beautiful, belittle, baler, braille, brush-off, bombshell, background, be-all, basted, bewilderment, bestiality, bystander, balanced, brutality, been, bonkers, breakthrough, brown, berates, bestial, between, bare-bones | boink, beard, became, bygones, button-gaping, but, boiling, borne, bend, buffer, broken, bothering, bewildered, bounced, belligerent, backed, bottomed, boxcar, boast, bothered, brick, blatant, blasé (blase), burner, bottoms, || brooding, bunch, busied, blade, bottomless, brutal, butt, butterflies, bought, butting, blow, brassiere, below, bread, bean, baa, bolts, brawl, brilliantined, banging, bent, braggart, build, broach, before | barking, breach, bargains, blubberin' (blubbering), bottles, begun, betrayed, bones, beast, butter, bit, breast, brimming, bacon, braided, blankets, brought, bone, buttocks, bum, bigger'n, boner, buried, burly, boredom |300| baiting, buckles, bracelet, bull-riding, basking, bein' (being), bellyful, bloodied, brute, biting, boil, banged, bring, big-tired, burst, boiled, browned, busts, bursting, blew, barely, burnt, burn, belonging, benches | bourgeois, back-to-back, buffed, bootless, bastion, bust, braced, bedded, bupkis, busting, beserk, begins, bush, boisterous, battle, Bangor, bride's, busty, blown, bridge, brassiere's, bike, bulk, bouncing, binder || bigger, buck, bummed, Bonkers, bastard, belted, bluestocking, bad-mouthed, blurted, basin, bartender, blazing, bang, benefit, blows, bears, bottom-line, boating, beverage, bombed, beat, band, bode, bikers, bowl | baby, barbecue, beaten, banana, bay, britches, bib, beige, bungled, breathing, buys, Bruton, Buddy, brunt, buy, buckaroo, betraying, blame, bubbles, Brokeback's, blank, boob, ball, blizzardy, branding |400| bewilders, bottled, booth, bearer, believe, bathyscaphe, beaches, book, bumbling, blowing, births, bared, buzz, buddy's, busy, buckling, bites, beside, board, brand, Bighorns, bitten, belly, Basque's, brewing | baskets, blink, buttered, breeze, brews, bellied, businesslike, bedding, baggage, bringing, breezy, bleating, by, bedroll's, brings, buckled, began, bussed, breathtaking, believed, barrier, breathed, bouquet, bridled, baby's || bounces, batted, brunette, barrelling (barreling), begin, bittersweet, breathes, boyhood, branded, backing, boldly, bringer, boot, brief, broad, bashfully, beforehand, baring, bluish, bladder's, Bunnies, Bareback, bridles, bucked, burdens | beaned, butcher, bares, binging, breast-feed, backbone, beck, beastly, bee, bossy, beheld, businessman, businesswoman, Banquet, Bana, bragging, beeline, beverages, binding, blotted, beef, bother, boisterously, ballad, bleated ||500||
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: B (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:31:57 pm
bellow, bordering, beds, blares, babied, benefited (benefitted), Big, Brokebackian, begged, blistering, breathless, bolted, butts, brainchild, bearded, beaded, blaring, blared, blunder, block, beauty, Bragg, Beiseker, Baldy, behold | bewitching, bedsprings, brake, bickered, bedfellows, bedside, bushel, belting, bottled-up, brewskis (brewskies), belts, bareness, brown-colored, bricks, blank-eyed, beefing, beefed, bitterness, break, buoyed, borrow, bawl, billowy, bill, brutally  || brainstorm, bookstores, bucktoothed (buck-toothed), bubbly, brazenly, believable, bliss, blissful, breaking, bated, beefs, bitchy, bettering, beholden, ballistic, bite, bosomy, breaks, buggery, belle, bait, Bobby's, bootlessness, bits, bitterly | backs, bienvenidos, believer, beehive, beer-drinking, blossomed, bespectacled, barkeep, bunched, brusquely, bye, becloud, blowup, bedtime, borderline, behaved, bedmates, bond, bombastic, betting, brandished, barber, beautician, buff, bag's |600| blabbed, bottle's, bridegroom, biblical, boss, beacon, bad-mouth, budding, buddy-buddy, barrel-racing, building, betrayal, blushing, blustery, busies, broadcast, bumped, Buckinghamshire, Berliner, biddable, ball-point, bilbous, brokenhearted, brim, boxed | bypassed, barest, biding, Bernie, bullying, bowdlerized, behest, birth, befell, befall, bargained, belief, begs, barked, breadwinner, briefly, befriended, blackness, Bernier, Brothers, Blackrock, Barbara, Brontë (Bronte), bristled, bleak || brimmed, becoming, bundle, barroom, braless, bewilderingly, Bighorn, bartered, batteries, bowlful, bicker, broke-dick, brushed, berate, bound, boils, brightens, brighter, barrels, brash, bland, bushy-tailed, beers, baleful, black-and-blue | blanched, bled, boundless, benign, bucks, bulky, brightly, blasted, belching, breakup, blowhard, beckon, brotherly, blinked, beating, bowls, birthday, brittle, boasting, borrowed, boasted, beginner, borrowing, bloody, Beverly |700| boned, bungler, beamingly, bigmouthed (big-mouthed), ballooning, biggest, bona, boy's, braininess, brightened, brightening, Billings, bending, bugger, boîte (boite), blouse, ballooned, bedrooms, buckarettes, befalls, barfing, bombast, belittles, belittled, bibulous | balancing, bonanza, brass-headed, bickering, blamed, brittleness, beloved, buggers, blaming, bathtub, bred, boring, booms, boomeranged, bangles, bellying, bellowed, bleeding, blabbing, bleed, blinded, blonde (blond), blonder, bottling, bowwowed, || bopped, birthplace, Bubble, bevy, bloviate, belongings, boogied, bridebed, batten, bathed, bunk, boyfriend, boyfriends, bombarded, bossing. bosoms, Bud-drinking, bolder, boldest, balances, badmouthed (bad-mouthed), breakdown, bluegrass (blue-grass), baloney (boloney), brushes | belabor, bibo, boni, beckons, broken-in, blues, brutes, buildings, bolting, bestowed, bupkis, bronfen, bluesy, boost, brutes', breakable, bejeweled (bejewelled), babysitting (baby-sitting), boobs, behavioral, boor, breakage, begrudgingly, bleat, bemoan |800| birthed, Ball, Boone's, Batman, Bop, Buffalo, basis, beautifully, Brooklyn, Boyero, bid, badass (bad-ass), based, Becker, bashers, big-haired, barmen, back-and-forth, brushing, bettered, boys', buffs, blondest, Burr, blacker | bug, bail, budgeted, bloat, bat, Barrett, bus, bumpy, bestows, bulldogging, blandishments, brain, betterment, believing, believes, bell, barrage, blusterous, bantering, bubbled, bodies, Beckel, Beckel's, banded, Bungalow || bang-up, breezes, bird, balding, bereaved, bemused, boychiks, bugging, Beard, blather, buddies', balloons, box-office, backstairs, backtalk, balmy, blissfully, blacked, blinders, boyishness, Borders, breed, blast, biscuit, brouhaha | binocular-aided, Brown, basically, bawdy, banged-up, ballsy, beliefs, behaving, bluff, bluebirds', betrothal, basics, bravura, boundaries, battled, belittling, bunked, blistered, bullrider's, blasting, blackest, blot, boffing, Bravo, bedraggled |900| backside, batshit, blessings, backdoor, broad-minded (broadminded), bawled, boosting. buildup (build-up), belied, bilingual, banding, bedazzled, blended, bereft, bragged, beckoning, bumping, barbecuing, buggering, bounded, broadcastings, bargain, Bland, beasts, broached | bracing, barnstormed, brilliantly, brace, blab, basic, beleaguered, besotted, bureaucracy, bearings, blackguards, become, botched, broken-down, badmouthing (bad-mouthing), boobage, blubber, broad-based, babbled, buttoned-up, boyish, bagged, bearable, Buenos, bugs || bluster, bangle, brags, birdcage, beginnings, besides, blossom, bewildering, bitches

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: C
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:32:49 pm
C:  Cassie, coyote, Canada, castrating, condiments, clipboards, cherry, clown, cock, cow, curve, cat, cuddle, coffeepot, cans, commutin' (commuting), clothespins, child, concentration, Carl, carving, crap, Cartwright, camps, camel | cast-iron, cigarettes, Casper, cute, cowboy, conscience, chews, crying, come, Cigar, consummated, chablis, caustic, chain, corduroy, coffee, cake, convertible, church, crossover, Cardellini, courthouse, Capitan, catered, crayons || cutoffs, circumcised, Childress, Calgary, chatterbox, catalogue (catalog), complain, choice, crow-hops, cunt, combines, curly, clandestine, couple, crash, craving, carnal, creel, closet, Chilean, cremated, cold, cunctative, cosy (cozy), chance | coward, camaraderie, crapulence, canteen, childhood, coat, clutch, carcinogens, Cowley, Candy, clothesline, casting, chestnut, chewing, calves, cowboys, cremains, come-hither, campfire, cowboyed, carts, cuckold, cursing, corrosion, crazed |100| caliper, connection, coatrack, charmed, cast, cash, chomping, cap, contrarian, chomped, customs, cherries, crotch, crotchety, class, Camaro, climaxed, cheating, Connecticut, colossus, Christ, cereal, Close, columbine, crew | crow's, crazy, cacophony, comfortable, Cadillac, cutting, contraceptive, chambray, Coffeepot, crouching, catastrophic, cut, construction, consternation, Centurion, concrete, careworn, Coke, comely, C., carpe, call, corral, Coca-Cola, clinched  || culture, career, carburetor, cantankerous, cow-and-calf, churlish, cumulus, convince, cross, cry, characters, Crook, compadres, cheese, console, couldn't, clipped, code, Canadian, Caldwell, choky, calculated, crocked, closer, China | clacking, conundrum, cocooned, closeted, confusion, cuddling, comeuppance, cried, coots, case, caresses, collar, can, cigarette, cramps, column, couplings, crystalline, chest, cold-cocks, castrated, cooking, c'mere, commitment, Canmore |200| contact, cruising, curtains, crackling, confounded, contortionistic, crackerjack, companion, cook, ceiling, camera, caving, continuance, clutches, callous, considerably, country, counterpoint, cross-purposes, crux, castles, cherished, crooked, contortions, Colorado | cheek, current, could, cold-blooded, confidential, companionable, Caddy (Caddie), circuit, curmudgeon, conformity, co-writer, compunction, consume, chary, convenience, calling, coddled, character, coming, cliff, canoodle, can't, Coffee, catching, clowning, || chowed, chemistry, corpulence, cards, chipped, corralled, constant, corners, crack, church-sponsored, contradictory, crumbs, curved, clinic, cruel, comfort, called, County, chewed, climbing, canoodling, canoodlers, cup, chockablock, closets | carried, celebrated, comes, counting, canoodled, come-on, close, camp, count, clomped, cord, claimed, carne, campsites, craved, civilization, Creek, clerk, crimson, county, clean, clouds, chop, Cassie's, constructive |300| custody, chops, camping, colossal, chair, creep, cheerful, counted, charming, cleaning, cranberry, chip, carved, cutting-edge, clattered, cooked, caught, cheap, conversation, Cosell's, cloth, cock-and-bull, closed, campfires, campsite | cravings, content, circumstances, core, checkin' (checking), clear, coquettishly, caressed, committed, costly, chill, cockles, complications, cigar, came, canned, cavil, croaking, chase, conformism, clasp, chainlink, cat, caterwauling, comedown, Christmasy || carpenters, crawling, carcasses, calamity, cradled, carry, company, civility, change, cool, cantina, comforted, crowded, cocky, chatters, Club, cabin, coy, cups, cavernous, crawls, cords, California, canvas, chairs | child's, condiment, checkout, cashier, comfortably, collared, clothes, cleavage, color, container, cockeyed, chord, cappella, clowns, customer, concerned, crashing, chunks, clenched, curled, control, clutched, car, cloudy, cunning |400| curves, crestfallen, companions, crowding, Crystal, captain, Cape, Colby, Coast, checkup (check-up), closes, cries, crib, couch, casually, complex, complexness, crumbled, charcoal, cookbook, cat-shaped, charred, cooled, corn, cooks | conveniently, coquettish, coughs, coughing, cordially, co-worker (coworker), calls, clock, curmudgeonly, coursing, coyotes, charge, crepuscular, considerable, coupling, clip, crawled, conflicted, cautiously, craves, care, canoodler, clothing, coupled, congregation || chilly, classically, cowboy's, champions, commanded, climb, closing, cretonne, compounded, cared, commotion, commons, collateral, cancelled (canceled), crossed, calvin' (calving), crescendo, closeness, chips, contents, Cheney, Crusher, crushed, canters, catches | contacted, caffeine, cosmetic, cock-a-hoop, charm, cheekbone, caller, conditions, catkins, canoe, clothespole, counter, customers, Crouching, Chosen, considered, catch, cucumber, chemical, circle, choked, clandestinely, changing, comprehend, cuddly |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: C (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:33:48 pm
CGI, chilled, college, clicking, cooed, composure, Creeks, credible, casual, collected, comforting, contented, cough, cutting-room, carries, cattle, cooler, coordinating, creases, chopping, Canada's, Claresholm, Carseland, complexity, cigarette's | cuddled, cribs, celerity, crowd, comfortability, consideration, chisel, cooling, curvy, cares, considers, cost, complementary, carpeting, condition, chowing, chew, chagrin, caring, confessed, competing, calm, composed, concise, clarity  || clicked, creativity, collection, counts, contrary, changes, charms, captivating, countryside, completely, conventional, compromise, clutching, creek, captivated, carrots, calculating, concept, curtly, chattered, college-educated, custardy, cleanup (clean-up), crate, clearly | costs, conclusion, careful, crumbling, consoled, Cayla, cracked, chattering, covered, coldest, crabbily, coping, courage, connectedness, commitments, coaxing, coaxes, connect, callousness, cashing, competency, carefully, colored, cleans, containing |600| cracks, crowds, checked, companionship, churning, connubial, check, commute, Chileans, cranberries, communing, conspiratorial, curvaceous, chide, colorful, cerulean, crossing, Cleopatra, civil, curly-headed, crush, chills, concentrated, capped, culinary | chomp, composition, contain, crooning, contemptible, cussing, climatic, culprit, cradle, convinced, Cree, cakes, countable, camped, calendar, crankiness, cajoled, cloudless, chivalry, Charlie, chess, category, Catherine, Copeland, crumble || citizens, crosses, Cline, cannot, clasped, crisply, cruised, casualties, coals, chugging, cure, carrion, carnally, cavity, catchy, chicken, carefree, controlled, card, chanted, cad, cents, confrontational, coldcocked (cold-cocked), contusion | caught-off-guard, crawl, Carey, conceal, cancel, cover, covers, crackdown, chances, crazily, couples, carpet, course, crisis, carrying, cradling, crushing, combed, cherish, carousing, collegiate, chin, curtain, careened, covering |700| cursed, can's, City, commode, commissioned, cities, clamped, crowned, corniness, consistently, concealing, crescendoing, chucking, canakins, caboose, Carhartt, climbed, combine, correct, cracking, custodial, carve, carves, coccyx, cartoon | comic, changed, cashless, critic, cavorting, couple's, children, courtroom, court, children's, carver, courtship, coring, cauliflower, certainly, charged, chased, caressing, contention, chasing, Clue, chairing, chiefly, cows, complexities || canned, Californian, Cahill, cored, craggy, create, commutes, celebration, contender, crop, crease-ironed, chumminess, cashed, cleaved, comedy, commercially, creasy, colder, committing, chandelier, complete, chains, condoned, clamored, commit | caffeine-free, coitus, cucullus, cheaper, challenging, crooned, chucked, crunch, churchgoer, clicks, chmalyeh, chossen-kalleh, centered, cremation, coldcock (cold-cock), coiffured, chapter, chaw, castration, child-sized, curfew, co-parenting, compete, Chile, countless |800| concoct, Comanche, collaboration, Casanova, choreography, cultural, collaborated, cameo, Coco, Claire, copy, Carl's, constantly, chess's, celebrant, chuckle, closely, confirmed, conscious, consequences, canning, cuddliest, coolest, chillier, communicate | Church, created, consent, clips, creeps, Callaghan, coeds (co-eds), compelling, custom-finished, cemetery, comments, condimental, complimentary, cramped, con, courageously, concentrate, chowtime, cantaloupe, cauldron, central, critical, crops, crashed, calves' || careless, compliments, cemented, connects, connecting, connected, cleared, cowboys', clement, cautioned, Clair, Canadians, colloquial, choices, conspired, courageous, critics, critically, creative, crusty, collation, clamoring, cock-sure (cocksure), Cameron, clubfoot | conspire, chitchatted, component, contempt, contemptuous, consumed, captured, clamor, Cuccia, copper, coral, crummy, carelessly, cash-strapped, co-producer, cranky, convincingly, calloused, conjugate, curvaceousness, café (cafe), credited, Cabin, Costanzo, cataclysmic |900| cocktail, cleaned, cloven, closure, cameraperson, carbohydrates, carcass, crowd's, combo, crimsoned, cloud, culmination, comparison, cataclysm, caerula, cheated, commingling, charismatic, compares, cussed, cathartic, Cheyenne, catalyst, contraption, crystal | clunker, complaints, crept, cherishing, cromulent, coins, crafted, curls, concocted, coldcocks (cold-cocks), cinematography, caballeros, cutlery, carnage, cautious, clucks, Cinema, conscripted, crouched, credentials, concoction, curiosity, cattiness, candle, clueless || curious, clanged, conversable, Cambridge, cringed, complained, consoling, confusing, controversial

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: D
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:34:57 pm
D:  del (Del), dance, dumb-ass (dumbass), divorce, daughters, Denver, death, dogs, devil, direction, drag, daddy, duck, denim, don't, dreams, Dubois, deuces, dashboard, donkey, dark, door, done, double, ditch | drama, dropouts, dime, determined, drunk, driving (drivin'), dinner, drop, dreamy, Don, drank, drove, drift, dummy, dislike, dozen, dumbfounded, doggies, dick, dyslexic, drone, damn, dots, down, dirty || dead, Dallas, defendant, drinking (drinkin'), drab, deceased, dumbstruck, dander, drink, deaf, dreary, daughter-in-law, donuts, draft, dipstick, deer, drown, derogatory, drowsy, dozy, Delivery, dirt, Decadence, divorced, distance | discombobulated, desiderata, dizzy, damp, dust, drum, desk, disconformity, dial, divine, dashed, daring, dangerous, dashing, dribs, dysphemism, deadbolt, deposited, doubt, dung, destiny, Doug, dozens, dry, dire |100| dissected, danger, dress, damaged, darkness, died, Damokles, decided, deluged, ditz,  detestable, drive-in, DreamWorks, disturbing, delay, declivitous, decent, different, dissect, dastard, diamonds, deepened, designs, dejection, demandin' (demanding) | dawn, disquieting, dawg, declined, dogma, diamond, Dad, daddy's, damned, dollar, dump, drafty, darlin', director, desolate, dusky, drug, desirable, dignified, devoured,  despicable, decades, day, disinclination, designated  || Diana, depicted, driven, duplication, Dinton, dive, dismisses, delicacy, deified, dangled, demeaning, daunting, dusty, defensive, disappear, due, Devil's, dungarees, dim, discovers, deserved, drunken, deliberate, disgust, demoralizing | disinterest, drained, doggone, drawl, does, dog, dreaded, dialled (dialed), daybreak, dope, desperate, defied, dismissive, distinction, discreet, declivity, deliver, Denny's, deserve, dim-witted (dimwitted), darkened, deep-lined, depth, delightful, disposition |200| demimonde, drooped, deftly, desecration, desserts, disappointments, dour, detrimental, declaims, drain, demonic, debouched, dredged, drugs, defiant, delirium, Desperado, duet, defeated, didn't, Dwight, delectable, drummer, daylight, depleted | deserted, diffident, deny, desperation, driver, dazed, dudes, Dead, dated, despair, destination, desire, dusk, duff, denizens, dies, dismayed, deep-drifted, deeper, doomed, discretion, dehydrated, driveway, diminished, dirge, ||  devastation, dousing, demonization, deep, doesn't, drive, deeply, deliriously, desirous, drought, deliberately, decked, damper, disparaging, determinedly, dancing (dancin'), daddies, drying, danced, drinks, desperately, disappointed, December, directions, Daddy | displaced, disclosed, dyed-in-the-wool, directly, distant, dream, delusion, decency, deepening, drainages, downsides, dilly-dallying (dillydallying), desires, drip-drying, dysfunctional, downplay, do, dozer, determinedness, downstairs, drumstick, doorway, daddybear, daughter, dreading |300| dissolution, domestic, darkens, devastated, dish, deflects, dastardly, doofus, dishing, decision, dandy, dirtily, daughters', drops, disaster, downtown, dismissed, dressing, decks, drags, downhill, drooping, dolled, drowned, dropped | dot, doin' (doing), days, dumps, downside, downer, down-and-out, drip-dried, dismount, drowning, dragging, detached, dropping, drowns, dehorning, dropout, doffed, disheveled, dollars, drudge, during, desperados, downward, duo, did || driver's, dressed, despite, disastrous, drummed, discordant, dowdy, disgusted, deadwood, dried, dampened, doorways, disappeared, dancers, ditzy, Delta, Daniels', dangles, disguised, decanted, debasement, dickhead, drunks, display, dyslexia | distressed, displayed, dill, draw, dressage, dandified, dries, draped, dastardliness, dresses, dressing-down, drums, dirgelike (dirge-like), doubts, drafts, dejected, distress, declarations, dredging, difficult, demanded, denude, dogged, downpour, dalliance |400| dawdled, Daddy's, dragged, demeaned, downfall, deep-dive, debris, Dos, Dirt, dimly, daunted, dwelling, dreamer, dresser, dredges, dourly, desolation, dished, dishes, draining, duties, dolce, daringly, diet, deadly | definitely, dilapidated, droning, deuces', dog's, drinkers, dismissing, dictated, directed, daily, demands, dangerously, darkest, disclosing, dispatch, deciphered, downplayed, decides, deciding, dallying, delight, duration, decolletage (décolletage), Dinton's, December's || downslope, dark-haired, dazzled, delivered, denies, details, deepens, distressing, drifted, dragger, degenerated, dietary, deceived, Dixie, drives, dithered, distresses, drifting, daughter's, drainpipe, David, download, demonstrated, dramatized, descend | decline, donut, dentist, disdain, duds, dead-end, decree, doubly, doornail, denial, dew, deals, decimal, Dragon, Dartmouth, Devil, distraction, deepen, dearer, deed, drains, developed, druthers, Dylan, dog-tired |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: D (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:35:48 pm
disentangle, deafness, demureness, dear, deflated, drastic, desired, drivability, delivers, delighted, displays, delaying, delicto, deleted, Dead-head, deal, directs, duffle, direct, Dodge, Dorothy, downstream, dumpster, diagonally, Dump | downright, dallied, distracted, dickheads, dawdling, delivery, dealt, downing, drunkard, diversion, devoid, drabness, disarray, disorder, dwelled, discord, distracting, dead-ended, drawbacks, desideratum, distances, deflection, dangerousness, distanced, describe  || duad, doubled, differences, dreamed, develop, discuss, defenses, devastating, downs, decimated, desiring, denied, divided, decades-spanning, darn, dishpan, disillusionment, demand, derisively, ditziest, dude, descendant (descendent), doting, disappointment, dryness | disrespectful, downhearted, dole, delivering, drinker, Dubé (Dube), dances, dumped, dreadful, deferentially, decreasingly, diagnosed, delicate, ducky, doubtful, denials, develops, Deseret, downcast, deception, demonstrating, distract, dyes, disrobe, doublet |600| directing, disheartened, deter, disengage, despairing, diploma, degenerates, degree, delve, dandily, disagreed, deceptive, description, denims, dashingly, dabbled, decorum, dying, Ðúc (Duc), dreaming, dillydallied (dilly-dallied), dread, dealing, describes, delights | dining, dared, delayed, Dylan's, defense, dirtier, dumping, dote, doted, downfallen, desiringly, doldrums, day-to-day, drafted, dependent (dependant), deliberation, damage, dull, didgeridoo, debut, Damon, Dogtown, Dawson's, divulge, defend || dingy, detour, disappoints, detoured, declines, divulged, depot, Dubois', drainage, discouraged, disagreement, donned, defiled, difficulty, demeanor, discomfort, distantly, delighting, distancing, dutifully, disappointing, discovered, debated, dismay, doled | daylights, despaired, downtrodden, duller, daytime, descent, downed, dern, dressings-down, dozily, deathblow, dismounted, droves, dismal, daylong, drainer, Dunhill, drawn, doubles, deadliest, dancerd, despise, din, downbeat, decade |700| disapproval, disease, dramatic, deride, disturbed, definitive, divorcing, dripping, devised, deplorable, dimpled, diminuendo, disillusioned, downpayment, drifts, diametrically, decorating, desert, dyspeptic, deft, described, dickering, despicably, dumper, dreamt | deficit, dividends, debt, debate, defended, derelict, dearest, dissolved, divorcés, dick-clipped, differently, daringness, domineering, dangle, dangling, distracts, dessert, delicious, decomposing, dogmatic, dreariness, disrepair, despairingly, disallowed || doom-laden, dirt-poor, Donnie, drinkable, dusted, ducks, decide, distribution, discover, dunking, duking, depiction, ditched, designed, delirious, disorderly, dissonance, dialogue (dialog), discouragingly, discovering, discovery, DVD (dvd), dishonest, directors, drinkables | demitasse (demi-tasse), detail, dramatis, dispatched, damnedest, dry-eyed, drunkenness, drifter, dependable, Dwayne, dreck, dershlogn, deterred, depressed, disapproved, disliked, Delt, dismounting, dazzle, diligence, derision, displaying, disdainfully, decaying, divisiveness |800| denying, Dove, D.H., Dan, Dastan, devoted, Database, dinero-driven, dilemma, diversify, Doc, doubted, danke, dillydallies (dilly-dallies), destroyed, despondent, development, daydreamer, ducked, dimples, debasing, darndest (darnedest), direst, drunker, dryer (drier) | dapper, dearth, drivel, dingbat, daze, deletions, drawing, directness, desirability, deleting, discouragement, disagreements, decampment, dearly, difference, dregs, doctor, dad's, divide, Donaldson-Evans, detailed, dislikes, dusting, dreamed-up, delectably || distilled, deposits, dimension, downtime, Daily, disregard, disinclined, discharged, Dusty, disregarded, devote, devoting, deepest, destined, doggedly, Doing, downcastly, ducking, demise, domesticity, Darrell, disturb, distinctly, dismally, Damocles | DVDs, drawback, dined, dirtbags, deluded, disastrously, divorcée (divorcee), dailiness, Davis, dominated, dunce, dilly-dally (dillydally), dense, delinquent, dreads, doe-eyed, decidedly, Davidson, describing, dripped, doozy, disappearing, demure, deferential, dumb |900| deteriorate, dirty-mouthed, debonair, debonairly, dimmer, divorces, discard, deduced, digging, dissonant, droopy, discussion, daydream, duty, decelerated, diligently, dally, daresay, dram, discussed, dinky, D.I.V.O.R.C.E., despairful, dancer's, dabbling | destitute, disgusting, doff, Dave, drivers, dependence (dependance), dictate, dreadfully, deep-seated, Derby, demonstratively, downwards, detriment, descriptor, detected, dopes, Dean's, dog-eared, Draconian, degrees, dabbler, dawning, dorks, dinosaur, dismayingly || dazzling, depicts, drastically, dissuaded, deliverance, dice, desolateness, disconcerting, detractors

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: E
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:36:42 pm
E:  elk, euphoric, electrocuted, equestrians, exchange, Ennisism, Ennis-like, eight-two-five-zero-one (82501), Earl, everlasting, eighty-five, eviscerated, envision, eating, ears, engine, entry, eggs, eye, edgy, eighteen, ever, eagle, ecstatic, embrace | eight, eighty, eat, euphemism, epic, eyes, erection, embers, elevating, Ennis, Endymion, electric, emotions, extra, elegiac, even, Espagnol, El, epiphany, Entering, enamel, Eden, evening (evenin'), elevation, entertainment || echoed, enough, eroded, earning, entrance, Ears, evidence, eclipsed, epistaxis, evergreen, erratic, education, Equipment, eager, enamored, evil, ewes, events, eight-track, exhorted, Easy, earnest, effervescent, Emmylou, eyelid | Edwards, effort, everywhere, evaporation, environment, exhaust, elegance, erotic, eyehole, exit, ephemeral, effective, enlightened, English, ecstatically, entirety, Equality, expectant, escalated, effusive, emotional, eventually, esoteric, ejaculation, east |100| errant, entered, E., Elwood, enigma, equator, eventide, evocative, easy, earlobes, Edna, extreme, eludes, eradicate, electrifying, every, each, eighties, emolument, evoked, emerge, endearments, elegant, entice, earlier | early, entwined, electrical, effervescence, endless, enmeshed, enjoined, erect, envelope, elevated, everything's, Earle, ease, eleven, ensemble, embarrassed, Enger, enunciation, Ebert, ephemeron, electrician, ebay, epicureans, Eagles, engaged || evaporated, eudaemonic, epidermis, encounter, emptied, eyebrow, everthing, European, ended, effrontery, enjoy, epiphanous, eases, else, everyday, equipment, Emirates, elemental, eloquent, Eichler, embryos, Edmonton, escarpment, enduring, escape | entertaining, entreat, erstwhile, emphatically, electricity, energized, everyman, Elbow, ebullient, engulfs, enjoyin', experience, enticing, ear, Eagle, enticement, eternal, either, earshot, echo, eschews, ensorcelling, Employment, effaceable, erase |200| Erin, edgewise, entire, endeavored, eyesight, eyelashes, estrangement, enters, entropy, evolving, Ellison, epitomizes, Entertainment, empowered, eponymous, enlightenment, effectively, enjoys, enervating, eerie, eyed, elliptical, eyeing (eying), energetic, embroidery | expulsion, empty, event, equipped, eye-catcher, empties, efficacious, exiguous, elements, enunciate, evolution, exuberance, enraptured, expressed, everybody, entrapment, enunciating, entangled, equilibrium, experientially, empowerment, effing, essence, era, employment, || engages, expect, ecstasy, eats, entreaties, enthusiasm, exited, edition, eloquence, easily, embedded, eloquently, end, enter, exhaled, equal, educating, elk's, enunciated, edge, easing, energy, engaging, eater, engagement | ebullience, easy-going, Earth, eagle's, earliest, ends, eagle-eye, everything, elbows, erected, earned, entanglement, end-all, extemporaneously, episode, endearment, earth, enriched, ennui, envious, ending, elegy, electrified, error, Electric |300| extramarital, extracurriculars, elicit, exhorting, exclaimed, endurance, erecting, escaped, electrifies, excoriation, En, eaten, electrically, endlessly, earful, edginess, embarrassing, eggshells, exclamation, edifying, eyeballed, effect, embarrassment, easy-come, everyone | egg, elbow, evils, English-speaking, employed, extricate, established, emblazoning, evolve, Evangelista, effects, estate, engendered, Ennis's (Ennis'), Emmylou's, eye-opener, elementary, energetically, elderly, endeavors, efficiently, escaping, even-tempered, egress, explanation || euphemistic, electrocution, electrocute, encountered, enrapturedly, evasive, employs, elegiacal, expression, expected, evening's, emptiness, equal-opportunity, elected, excess, exercise, endeavoring, enticements, emptying, economize, exploding, exploded, explosive, excessive, engage | earn, extract, energies, exits, enhanced, elastic, empire, espadrilles, extracurricular, eyepopper (eye-popper), equips, Eastman, entertained, eyewitness, enchanting, eyeteeth, embraced, explodes, encircle, expecting, egocentric, ego, entitled, elevations, etiquette |400| enterprising, entangling, emptier, epistasis, evokes, engineering, emergency, Esquire, Evil, exigency, euphemisms, envelopes, evanescence, eagerly, ever-present, eye-opening, etched, excused, eat-in, expressing, edible, elated, edibility, entrails, eaters| explain, eye-catching, elusive, edges, edged, emptiest, efficient, entreated, edified, expressions, elevates, excellent, elsewhere, evolved, employees, eased, elusiveness, enticed, eagerness, enveloping, endears, eyebrows, economical, erupted, entertains || enquires, erupts, exalt, eyeful, efforts, enfolded, endures, examines, equanimity, endeavor, evenings, enthralled, expectations, extrovert. ebulliently, encircles, elicited, endearing, evacuated, expels, Emerson, encounters, equine, equids, escapes | explained, evenly, enchanted, enchantment, epithet, entrust, egotistical, emancipation, eyesore, eggshell, Edith, enterprise, expensive, erased, Eat, exacting, emblematic, everlastingly, except, enchilada, Ennisish, evasively, empathic, evenness, ensure |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: E (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:38:23 pm
eyeballing, enunciates, elegantly, expresses, elation, entering, expanse, emotionally, establishing, endorphin, exceptionally, exiting, expelling, extraneous, expertly, entendre, economy, exists, edited, errors, Elks, Electra, enclosed, Edward, endanger | enchantingly, excrement, edibleness, epicenter, escaping, extend, envy, empathizing, egging, establishment, emotion, elegancy, eyepopping (eye-popping), entranceway, empty-handed, exaggeratedly, edentulous, evasiveness, envied, endured, entertainers, earner, environmental, 'em (em), evoke  || entranced, expert, expansion, expanded, element, expand, eyelash, ecclesiastical, earthy, enmity, evanescent, exclaiming, equanimous, equanimously, entertainer, ex-wife, ebbed, effusively, espy, edgeways, enjoyed, expostulated, enthused, evade, expectorated | errand, eventual, expressive, enjoyment, emphatic, excitement, eatable, exposed, extras, emanating, excitedly, elapse, execrates, excited, enthusiastic, elapsed, empowers, enveloped, energizing, epiphanies, evidenced, eye-catchingly, eyebrows', earnestly, entombing |600| error-free, euphemistically, elusively, encouraging, encouraged, et, entrancing, equestrian, eyeshot, eyeglasses, enraged, engenders, eggy, ensembles, efficiency, engrossed, elects, Evers, equality, evenhanded, encountering, embraceable, effected, especially, eatery | edibles, ewe, educated, Earle's, estimate, exuberantly, estimation, eleventh, encircled, enormousness, enjoyable, expertise, entertainingly, ebb, eighteenth, en, embarrassingly, eggplant, Engblom, Emily, Eckhart, endeared, electives, emulate, educe || excretions, enlists, eligible, encouragement, encourage, espadrille, eastern, ethnic, entices, exaggerated, encourages, emasculating, extent, enraging, extended, ephemera, else's, enticingly, eligibility, emptily, earnings, engagements, extremes, excluded, express | expressly, egregious, exclusive, existence, eclat (éclat), euphoria, early-bird, emphasizing, emphasized, embracing, eatables, exhalation, exhaling, electrification, ecclesiast, expects, eschew, eschewed, Eagles', early-season, earshrift, enisling, essential, Empire, Emanuel |700| everyone's, E!, enduringly,, Egyptians, emblazoned, Elizabeth, eight-month-old, eburnine, enlighten, Enzian, endangers, endure, e'er, earth-shaking (earthshaking), elasticized, esculent, evacuates, edification, enrapture, elder, exclaims, engrossing, earns, embark | exchanges, earners, Eisenhower, entreaty, entreatment, exposes, earwitnesses, eradicated, ex-spouses, entrenched, extracted, exploring, endangering, endangered, estranged, empathy, evaded, entirely, ecstasy, eyefilling (eye-filling), effectual, evades, ectoplasmic, endowed, elbowed || Epstein, environmentally, Ewan, embodiment, embraces, endangerment, encircling, eggbeaters, embarking, echt, eminent, effortless, editing, escalates, embosoming, episodic, emboldened, elaborating, evenhandedness, enchained, envisioned, erroneously, entertain | entrée (entree), embody, editio, edifyingly, eateries, escapade, embodies, encore, Enya, eingeshparht, entoisht, embittered, endurable, equinity, enliven, ensnare, esteem, estimated, edibles', entail, emergent, ex-boyfriend, electrocutes, essay |800| experts, essays, electric-blue, Eklund, Ellen, Elliot, Entourage, Egan, Emmy, Ella, exciting, enthrall, edgier, Ethan, exquisite, executive, emesis, effortlessly, emerged, endmost, Endearment, easiest, exhales, encrusted, easier | empirically, earth's, expendable, experienced, empress, Everything's, Elfman, episodes, engraving, entombed, embellishment, envisions, experimentation, encompass, elephant, enforced, examine, empty-headed, enforce, excerpt, excuse, equipment's, equipping, expectantly, elicits || engineer, exception, exceptional, equally, expunged, ecumenical, examined, exchanged, examination, ensuring, endgame, Ellison's, escapism, exactly, exquisitely, euphorically, enthusiastically, entrusted, ensured, embitter, entity, evermore, espouse, expressionless, eventful | envisioning, earthward, espoused, exhausted, enlist, expelled, enormously, enervated, extraordinary, extraordinarily, emblem, enteric, eliciting, escapades, extramaritally, enacted, egged, enigmatic, ensued, Evan, expanding, enterically, eccentric, eccentrically, enjoinder |900| entailed, engineered, extraordinaire, evolves, elephantine, enrich, estimating, explosions, educate, encrimsoned, edgiest, essentially, everydayness, egregiously, eggplants, enticeable, exchanging, episodical, episodically, enrage, eclipses, Epsom, excelled, exuding, evidently | enclosure, example, explosiveness, ensue, embiggened, encumbered, evoking, enchanter, eavesdropping, exhilaration, encampment, eyeballs, earrings, entitles, eardrums, entomologist, empathize, enteritis, encroached, egregiousness, execution, elfin, eagle-eyed. eschewing, Embarcadero ||  engulfed, evangelical, enlightening, earthquake, equaled, evergreens, exuberant, embroil, excruciating

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: F
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:41:41 pm
F:  Farm, Francine, friend, flattened, Fayette, fiddled, FBI, fishin', Focus, fuck, frenzy, father, fire, funny, flat, fascinated, freeze, future, fool, floor, fling, feet, Faris, fault, fair | Ford, filly, frontal, forty, fix, flirting, four, furrowed, found, frustrated, fruit, Farrah, fork, flailing, fun, foreboding, flashback, flowerbox, forget, fiction, Features, folks, Francisco, fine, fresh || funeral, forty-three, four-year, four-letter, fireworks, fish, Forest, four-lane, fleeced, frolic, father-in-law, flustered, forbidden, few, fantasized, fortunate, fornicated, fake, foreman, forgiven, fuck-ups, fleeting, frying, flew, folds | frightened, floorboard, fishy, find, friendship, Fridays, furtive, fierce, foreigner, farce, frown, frequently, flowery, film, faithful, figure, Fuckin' (Fucking), flour, fans, fast, ferocious, farsighted, fame, flung, face |100| football, fended, feather, formula, forlorn, foible, finish, Fawcett, freshen, frozen, flying, forecast, flatulence, flies, fright, Flat, frowzy, freshman, furniture, floral, friggin', Festival, favorite, final, frothy | fours, fuzzy, friendly, fur, five-cent, foolish, fecundity, fathered, first, fertile, fella, fringed, full, fly-by-night, fetched, fled, five, fiancée (fiancee), fractious, frumpy, fear, facade, free, felt, foreplay || frijoles, fiancé (fiance), farm-machinery, for, flags, foil, fifth, flicks, flips, Fourth, flag, finite, Fords, from, Ferrises, feeble, fictitious, feeling, fucks, Frank, fourteen, fragile, F., flow, fuck-all | finest, forward, fall, Fran, fools,  fastened, flap, Fayette's, frequent, familiar, force, folded, fury, forehead, frost, front, forebearing, Friend, fortuitous, feasible, falter, foam, furious, fail, faded |200| frenetically, freckled, fat, flock, freedom, Fremont, farmers, fulfill (fulfil), fourth, flowers, freewheeling, fabulous, frailty, flowed, feared, fence, furry, flipping, fate, fiery, frenzied, family, festered, Formica, fumbling | fooling (foolin'), fickle, fangs, fears, fantasy, fondled, floozy, fizzled, four-bit, freak, flames, firsthand, foreman's, fee, figured, fetching, fade, framing, fender, fifty, free-and-easiness, flee, forced, forgotten, fetid, || fingernails, falling, fleshed-out, former, flat-out, flirtatious, feedstock, frosty, flesh, friend-turned-lover, filter, flakes, focus, forth, fires, fiercely, frightens, fry, frisson, food, flaunted, flinger, flash, fist, fuckhead | front-runner, fulsome, full-throttle, faint, fallen, farther, flavor, fell, foot, floored, fodder, five-dollar, forever, flame, forty-two, filming, farmer, flinty, flagrant, footwork, four-years', forgettin' (forgetting), forceful, fearing, filed |300| fingers, fabric, fancy, frantic, faucet, foundering, faces, fists, follow, fowl, fighting, faster, fistfight, fed, figuring, feathers, fisticuffs, feast, finishes, fished, frigidity, fly, flummoxed, fishily, figures | feral, firelight, flashbacks, fadeout, futile, finery, flickering, fever, fellows, foreign, Freezeouts, fiddle, flouting, flighty, fret, frisky, frames, firm, forwards, fails, feels, frustration, footage, face-off, flared || fidelity, fixing (fixin'), fatalities, frightening, flourish, faced, fired, figment, footloose, feigned, furtively, feel, families, flashy, forgoes, fiddling (fiddlin'), fishes, flirted, filled, fretted, Francine'll, foulmouthed (foul-mouthed), fuel, frog, fathers | filthy, finding, fluorescent, Fry's, freed, frou-frou, feathered, fabrics, figurative, flouted, flagrante, full-throated, fight, fixed, fortunately, faintest, feedin' (feeding), failure, finality, fire's, fumbled, flashes, famous, freezing, frighten |400| footwear, funk, fifteen, frowns, falls, floating, fragments, Florida, Fences, followed, finished, freshness, fracture, forbearing, forgot, feistiness, foundation, featureless, fried, favored, flipped, factored, feed, fare, fries | falling-out, flippantly, flush, four-flushing, flowing, fidgeting, filing, feeds, forested, firewood, finicky, fivers, foment, frank, feasted, finishing, fastening, fearful, flirtation, fulfilled, fragility, fearfully, flashiest, finger, firstborn || fun-filled, flashier, flashed, full-blown, facing, figurine, fenced, fortune, forgets, fading, flings, fancy-free, fashion, fishers, fourteen-hour, fades, frayed, fulfillment, flamed, flushes, Frodo, Forrest, flicking, fillies, flatly | fixer, friction, fundraising, friends, flinging, follows, flirty, flattered, fishiness, furnace, fit, financial, formerly, foo, Fabulous, flocked, finagle, fingertips, founded, fortitude, fitfully, founds, father-son, fully, fleece |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: F (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:42:33 pm
frustrating, flatter, flutter, faithfully, fruits, focusing, flooding, French, friended, fluttery, feelings, fags, forcefully, Fraser, freeness, female, flirts, fiddles, flashbulb, featuring, Fort, Foch, full-colour (full-color), filmmakers', forester | fondling, furthered, fruitful, firecrackers, flagged, flexible, futuristically, friendlier, facilitate, flaked, flavored, foreclosed, fenestration, fairly, fronted, foods, fixings, failed, frowning, further, far-flung, fretful, formations, fantastic, frontier  || fleshed, five-page-a-day, Francine's, foolishly, ferried, feature, flushed, fucking (fuckin'), forge, fortunes, fanciful, frustrations, fomenting, flouts, fact, freckles, frequency, frame, federal, flapping, freshened, fidgeted, frees, fields, flicker | forged, failing, fantastically, formula-fed, footsie, frailer, flabby, fogy (fogey), fearfulness, foyer, flees, free-floating, flown, frighteningly, fondest, flattering, forges, fonder, fond, full-fledged, flaunting, fleetingly, false, foliage, forlornly |600| frankly, fingering, favor, friendliest, favors, figuratively, fussy, fast-approaching, functioned, flounced, families', function, flattery, flaunt, frigid, fisherman, film's, Florida's, Friends, foregone, fidgeter, flagrantly, fathom, frightfully, foiling | feasting, frock, finalized, filmed, F-word (f-word), fiasco, frolicking, franticness, frantically, foreskin, frail, friendliness, flung, fastest, frigidness, foreigners, fleetingness, fancied, Faversham, Frankie, Four, Franklin, field, filling, fooled || fatherly, flashing, flirtatiously, fraternize, foisted, flopped, flimsy, feedback, finalizing, frivolous, fellas, flippant, flak, furiously, fought, fishless, freely, faintly, futility, flippancy, forthright, frypan, father's, fill-in, felony | flight, floundered, family-owned, flourished, formal, fundamental, fibbing, flexibility, fingered, famished, following, feature-length, featured, Friday, flickers, fishermen, fortnight, folks', farm-equipment, farewell, faraway, finds, Features', fallacy, farewells |700| fixture, forefront, featurettes, foursome, Foley, futures, filmmakers, Film, feminine, fasten, frequenting, fend, fending, forsworn, flickered, frowsy, far, fences, formalities, fornication, familial, forking, forked, frontals, full-size | financially, finances, financed, firing, finally, family-oriented, fondness, finalizes, finalization, fracas, fed-up, fire-rings, faring, forces, fandango, family's, fishier, fluster, fondly, ferocity, foresaw, flyable, flyaway, flawed, fraught || fashionable, Freeman, First, fridge, fateful, favorable, friskier, fertility, fastens, filmmaking, four-year-old, friends', friendlily, flavorful, footballers, fide, folk, foothold, frightful, fifteen-year-old, forevermore, fashioned, festooned, frustratingly | foggiest, felis, finis, feetfirst, flatten, felicity, firelight's, flimflam, felicitous, flake, farshnoshket, farshtunken, fared, fishiest, fishbowl, frump, females, flout, flirtingly, fortnight's, full-time, facial, frankness, fleecy, fantasies |800| friable, Falls, fictionalized, firefighters, flatland, Fincher, Filho, Frida, frugal, Fiancé, file, form, fearless, fascination, funky, flower, formed, flesh-and-blood, fussed, featurette, foremost, farthest, furthest, freer, frothier | fluff, fielding, froze, Fisher, flamboyant, forsaken, ferries, foreshadowing, fart, feckless, figments, famishment, fundamentally, freaking, fascinating, foolhardy, forfeit, fellow, ferociously, fluffy, fictional, farm, farms, farming, flatfooted (flat-footed) || freezes, firmament, fomented, fiascos (fiascoes), flounders, forgive, fulfilling, fewer, feverish, Flasch, fecund, factors, fester, fraternal, formally, far-fetched, Felperin, fueled, fecklessly, feisty, furred, Farrés (Farres), furthermore, Finnan, frills | flakey (flaky), fistful, freshly, festivities, fledged, foul-smelling, fluke, fallible, fishing, frangipani, fuchsia, flatulent, folksy, fleeing, Ferguson, fiendish, forsake, floodgate, films, flingers, frittering, fresh-faced, father-daughter, frumpiness, fun-loving |900| flophouse, filth, footstool, finely, flimflammed, floss, frosting, fathering, festering, fraternized, furthering, falsely, fuss, forming, furrows, frowned, fluids, fantasizing, first-rate, foist, frilly, fabricates, forcible, Facebook, Fighter | foley, freaky, freaked, flirtatiousness, foisting, fizzle, foiled, focused, facts, flinch, faking, folly, foggy, forgetfulness, forthcoming, frazzled, forcing, free-agent, forest, fab, fixation, flip-side (flipside), fishtail, flibbertigibbet || functions, for, Freezeout, frequented, Fassbinder's, frigidly, fiendishly, furnished, fermented

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: G
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:43:51 pm
G:  girls, gun, goddammit, gay, gave, give, grocery, giggle, gravel, gloves, Gustavo, gate, Gyllenhaal, groin, git, gentle, giddy, grazing, Game, gusto, gas, grave, guys, general, genius | graze, gaze, glances, goin' (going), groan, grabs, googly-eyed, guard, goofy, guts, grammatical, grammar, grinding, Golden, Geraldine, grilled, glass, gentlemen, Garcia, ground, Graham, gingerly, gym, grown, green || grief, good, gaping, God, gum, grullo, Growers, Guadalupe, gaydar, Greyhound, grandmother, gringo, gender, grey, Giant, glory, guilt, guest, goddam (goddamn), grin, General, gargantuan, growth, gripped, ghost | geezer, genitals, generally, Garden, Gros, guilty, groping, grandson, grungy, grieving, grease, guitar, Gift, gutsy, gettin' (getting), Gays, gelatinous, guffaw, grotesque, grace, grocer, grumbler, GMC, generous, grass |100|  groom, grand, great, greater, gross, gregarious, growling, guessed, grappling, gully, garden, grandstander, Gonna, grandfather, gadfly, gainful, gut, grandpa, glassy, gait, gaudy, gainly, groceries, gall, gulf | gasp, glasses, gratified, galloped, gasbag, grudgingly, gravy, gushing, glad, gal, gust, gesticulated, gotten, garbage, grub, gravid, glimmering, glows, George, grisly, grabbed, growing-up, grazed, got, grooves || Grow, graves, Greg, genial, glimpsed, grubs, gastrointestinal, gracious, groggy, glance, Glen, glove, gathers, gloaming, grunt, gratitude, grocery-store, grit, grasped, gravitated, gallant, gung (gung-ho), graciously, granted, gone | grooming, game, grappled, goodbye (good-bye), gritty, gamey (gamy), gonna, Gallatins, glazed, grab, Galatea, grassy, grunted, get-up-and-go, germane, gun's, gavel, gravestones, give-and-take, gratuitous, gap, gravitate, grouse, gallivanting, gamely |200| greedy, Google, gurgles, glacial, groped, gray, get, galley-west, glum, gestating, gyrated, galvanized, grassy-plain, grueling, gumption, glimpse, grew, gorgeous, Gyllenhaal's, grind, gruff, gastronomical, goner, grumpy, grip | gradually, guilts, gets, godforsaken, gear, grizzled, gee, glow, gorged, go, genuine, greeting, grounded, geography, gallop, grimaced, garnished, glean, guilelessness, garments, gotta, guitarist, guns, girlfriend, get-togethers, || guy, gazes, groundbreaking, grazes, Green, greets, grist, goes, glistening, grandparents, ghostly, gab, grasp, griping, gently, gunshot, glands, galloping, grabbing, guess, guarantee, Gertrude, gusting, gayer, grabber | genres, groveling, geographical, gleam, grimacing, gambol, genuflect, gallops, groans, gaga, gourmand, go-the-extra-mile, gusty, grips, giddyup (giddyap), grasping, gonads, gangbusters, genuinely, girlfriends, Gene, grown-up, glassware, girl, grim |300| grounds, gallantly, grieves, glancing, guesses, grudge, guillotine, goat, goodbyes, guests, guessing, gives, gallantness, generations, gobbling, gradual, glued, gobbled, gayness, gobble, Granites, Gino, gills, gaffe, gussied | gentry, glowed, greyhound, goods, gigantic, goodness, gristle, groaned, God-fearing, grossed, giving, garnered, grousing, grieve, generously, getup (get-up), golly, grasps, grandfatherly, grants, Gary, grabbled, gained, glisten, gratuitously || grateful, gamiest, group, gastronomic, gospel (Gospel), grimly, glowers, graciousness, glut, gazing, guidebooks, goof, gravitates, gallantry, gamble, guardrails, genuineness, graduated, ginned, gassed, glare, gutter, gestures, gentleness, grain | growing, gathered, Giant's, greased, gluteals, gigolo, gloved, gold, grossly, glares, gestured, gong, Gustavo's, glared, glumly, grinned, grovel, grimaces, gratify, guilt-ridden, grumbled, glaring, gluteus, gathering, gelatin |400| gesturing, good-looking, grimace, grumbles, gravity, garbled, graveness, Gardening, Gray's, gastrodynia, gangway, greasy, glimmer, griped, groaning, glumness, grapples, goose, graniteware, good-sized, gassy, guarding, gullet, grinningly, gridiron | gather, glowered, glowing, go-ahead, guzzling, gripes, greeted, guardians, grazeable (grazable), grumbling, get-go, grumble, gambling, gentleman, greet, gutsiness, ghastly, glanced, gumptious, grapple, grows, goings-on, groomed, Gothic, golden || glee, groovy, glamorous, grandchild, gentler, gripping, gazed, gifted, guesswork, grunting, gratifying, grill, guise, govern, grouses, gridlock, generates, groused, gaps, gains, gayly, Goblet, given, galumphing, grindstone | gain, gravitational, grinning, gawk, godsend, greatly, grandbaby, glommed, going-off, god-awful, gullible, graduates, gastronomes, gay-themed, Geisha, greatest, glitch, garment, grunts, guzzle, guzzled, go-getter, gratefully, groggier, goaded |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: G (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:47:16 pm
guarded, garb, garnish, guaranteed, gals, gravy-ladling, gangly, geographically, greetings, gruffly, guiding, ganja, grins, glimpses, Girl, garage, gravestone, gentlemanly, gratefulness, goofs, glaciers, Goat, guards, Grizzly, Grande | gander, gaucheness, gravidity, grovelled (groveled), gents, growled, groins, guzzles, grogginess, guzzler, guzzlers, gaudiest, Glenmore, grody, groovier, garnishing, galore, gist, grocer's, goal, guardian, granular, gamma, grammatically, grittiness  || Googling, grits, grouping, gussies, garner, Guerra, galvanizing, guarantees, groove, gleefulness, gamut, grumly, guardedly, gauged, Gatsby, gobsmacked, gallivanted, gaining, girth, gift, gelt, grumbly, giantlike (giant-like), gas-guzzling, grandfathers | generated, gravely, gates, gobbler, generousness, ganglier, grotesquerie, gentlest, gossipy, greeter, gregariously, galvanize, glib, glibly, gratification, gainfully, gamboling (gambolling), generating, garners, gravitating, glide, grump, glamorized, garbed, grieved |600| glibness, gingered, goodly, gesture, grocers, gagging, greasepaint, go-round, greenth, gobblers, generation, glossed, galloper, glint, grievous, gliding, goodwill, Giovanni, Gordon, glimpsing, grated, gunned, gratifies, glitches, grilling |  gnawed, grope, geared, Greene, grumpily, grunge, growls, gloat, glitzy, gruesomely, grievances, gratifyingly, gruelingly, goners, gussy, glimmered, guyed, grayest (greyest), Grimm, Guildford, Grotowski, Gere, Gregor, granulated, guaranteeing || geraniums, gleaming, gleaned, grouped, guides, gyrating, grudges, glorious, glistened, goo-goo, gelding, grooved, goading, grating, galvanic, gutless, grammarless, grandparental, gleamed, gasping, gut-wrenching, governmental, gulp, gulping, garish | grandson's, gloriously, gushed, gasket, grapevine, gulped, gloomy, gulps, glided, glistens, getaways, getaway, gig, goldbrickers, gobs, granddad, gabby, grumped, goosed, greenlighted (green-lighted), gainfulness, Gloria, gross-out, gruesome, glummer |700| Guardian, Giardia, Globe, Good, Globes, gruffness, guffaws, grinner, graininess, greatened, Grammy, genders, greatness, gawp, gallivant, gable, genetically, grumping, gallivants, grievance, glides, grab-ass (grabass), grinch, go-around, gropes | golddigger (gold-digger), glittered, greenback, guardedness, gimpy, gambolled (gamboled), girlhood, guesstimated, gavel's, generosity, genitally, glaringly, gatherings, gang, ganged, grouchy, grown-ups (grownups), gustatory, goofing, gloom, groups, gizmo (gismo), Gregory, guffawed, gadget || goody, Gyllenhaalics, Graysmith, gobbles, Gus, gapingly, G-rated, grooving, garnering, gawking, gimmick, generate, goofed, gropings, grass-fed, gamesomely, gladsome, gagged, growers, gatherer, geothermal, global, gemstones, gold-plated, groundless | gringos, Graecas, graviora, gaffer, guffawing, gladly, good-mannered, graduate, gambols, God-given, gonif, genug, gored, guttered, gullibly, gripe, goof-offs, gladder, gentian, gigs, grandness, girlfriend's, graze-worthy, godlings |800| gelded, Guild, grant, Gambit, Glick, Gena, Gas, grandpappy, great-grandparents, goody-two-shoes, Goya's, gossip, gimme, grubbed, grimy, ghostlike, games, grime, gush, guided, grade, grungiest, grooviest, grumpier, gabbier | gambit, gent, gossamer, ghosts, grandiose, Grease, goad, garrulous, gifts, gibingly, government, god-awfully, garnishment, gambler, gossiping, gentlemanlike, gateway, grab-bag, gasped, guidance, grief-stricken, grandchildren, grandfather's, gloweringly, glummest || gourmet, goggling, gambled, goddamned, groggily, Greydanus, Griffiths, gaffers, granting, grooms, gravitationally, gamblers, Going, goofball, giardiasis, gorgeously, grander, grungier, Glenn, grass-eating, grippingly, greyer (grayer), gauche, Godfrey, geographic | gussying, gasps, gyrate, gastronomically, guilt-free, greedily, genre-hopping, Gibson's, grabble, gawky, greenish, grubby, globules, gastric, girly, guidelines, Goldmine, gleefully, gabbing, girlish, gaffes, glossy, gastrically, greenlight (green-light), grid |900| grandiloquent, gutter-mouthed, gramps, glair, get-together, grandiosity, greenery, grinds, gibbering, grades, germs, glutting, g'day, good-hearted (goodhearted), gypsy, gringo-driven, gushingly, good-looker, gloomily, guardianship, gown, gem, giddily, ghostliness, gamine | gringos', garbling, greens, giddier, grievously, groundbreaker, gaudily, gratis, guff, grimier, grumpiest, gravelike, gabbed, gratuity, Greek, glandular, goons, graveyard, gofer, groundswell, governed, gags, grandkids, gleeful || gummed, gangs, Gallatin, grandstanding, Gomorrah, grandeur, gregariousness, garbles, gay-related

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: H
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:47:55 pm
H:  heaven, hell, honey, horn, high-class, Hathaway, ho, howdy, highway, harmonica, humped, hate, hangers, husbands, hullabaloo, hurtin' (hurting), high, hand, horses, hospital, heifers, hard, hitches, Harris, headache | hardship, herder, hitchhike, him, heaves, Heath, hungry, Hamley's, hurry, husbandry, hoodwinked, hug, hammerin' (hammering), hopeful, hunting, hands, hot, holder, highchair, huh, hedges, horseback, hay, Highway, hoot || hours, hit, hooves, hello, herding, highlight, he, horrendous, heater, humble, homesteaders, herself, harbingers, happiest, horrific, happened, help, hook, honeymoon, Head-Smashed-In, housewife, hill, how, Horse, horizontal | homosexuality, Harold, heterosexuality, hematoma, hankering, hock, handle, head, hoarfrost, heralded, home, haunting, hams, hollowness, homosexual, herbivores, hirsute, horrible, hired, hardly, heterosexual, he's, hood, happen, handsome |100| handbag, hailstorm, heavy, heelers, harangue, handshake, heat, hedged, house, horseplay, hose, hung, hangs, horseshoe, handy, huddled, Heathcliff, haemic, headlong, headlock, homosexuals, husband, heterosexuals, hellfire, hymn |  hour-long, holed, hunderd, hair, hearts, hunt, harmonious, hail, hope, hustler, homosocial, half-baked, half-empty, her, hollow, Haden, Hilchie, hazard, H., hand-whittled, Hughes, hemoglobin, hilarious, hailstones, hawk || harmoniously, hooligans, haunch, high-time, harbored, holy, high-altitude, hazed, happiness, hijinks, hallelujah, heartless, handwriting, happenin' (happening), hi, haven, hamming, hanky-panky, horse, heaving, Hi-Top, hideaway, huge, hatred, hick | hoof, hunger, happy, heavens, heated, hear, headlights, hell-for-leather, hand-to-mouth, harsh, ham, hussy, hurries, held, hardships, hat, horny, heartbeat, Hong, hostlers, heartbreaking, hyperactive, high-school, heels, hemorrhaging |200| hold, horse-packing, hey, helped, half, hunters, hesitant, haunted, harrowing, horrified, humanity, heart-shot, hardscrabble, height, handfuls, helper, heteronormativity, harbour (harbor), Higgins, Higgins's, hanger, hunch, hidden, Hold, hugs | hundred, hospitable, have, hygiene, high-pressure, handyman, hauled, hinged, hooked, halcyon, heartfelt, hand-to-hand, handwringing, Higginsism,  hillbilly, hairspray, happier, head-over-heels, || high-end, hitched, hubris, hires, himself, harbinger, heart, holster, humorous, hightailed, horse's, Hollywood, hook-ups, hairclip, hatband, hobbledehoy, hormones, high-arched, Harbour, homestead, his, hawk's, half-eaten, hated, hands-on | hills, herd, hypocritically, Henry, heart-shredding, herded, hormonal, hang, humblingly, hymns, had, hailstone, hard-nosed, half-hearted, Hamley, honorable, hadn't, hopelessness, hoi, history, hooks, Harold's, Hershel, hammered, hers, |300| Honor, helping, half-cocked, homophobia, heartache, hurts, humiliated, hothead (hot-head), heavenly, homophobic, highfalutin' (highfaluting), hairdo, hitting, hurt, handwritten, hesitation, heads, hazards, Hershel's, handed, Home, hawks, Heath's, hassocks, hallowed | he'd, heart-to-heart, headlight, hospitalized, holds, heard, hairdos, hare-brained, hour, harmless, hastily, headed, holding, heavy-handed, hats, Hemisphere, humps, hanging (hangin'), horror, hombres, hilarity, holiday, hoary, here, heading || hoping, horrifying, hapless, hurried, harmony, humorously, haplessly, horns, hissing, hot-blooded, Haggard's, how-do-you-do, heating, hall, hits, hairier, heaping, hurrying, half-filled, handclasp, hides, hip, hearing, hurly-burly, Hyslop | heartrending, heifer, heifers', humiliating, hastened, hooded, hardy, haberdashers, hatched, hotfoot, health, hummed, harmonically, has, headway, hobbled, holier-than-thou, humming, hesitancy, husband's, humbled, handling, having, hysterical, hint |400| hairy, hot-to-trot, hotfooting, hardened, hesitantly, Harvey, hull, Half-Skinned, Hallström (Hallstrom), hasty, hinted, hottest, hardens, hidebound, hamburger, hears, humiliates, home-cooked, happily, hungrier, hamper, harm's, hibachi, helpings, humbly | hinting, hunk, handful, happens, habit, haplessness, herder's, heeler, highland, hungriness, herders, herds, helpful, host, half-asleep, hammer, hide, hid, heart's, handles, heartrendingly, hankered, habiliments, hesitated, hitch || hitching, hourglass, hints, hungered, hiding, harrowment, hurtful, headroom, harmonic, hampered, hammed, hatted, hauling, hooking, hopeless, handily, heats, harness, hurdle, hisses, Halle, Hogwarts, horsing, hums, harmonica's | hindrance, handsomest, hot-headed, hanky, hellos, hindered, husbandly, honestly, heartbreakingly, Hammerstein, handbasket, hire, hoops, Hulk, Hands, househusband, hotfooted, harnessed, harrumphed, handled, handing, headstrong, hither, hallow, hitchhiked  |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: H (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:48:35 pm
histrionics, hell-bent, harboring, hard-luck, heedless, hospitality, hometown, Heartland, hoped, highly, hots, hash, helling, hippie, hippies, heel, hippies', hazy, hipness, hikes, holes, Hardware, Highwood, honeypot, hues | howling, hastiness, handpicked, hustled, highlights, heck, hunky-dory, healthy, honor, harder, honoring, habitat, houses, hideous, heavy-duty, heaped, hungers, harmed, heartbreak, hankers, harming, homemaker, hazardous, hugged, Horncrackle  || harshness, hungering, honest, hairs, humor, humans, heaven-sent, humping, hopelessly, hopes, heartaches, heavyheartedly, highroad, happenstance, hellish, hotheadedness (hot-headedness), headstone, hefty, hellacious, heap, hospitably, ho-hum, hospitableness, homage, hawked | hostility, heartbroken, hardhearted, hoity-toity, hightailing, healthier, healed, hauls, honcho, howdies, homey, harm, halt, highs, histrionic, halfheartedly, hedonistic, higher, harassed, high-handed, heft, habits, hair-raising, hygienic, heavenward |600| hair-flingin' (hair-flinging), hopefulness, hymeneal, hypnotize, huntress, hot-button, hobnob, heady, horribleness, high-handedness, horn-mad, hemmed, handicap, hatless, haberdashery, honest-to-goodness, hasn't, Hindley, historical, hallucinatory, hesitations, hightails, hell-raiser, high-hat, heave-ho | hungrily, hurriedly, hurled, Holly, Hades, heathen, hubby, huff, harped, habit-forming, high-flown, headfirst (head-first), heaved, hyped, heralds, have-not, habitually, heeler's, Hate, Haynes, Hardwicke, hilariously, husky, housecoat, homestretch || howl, hinder, honed, huddling, hips, hips', hibernating, howls, hazes, heatedly, hackles, heeded, hairsbreath (hairs-breath), hustlers, homely, hewing, hereditary, hesitates, hell's, handpicks, high-strung, hitherto, hothouse, hotheadedly (hot-headedly), hotheaded (hot-headed) | heartily, harbors (harbours), howled, helpless, helplessly, homoerotically, heartened, heir, hang-ups, hops, hottie, hackneyed, heirs, household, holidays, heyday, hail-laden, hang-up, heavier, hindsight, Holden, haranguing, households, hates, Hills |700| hugging, Hoffman, hankerer, hassle, honored, harried, Hausman, heights, horniness, hateful, Harrisburg, harassing, Horns, hilt, horse-packed, housecoats, houseplants, housekeeping, hearty, horselaugh (horse-laugh), hatful, harking, high-and-mighty, harms, hack | hedging, hiring, harshly, heed, hell-fired, hairstyle, half-brother, hoisting, heartsick, helpfully, hushed, hunkering, hindering, hanger-on, harangues, harangued, haranguer, herbal, history's, healing, honking, haphazard, hairstyles, hunched, heehawed || Havoc, Hickam, Homer, ham-handed, helm, half-narrowed, half-heartedly, hydrated, hastens, hardworking, handpicking, hominess, hightail, Hollywood's, henceforth, handsomely, hatches, hardest, Hellmann, Huston, handout, heartbreaker, heartland, humored, hiccups | hurl, harpy, horribilis, hussies, happy-go-lucky, hurtfully, hard-earned, Harris's (Harris'), heroes, hamstrung, hulyens, hekdish, hunkered, hunkiness, hussy's, hot-tempered, halo, hush-hush, hair-tossing, handless, hurtling, helpmate, hesitatingly, herdsman, heffalumps |800| heightens, Hermes, haute, Harry, Homegrown, historian, HBO, hectic, Heroes, Heaven, Houston, Hanky, hype, hmm, Holland, Huguenin, henchmen, homebodies, hush, hindmost, human, hastiest, humblest, harpies, harsher | hampering, hover, haughty, hassle-free, hinge, Hannah, hat's, hinterland, hairpin, Hereford, harassment, herdsmen, hijack, heroic, Humane, half-mumbled, heavyset (heavy-set), haunt, haste, half-peeking, honesty, hissy, half-witted, hopefully, hunky || heiress, Hornbeck, humdrum (hum-drum), heightened, hunker, hornier, highest, humiliation, humongous, heighten, Hargraves, hypocritical, hiccup, however, heaps, heinous, haughtily, Horwell, haughtiness, Helmig, Hart, horizons, horizontally, ham-fisted, handsomer | high-power, helplessness, hemming, humdinger, haggard, haphazardly, hangover, hungover, heartthrob, hue, half-full, honky-tonks, harvest, hell-raisers, hangouts, humane, hard-boiled, Hampton, happy-as-a-clam, Holmes, HIV, huffy, habitual, hookers, hunkiest |900| heredity, haggle, hairsprayed, homebound, Hassen, heartstrings, happenings, huffs, hellbound, handyperson, heathenness, hesitating, hesitate, harrumphing, halted, hooker, hunkiest, heat-seeking, hump, hoist, hence, hawed, honors, housing, hawking | hard-working, hellishly, hand-holding (handholding), hatch, harmonica-playing, heritage, hostile, herald, hogwash, high-profile, hunches, halter, halves, heckuva, highfalutin (hifalutin), hotties, he'll, hunkers, hinders, hesitance, highway's, hog, hounded, heavy-hearted || horrid, hangout, Harper, hocus-pocus, highways, hurtled, handspring, hurdles, harlots
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: I
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:49:48 pm
I:  invoices, I, irrigation, in-laws, Igor, interested, idea, ice, iron, ironing, impact, ignorant, irreversible, infatuated, injured, incensed, inside, if, intertwined, island, is, internal, ignore, interred, intercourse | it's, irresponsible, indecent, intern, iota, it'd, irritated, invidious, ignition, ideas, imminent, incendiary, insistent, imbecile, indignant, innocence, images, impossible, inured, icebound, invisible, insidious, infrequent, inconsiderate, Inc. || introverted, Independence, involved, imagined, irresistible, insect, Indians, immoral, inculcate, incipient, impressive, implied, imaginary, indifferent, ill, ignited, intervals, insincere, idealist, inn, inky, invitation, intrinsic, indoors, I'm | insult, instinct, inadequate, interview, introduction, immediately, idyll, importance, impression, independent, intense, impatient, instruction, Iñárritu, isolation, income, indigenous, intimacy, improper, inclement, insouciant, impishly, intractable, issues, insolent |100| incident, insipid, ink-stained, increased, ill-mannered, it, inscrutable, incredible, incomplete, instant, immersed, innocent, icky, inched, inherited, impressed, impromptu, inches, impeccable, imbibed, intakes, injuries, infidelity, injury, indicia | in, indelible, ignored, irritable, inanity, innuendo, Italy, icemaker, infant, impolite, in-door, inflation, intermediary, intolerant, invisibility, Irricana, including, incompetent, I'll, ichthyophagous, Ice, irritating, its, into, Israel || inconvenient, Iceland, incentive, immobile, Ivall, inquired, intensely, image, indigo, initially, instrument, interrogated, icy, impassively, included, India, inspiration, indirectly, itinerant, inhibit, insular, idiots, irascible, irritant, insensitive | inhaled, identity, imagination, invective, incisors, interesting, inescapable, intimated, icebox, inchoate, icily, immediate, individual, important, immeasurable, integral, imaginative, involve, inkling, imploded, ill-tempered, ingenue, intermingle, inference, ivory |200| interrupted, inveighed, intention, illuminating, iconic, invasion, imprisoned, insecure, impish, inspirational, invent, infuse, implying, investment, internalized (internalised), innocently, ill-conceived, innate, inticement, ingrate, imagine, integrity, instantaneous, idyllic, Isolde | I'd, incredibly, isn't, innards, instinctual, introduced, iridescent, inch, indignation, interaction, impulsive, inventions, interior, indirect, ineffective, incidental, isolated, interests, itching, incessantly, ileum, ineffable, impulsively, iciness, invisibly, || ink, immobilized, indecipherable, inevitable, intelligence, international, insinuating, inconceivable, immolated, invoke, invigorating, inquiring, interactions, ideopathic, irreplaceable, inarticulate, insulate, ins, intolerance, insides, ill-advised, invested, instead, initiated, increasingly | itself, intangible, instrumental, importantly, imbecilic, inveterate, influence, insinuated, ignores, Iowa, instantly, ill-educated, imbibe, ingenious, incontrovertible, imagery, inhibited, interest, itchy, in-depth, instinctively, ignites, irrevocably,  instantaneously, inked |300| irrevocable, invoking, insinuations, ignoring, indicative, instigated, invited, ithyphallic, inviting, idiot, invites, imperative, indignance, intrepidity, ingredients, ichthyoid, ingested, invoked, ice-skating, ill-humored, impress, instinctive, incessant, ideal, industry | I've, irritation, inner, invitations, Itzhak, indicated, Icelandic, influencing, ignorable, imbued, iceberg, input, invite, International, It's, impassive, impatiently, instructions, intentions, intentionally, instinctually, intentional, inability, inching, interfere || intent, inevitably, incinerated, intestinal, inexpressible, incredulous, indifference, infantile,  impassiveness, intoxicated, instincts, intermingled, interestingly, intercollegiate, invitee, ironed, impetuously, inclined, imbibing, intoxicating, ingratiating, instruments, inflamed, incense, impresses | incivility, interrupts, illuminated, illuminate, incredulously, ill-fitting, inadvertently, impressing, information, inscrutably, invectively, instrumentally, imbuing, intended, infers, impulsiveness, inopportune, inward, inchoateness, idealism, intercepted, interference, impressively, icing, informing |400| instep, intoxicates, incommunicative, informed, inexplicable, insulation, implosion, Irish, insemination, intimate, itchiness, insisted, inrush, influential, intact, intensity, idiosyncratic, inveighs, ice-cold, ilk, ingredient, irritability, icebreaker, inspired, intake | incidentals, impetuous, individuals, insurance, ingratiated, intoxication, inbox, inhibitions, identify, incorrectly, irritates, inducement, impulses, inviter, intend, initiative, infinitely, impulse, intimately, incessancy, ingrained, inspires, inventory, invitees, ignorantly || increases, increase, ideally, implicit, intuitive, inflexible, intuition, interferes, indelibly, irons, imperfect, ichthyologists, intoxicatingly, intolerably, itty-bitty, inferred, impossibility, imperiled, italics, influx, Island, Indiewire, impolitic, illuminates, instrumentalist | ingratiate, intelligible, indignantly, ignorance, intelligent, insecurities, intuitively, ill-fated, insect's, inflexibly, inextricably, implored, internationally, Illinois, Illinois', intensified, interrupting, imperturbable, injury-laden, imprison, invokes, intervenes, indecorous, installing, inscrutability |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: I (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:50:35 pm
indicates, imbibes, issue, implemental, intenseness, incogitant, inquiries, invocation, intently, impelling, independently, inhales, inhale, indicate, inundated, includes, incapacitated, idly, interruptus, installed, interiors, Inflexible, intersection, Information, inspire | illegally, impatience, irresistibly (irresistably), illumine, idled, instructed, imbroglio, intending, inform, intoxicate, intemperate, imperfections, incorporate, identical, insulates, incising, impacted, insulted, infirm, initiates, inanition, inflammation, inclemency, invectives, impressions  || involvement, insisting, interception, implemented, insomnia, interviews, identified, impetus, implements, inimicable, inchoately, intermingling, increasing, inimical, introduces, ill-suited, icier, impelled, insulting, informative, invitingly, interceptions, impartial, inhabits, infelicity | ill-considered, interprets, inwardly, informs, interpreted, iffy, irritants, incongruous, interrogation, insidiously, imperils, inferiority, insincerity,  intimates, inarticulately, intercepts, inhibits, impossibly, indicating, infuses, intensifies, in-person, incompatible, intensifying, impenetrable |600| intends, incompatibility, interfered, intermittent, indiscernible, inflames, intruded, intruding, intermixed, incendiarism, interfering, indecently, introducing, inspirations, indigo-colored, impediment, items, intermittently, Ich, infused, incomprehension, interloper, inflicted, involves, iced | ingest, interruptions, introductions, instances, intimidating, indecency, indignancy, intimidated, invitational, infamous, inappropriate, inflexibility, involving, indeterminate, intrusion, intruder, insightful, include, interviewed, Imaginarium, imperfectly, Institute, Ireland, impregnated, inquire || inquires, inquiringly, interrupt, irritably, irate, immensely, interstate, Idaho, inherit, inquisitively, instigates, impasse, irately, incapacitating, instructive, icon, interrupter, introduce, inquiry, interrogate, idle, improbable, ill-bred, interrogating, individuals' | ill-treated, ill-natured, infected, inspected, inscribed, idealized, insufferable, inheritance, ingroup, insufficient, insufficiently, involuntarily, indignity, indigestible, intransigent, inhaling, illness, instill, implant, incurable, ill-being, intolerable, invariably, ill-prepared, illicit |700| intoned, Independent, insight, indies, indie-dominated, indelicate, Indiana, impeccably, insults, implausible, initial, insult-filled, impending, inarked, inferno, indigo-hued, icicle, insists, inconsiderately, infectious, inanities, irked, irksome, iliac, inbreathes | investing, invest, inexpensive, immobilizing, interrogates, indicator, in-synch, infuriated, imposed, inarticulacy, impose, indeed, interring, interchanged, intangibles, ingestion, ingesting, identification, irrelevant, impairment, interacting, impaired, impairing, infrequently, indulging || indulged, inaugural, industry's, inconsideration, icicles, indulge, increment, intensive, inattentiveness, interlocking, incidentally, ipso, insofar, innocuous, independence, impersonal, insolvable, ingrown, ingrowing, ironhanded, industry-manufactured, icebreakers (ice-breakers), impassioned, ignobly, inane | ignoble, intuitiveness, iuventuti, indiscretions, incoming, infelicitous, internalizing, impulsivity, invincible, indiscretion, ipish, Ibbergerblibbernis, incurred, impairs, inflict, ire, immerse, iterate, insistently, index, irking, impregnate, impoliteness, insinuate, insupportable |800| inclusion, insistence, inspiring, immature, IFP, inverse, Iglesias, Interview, Imaginary, ingénue's, ill-gotten, illusion, inchworm, insubstantial, invectiveness, irrational, incremental, ill-informed, illustrations, innermost, inmost, inanest, inexcusable, ickier, intenser | impressiveness, indolence, ick, Internet, inward-directed, IMDb, insist, imagining, illustrates, intriguing, installments, imperilment, improvement, illusions, injection, improve, inhibiting, inebriated, inclemently, infection, inaccurate, informatively, infancy, improved, imbalance || incidents, immensity, immense, intimidate, incoherent, incoherently, introspective, infuriates, infants, infinite, intensification, infringement, intrigued, inquisitive, initiating, instigating, inflating, intrigue, instigate, insecurity, inhospitable, incomparable, inconvenience, impertinent, inconvenienced | inconveniences, intransigence, initials, inflicting, interlocution, imputed, indication, intrepid, Ivan, iridescence, Ivy, ill-equipped, ill-chosen, inconsolable, imaginings, improperly, inglorious, intestines, imagines, inconsolably, incited, internalizes, inexactly, instability, infuriating |900| informally, inspection, impair, indecision, immersion, implosive, inhospitality, inklings, inoculating, interpersonal, ickiest, inebriation, incisive, indecisive, iceberg's, infrequency, incapable, informal, imply, incalculable, iconoclastic, intrude, interruption, impressionable, intimacies | incarnation, influenced, inconveniently, inadequacy, inserts, inextinguishable, incorrect, impregnating, interned, insignificance || indigestion,  intangibleness, irresistibility, implication, idiom, ice-toned, isolate, impart, infuriate
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: J
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:51:23 pm
J:  As of Round 551, this letter is no longer in play. 
judge, joke, Jack, Jimbo, jackknife, Jake, jeans, jump-off, jouncing, jerky, Jenny, jump, jabber, joshing, jubilant, Juarez, Jerry, J., Jolly, Junior, John, June, Joe, jamas, jog | Jesus, jukebox, job, joint, journey, just, juxtaposition, jewelry, jokes, Japan, jealousy, jars, Jennifer, James, Jurgen, jacked, January, join, john, jilted, jaw, jiffy, Jackie, jiggled, Jacey || joy, jutting, judges, Jesse, jolt, justice, jelly, jerked, Joy, Jukebox, jaded, Joan, jokin', junk, jug, Judy, joyous, journalist, just, juniper, jam, jeopardy, judicial, jig, jumentous | Jody, jangled, jentacular, jugular, justify, jocularity, jamb, journeyed, jousting, judgment (judgement), joker, jovial, jannock, jacket, jacketless, jactation, java, Johnny, jubilation, justly, jute, juvenile, joined, junker, jagged |100| jester, jampacked, jag, justification, jeopardizing, joyless, jest, jaywalked, jamming, jerk, Jarrett, July, jeopardize, jar, jaunty, janus-faced, Johnson, jumbled, Jeremiah, Jean-François, jointure, judiciously, junctures, Janeiro, jerks | joints, Judas, jocose, Jay, Joel, juts, jackass, jumpy, jocular, Jam, Jerusalem, jounced, juvenescent, jingle, Jr., Jack's, jumpin' (jumping), jaw-dropping, Jedi, joists, jejunum, jack-of-all-trades, jitters, Java, jack-in-the-box || Japanese, jumped, Jeffrey, jarring, jukebox's, Johnny-come-lately, juncture, jumbo-sized, Jekyll, Jason, jobs, jalopy, jolted, joylessly, jostled, jostling, jewels, Jackson, jowl, joyful, jabs, joking, judgments (judgements), jumble, Jeff | jubilee, Johnsen, jarred, Jr.'s, Jacob, Johnny-on-the-spot, jaundiced, jurisdiction, jones, Jim, Jory, joyously, jobless, Jamie, jackanapes, jittery, jumpier, jilt, just-folks, jaggedly, javelin,  jammed, jurisprudential, jetsam, joining |200| josh, jail, Jordy, juggle, just-in-time, jackpot, jeering, jimdandy, Jill, jockey, jettisoned, jocosity, jocoseness, jarful, jutted, jerkwater, jump-started, jimmy, jade, jackleg, job-hopper, jet, jury, Jewish, junkyard | jinx, Jansen, juveniles, Jazz,  jimhickey, jocosely, joggle, jitteriness, jinxed, juxtaposes, junked, jolliest, jumping, Justin, jocund, jocundity, junction, jestingly, juicy, jacking, jacks, jizz, jittering, Jessie, jouncers, || juggernaut, jeeringly, juxtaposed, jammies, jolts, John's, jerry-built, jilter, jaybirds, jus, jazzy, jeremiads, jarringly, jo, judicious, juice, judging, jouncy, juxtaposing, judgmentally, jumping-off, journeying, Jakub, jaybird, journeys | joyfully, jocoserious, jury-rigged, Jump, Jen, Janzen, joyfulness, justified, jousted, jollily, jumps, jollies, jolliness, jamboree, Jolla, Johnny's, juxtapositional, jilting, jewel, jettison, jocoseriously, jabbering, jargon, Jujube, Jungian |300| judge's, jockeying, juiced, jaundice, jaywalks, Job, jerking, joylessness, jack, jazzed, jazzier, jacketed, jaundices, juxtapositions, jauntiness, jealousness, jackrabitted, juices, jaundicing, jockeyed, jut, Jimbo's, jokingly, Juneau, journeyman | joshingly, Jakarta, Juneau's, jaunts, justifiedly, jukeboxes, Jenny's, jealous, jingled, jealously, jiggling, just-out-of-reach, josher, joshes, Jack-Ennis, jangle, jauntier, jounces, jauntily, jocundly, Joseph, jape, joggled, justness, joins || Jacqueline, jeopardies, jeopardized, juments, Jesus's (Jesus'), jument, joe, jeopardizes, justifiably, jotted, Juarezans, Juarez-bound, johns, jiving, jardinieres, jibe, jawing, job-related, jelly-kneed, jiggers, Jenny'll, Julia, judged, judiciousness, jointly | Junior's, Junket, juggling, jellies, jumpers, jump-starts, jiggles, jonquils, Joe's, jackalope, juggled, Jeremy, Jeff's, joltingly, jolting, jesting, jejune, jumpily, jumpiness, job-hop, jerseys, jig's, jonesing, jaywalker, jungle |400| jiggly, jauntiest, junking, jams, jussive, Jones, Joule-Thompson, Jon, Junk, junkier, juvenescently, jig-jig, jawbone, junket, joys, jackets, joy-filled, jarfuls, junkiest, jeans-clad, joked, jonesed, jumbo, Joe'll, Jello | juggles, juxtapose, junky, jugful, jovially, joint's, jackalope's, jalopies, jobholders, Judgment, juggernaut's, justifies, jerk-offs (jerkoffs), jobholder, jockeys, jacket-clad, jibing, juicily, jettisoning, juicier, jejunely, jibed, J.C., jambs, joyride || joyriding, jalapeño (jalapeno), jalapeño-colored (jalapeno-colored), jet-black, jeered, juvenility, jaws, jaunt, joshed, justifying, jinks, justifiable, justifications, joneses, jerkily, jubilations, jointed, justifyingly, jostle, jumped-up, Judge, Jean-Luc, judgmental, jogs, juicing | jounce, journey's, jillion, jackassery, joblessness, job's, jingling, jingo, jigsaw, Jericho, Joneses, job-hunting, job-seeking, Jane, Jiangxi, Jewel, jelly-legged, Juliet, jib, jeans-removing, Jackish, jousts, jerkied, jollier, journal |500| jumbled-up, juiciest, jerkiness, je, jerkier, joust, jerkiest, Jose (José), jumbles, jiggle, joie, jots, jouncier, joyed, Jon-Paul, jackasses, joying, jests, junks, Joaquin, JT's, J.D., Junction, Jordie, Jasper | jouncer, joyousness, jollity, jerks', jiggery-pokery, jounciest, jauncing, jeopardous, jolif, jollied, jaunted, junartie, jovialness, jettisons, jettisonable, joyance, jake, Jeanne, Jan, jackboard, Jensen, janitress, jeoparded, Jerky, juxtapositioning ( [jugglery 628]

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: K
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:51:59 pm
K:  As of Round 362, this letter is no longer in play. 
Kurt, Knife, kill, kitchens, kiss, King, Kemp, kittens, kid, K.E., kindle, kind, knots, knocked, kicked, ketchup, keen, knew, Kirk, Kappa, knees, kick, know, Ken, kitsch | kneel, kibosh, Kojak, keys, knoll, kept, knockabout, kit, kindred, kinks, knowledge, kettle, kin, knight, karma, knob, Kade, Kodak, keeping, kleptomaniac, keepsake, knuckles, Killer, krummholz, knockout || kerosene, knitting, knickknack, Kennedy, knowing, KO'd, Kaufman, Katherine, kinetic, kilometers, known, Kate, Kathy, Kelly, killin' (killing), kingdom, kissing, kids, knowledgeable, knee, key, Kananaskis, kyow, knockdown-dragout, kaput | Keith, killed, keel, knelt, knowed, kindness, kitchenette, keeper, knows, kissers, kinder, Kell, knee-jerk, keister, knife, kvetched, kindly, kempt, kibitz, Kentucky, knapsack, kowtowed, knowingly, kismet, kundalini |100| Klepper, kingpin, knives, Kenny, know-how, knee-length, kitchen, kissed, kitchenware, knotted, kidding, kitschy, kinky, kudos, Knight, kilter, klutz, keyboard, keep, Keanna, kerfuffle, Kam, kaleidoscopic, killing, keypad | knits, Korean, knucklehead, ken, kickup, knock, K, kissable, kicks, Kung, knocks, Kalamazoo, Kansas, Kingdom, Karen, kosto, Korea, knit, Kerpel, Kudrak, Krisko, knuckle, katzenjammer, kneed, knocking || knockers, kiss-off, knickers, Khanikian, Kurosawa, klutzy, Karten, kisses, Kade's, knack, knaves, keyhole, Katalin, kilt, Kong, kneels, kickstand, Kenton, kindling, kayo, kinnikinnick, kindhearted, kings, Kim, Konits | kick-ass, Kleine, knitter, kiss-and-tell, kinship, knitwear, knitwork, Kimberly, kinsman, keeps, killjoy, king-size, kanat, knock-your-socks-off, Kaw-Liga, kith, kibbitzing, knee-deep, Kitty, keeled, kerf, Kunin, kisser, knock-off (knockoff), know-it-all |200| kills, Kosloski, kittenish, knee-buckling, Kinck-Petersen, kinetically, know-nothings, Kaughman, Krispy, kicking, kidded, knotty, kinsmen, knee-high, killers, kindest, kidder, knot, koala, knife-edge, kindled, kicker, kinesthesia, kernel, kindheartedness | kleptomania, knackered, kneeling, Kornblau, Kelvin, killer, kneeled, knell, kvetching, kvetches, kindliness, kinda, knitted, knowledgeableness, knock-down, knurls, Kong's, Kimberley, knuckled, kahuna, keck, king's, kapok, keepsakes, kerfuffles, || keening, Kirn, kibble, kid-glove, knuckling, Kuo, Kickback, kicky, keyed, kickoff, knavery, KO'ing, kink, keepers, krone, Khouri, kicked-in-the-teeth, keisters, kooky, Kuzmenko, Kenji, kudo, kookiness, knowable, knockouts | knottiness, Kyoto, knowingness, keywords, kerflooey, kibbitzed, kinesthetic, Knoxville, Ko, keyword, keynote, K.E.'s, Khaleej, kibbitzes, knotting, kindheartedly, Karina, kneeler, kissability, Kang, Kang's, kissableness, killings, kindles, kite |300| kicked-in-the-head, knock-on, kickable, kernels, knocker, keenly, kindler, kerfuffle's, knuckly, knickknacks, Kensington, kindlier, kvetch, knifed, knifing, knickknackery, knife-wielding, kerplunk, knife-handling, knifelike, KCRW's, knave, knolly, kvetcher, knittable, | KeepMedia, knavishness, knobby, kibitzers, kowtowing, Kjolseth, kowtows, kirk, Kurt's, kowtower, knavish, knavishly, killers', kindliest, klunker, keenness, kiss-ass, knockers', killable, klunked, kickier, kissy, kingly, Kos, kidney || kick-started, killings', Keystone, kyacks, king-sized, knaveries, knapsacks, knife-stabbing, knife-peeling, klunkers, kinkier ( [knuckleheaded (knuckle-headed) 628]
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: L
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:52:41 pm
L:  loves, lonely, Lureen, little, Lashawn, leash, lighten, libido, lie, locals, look, lighter, list, long, limp, lariat, loudspeakers, L.D., lurking, Lord's, Ledger, leapt, lube, lucky, leitmotif | lightnin', lassos, leaning, livid, losing, length, lingers, lipstick, leave, last, lust, Lightning, listen, lips, lamp, learned, laundromat (laundermat), lovers, life, Larry, Lee, Linda, live, leather, lascivious || lamb, laugh, left, lick, letter, loud, lend, laissez-faire, loco, light, loan, loquacious, line, language, livid, landscape, Laramies, laundering, loving, ladle, level-headed, liquid, liner, light-hearted, languidly | license, licking, lies, leftover, lingering, Lament, lanky, literature, lasted, lovely, lathered, Laredo, latest, lackadaisical, latitude, lack, lavender,  lamentable, lady, load, listening, laudable, liquids, lonesome, longs |100| livery, lugubrious, limpid, Lewis, legal, like, lively, lost, longing, livin', lingered, lay, loo, low-paid, love, long-houred, line-shooter, let, liaison, loose, lives, lads, Lost, lithesome, lamented | lambently, libations, luggage, loop, loved, lambasted, lodgepole, liquor, luminous, lip-lock, level, lathering, lately, literate, livestock, lather, lagging, laughed, latissimus, laceration, La, luckier, large, looked, Lies || louche, lacrimal, lantern, laid, lessons, logical, low, lubricant, lunch, lachrymose, lain, lacrimation, lashed, Li, Las, looking (lookin'), lean, labor, loudmouthed, lambs, lesson, leche, lovable, lickety-split, largely | love's, luscious, locomotion, ladles, Lord, Lake, lopsided, loneliness, lovelorn, lush, leafy, listlessly, limber, lakes, lumpish, littered, luxurious, licensed, lollygagging, locked, laughter's, lollapalooza, licks, lustily, lumpen |200| landing, laundry, logy, Levi's, leak, literally, loss, lilt, luxury, ligaments, loveless, longneck, loom, living, lifelong (life-long), luckily, loner, lurked, looks, linger, led, loathed, lynched, laughing, limited | legitimate, lamenting, lands, lucubration, lock, Ledger's, late-model, latent, lenses, land, laughter, laconic, lip-smacking (lipsmacking), ladder-back (ladderback), late, liked, ludicrous, live-wire, linchpin, losses, liveliest, landmark, libation, libationary, lichen, || lot, low-life (lowlife), lying, longnecks, lobbyist, low-down, lubrication, lurid, luridly, last-ditch, Lilliputian, lulu, leaves, languid, launched, ladled, legs, later, luck, lovingly, looker, limbs, loading, lines, lap | lead, learn, longer, lights, lowdown, latter, lending, laid-back, looped, layers, landed, leans, learns, label, learning, lamb's, licked, lures, lift, loudly, lower, lovableness, less, liking, legally |300| lawyer, low-blow, ladies, leftovers, legible, laughing's, lesbian, lavatory, lent, lid, leaving, left-handed, launching, liquidity, loaf, loveliness, lots, loaded, loggerheads, lesbianism, lit, lithe, laundered, laying, low-keyed | leaned, L.D.'s, lengths, lip-locking, louder, litany, log, ladies', liquors, lends, leads, lets, legalities, languorous, long-suffering, Luke, livelier, lovemaking, lesser, lovebirds, loosened, longingly, lingerie, limb, lacy (lacey) || lived, lasciviously, lightning's, lightened, liveliness, listened, location, libelous, lose, Lureen's, licoreria, lovesick, Latin, Lashawn's (LaShawn's), least, lowercase, loitered, listens, liquored, lushes, limps, loudmouths, lewd, long-haired (longhaired), listless | lumps, lurch, lowest, litters, leathery, laced, low-cut, lapels, lookout, larder, lays, Lloyd, limelight, laughs, limping, limped, leading, lighting, lover, lake, loses, league, look-alike, lull, leatherlike |400| lifted, lithely, loser, lonelier, lassoed, leaks, lifesaver, Lois, Lang, lounging, lifts, livin's (living's), laughingly, limitations, littering, letdown, limits, lids, litter, lacking, laden, lone, logic, luncheon, legume | lightens, languishing, low-level, limit, lodging, lifting, letter-sized, legality, lawless, lissome, lessened, learner, loosey-goosey, loyal, long-term, loosening, lifeless, lounged, lustful, lustfully, like-minded, lied, lacework, letting, leery || leg, lovelier, likeness, loath, lapses, lasting, loads, lucidly, lest, linguistically, loquaciously, life-threatening, loosens, lessens, lane, liability, long-lasting, leashed, lasts, latrine, Lostback, Lone, lacked, lookeron, lagged | last-name, long-lost, lessen, leggy, leaner, lounge, lavished, lily-livered, luminosity, lease, lissomely, luxuries, likely, Lee's, Lust, leap, leaped, lollygag, look-see, lords, listener, limitation, loquaciousness, loyalty, livelihood |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: L (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:53:46 pm
lambasting, limberly, laborsaving, loveliest, lump, ladling, Laramie, Lincoln, legibility, loosely, long-standing, lightening, loosen, Lauder, lope, likes, lackluster, legendary, lovefest, lounges, locations, Longview, Lougheed, Lorette, Lower |  lust-driven, lolling, lasciviousness, loudmouth, lustfulness, lusty, latched, lowered, libatory, liquoring-up, libational, luxuriously, lintel, lived-in, launder, lifeboat, lumped, laments, luring, languished, looseness, labored, lenser, let's, literary  || laboring, lawmakers, leavetaking, latecomers, longtime, Louis-born, lacks, libidinous, left-hand, losers, lowers, loquacity, locks, locked-down, liver, lusted, languishes, loiters, located, leers, leering, languor, lazily, livable, lungs | lash, libidinal, leered, lacquered, lusts, lined, likened, long-sleeved, Lachlan, light-colored, loudness, loose-fitting, leaping, leeway, lusting, longed, leaps, limiting, limitless, lamentation, lavish, lathers, lightest, lessening, loathsome |600| laconically, livened, lonesomeness, last-minute, last-gasp, lavishes, long-distance, logically, loopy, lackey, legend, lovelornness, lured, lightly, lightweight, larking, likelihood, launches, Loops, longingness, lowering, loped, larger, launderette, lethal | legitimately, live-born (liveborn), lust-laden, lilting, locates, lowbred, ligature, lauded, locating, lovesickness, lessoned, looser, loping, long-lived, ladder, leper, losable, launch, Lichtenstein, Lasse, Lords, Laura, lilac, loathing, loathsomely || likability (likeability), lobbed, likable (likeable), loitering, lilted, lighted, logging, longsighted, logged, lobs, long-ago, lashes, lividity, leverage, lengthening, lashing, last-moment, landing's, locking, luridness, loathes, lumberjack-style, lazied, limbo, lazed | laughingstocks, laundry-laden, limpidity, lazying, laboriously, lopes, lenient, lightheartedly, lengthened, lowlives (low-lives), Liboiron's, lofty, limitlessly, Liboiron, latter-day, lust-powered, late-night,  lamentably, lothario, lopsidedness, life's, long-hoped-for, lout, lovers', licit |700| Lowry, lamblia, lustrous, Luck, lodged, lavishing, laughable, lensed, looniness, listeners, lachrymosity, loans, Legends, lo, links, logs, livens, Leslie, low-spirited, lingerie-clad, lifelessly, lumping, lazes, laborers, legumes | longevity, lucrative, lucratively, lecture, logos, lugged, lumpy, lawyers, labeled, lifetime, lawfully, leering (oop! duplicate word), lecturing, languish, languages, laborious, legions, loudest, lockstep, looker-on, lightsome, lair, liberal, lawed, liplock || legume-filled, leporid, Lovely, liquidly, long-range, laughingstock, low-budget, lateness, Loft, linking, long-gone, luminescence, longings, linguistics, left-handedly, loathsomeness, lassoing, lambaste, lovey-dovey, longhand, lighthearted, Lou, loners, little-known, loiter | local, linguae, laudator, lag, litheness, liberally, liquor-induced, loverlike, lengthy, locally, lichticheh, loksch, lectured, lug, long-dreamed-of, leasing, laughably, limitative, love-seeking, lapping, less-traveled (less-travelled), Lutzes, litanies, lightning-zapped, Lions |800| Lin, Lonesome, Lawrence's, Lepore, literal, Lola, Louis, Looking, Lindley, liberating, Lyndon, liberated, lovelessly, loneliest, lonesomely, lonelihood, lame, lodge, lens, lowermost, leftmost, lamest, longest, lamer, lawsuit | latter's, lowlife, laces, lisped, lapse, Lockwood, logistics, link, Leaving, less-is-more, liniments, ligament, languishment, ladylike, lemon, lament, laved, lily, lilies, letters, landscapes, Lyme, low-paying, lifemate, life-changing || lives', lentamente, listed, lapsing, Lawrence, lauds, lank, lefty (leftie), Lang's, lapsed, levity, lassitude, Lally, Lane, lasso, Lally's, lapped, lamely, lightheaded (light-headed), lithest, lisping, lipsmackingly, lensman, lining, largest | lust-ridden, lark, linked, Lockwood's, Lucia, lightning-struck, love-struck (lovestruck), lollygagged, licorice, lapis, lime, lagers, landlubber, leafed, luster, liberty, lurches, libidos, locus, landlubbers, less-than-ideal, lumbering, lightning-struck, lakeside, locution |900| libidinousness, lisp, ladylove, loverly, latecomer, lost-cause, less-than-fair, lawyered, leeringly, liaisons, lurk, Lynch, Libra, less-than-polite, lettuce, licoreria's (licorería's), laser, leer, lip-locked, labels, lowly, loins, longitude, lugs, Leader | lumbered, languid, lucked, lurks, lummox, lip-lockers (liplockers), lobby, lullaby, lasso-bound, latching, lunatic, lyrics, lax, layered, London, laciness, learnt, Lilliput, live-in, lubricated, lifelike, likens, lawgiver, lumber, lousy || large-scale, languorously, lumberjacks, Loder, loverboy, leisure, lengthwise, liquor-driven, lesbians
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: M
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:54:29 pm
M:  Monroe, married, momma (mama), ministering, Mountain, matin', mornin', money, minister, mirror, mesmerizing, milk, men, moon, move, misses, morosely, manual, message, Methodist, McMurtry, maternal, Mexico, miles, mistake | month, mules, meat, minutes, mouthful, Mrs., Montana, Malone, mmmmm, memory, monosyllables, magenta, Melissa, memento, menial, motion, mixing, Michelle, more, moustache (mustache), Motel, mediocre, menacing, mongrel, Marlboro || midnight, Mormon, marrying, mechanical, Mary, meadow, mightily, momentus, Michelob, monosyllable, meant, mount, mouths, musky, Macleod, music, mystery, museum, maybe, masturbation, Maker, Mesilla, Mexican, meals, mumble | mixed, mundane, motto, memorabilia, moans, mud, melancholy, marijuana, minimal, middle, maudlin, mail, magazine, movie, masticated, match, memories, murder, marry, Moose, mother, McBride, macadam, mind-blowing, minimalist |100| milquetoast, mailbox, Mar, mad, mellow, mutton, mania, measure, malediction, moment's, man, march, misconstrued, managerial, monkey, mind-boggling, mousy, mates, makeup, minx, manly, Mint, miserable, minor, Marlboros | means, mortgaged, mammonist, mending, much, monitoring, miss, mountainside, muffled, malachite, mole, mortgages, morose, muffler, muscular, marriage, milling, mope, Medicine, mind, mouth, mountains, Marty, mean, marred || make, mounting, measured, muddled, Mara, might, meats, muck, military, matronly, mushrooms, matured, matrimony, mettle, million, montage, mostly, mule, mother-in-law, misted, middle-aged, manageable, mountain, matrons, misguided | minimum, Mr., mouse-colored, mission, mutually, meandering, mouthy, mastermind, motions, market, maligned, majestic, massive, mid-January, momentum, mirror-like, misery, movements, Malones, munching, muttering, minimalism, mid-peal, matter, musical |200| mainstream, material, momentarily, misunderstood, Marcus, morally, mistakenly, mention, mountainous, melee, mantra, met, Madres, mortified, mourned, masculine, melodies, Miss, mummification, me, mater, male-male, moraine, Metheney, murmur | moving, manager, melancholic, mammal, millions, machinations, metaphorical, Missouri, marshalling (marshaling), manner, modern-age, mangled, moonlight, meadows, meticulously, machines, movingly, manicure, macho, monolithic, machinery, mourning, mensch, masquerade, molehill, || magical, maddening, muckety-muck, magnitude, marriages, Monroe's, missed, meltdown, monosyllabic, members, meat-and-potatoes, missive, meander, momentary, meaty, mothers, male, matters, mile, monumental, moment, magnificient, Mary's, manhandled, mustard | meaningful, mismatched, manhandling, made, mores, months, my, misspent, main, meeting, malcontented, moved, melt, mammaries, meet, myself, marooned, mettlesome, metal, mince, mosey, mood, midstream, mounted, minors |300| moschiferous, marital, McRobbie, marching, maternity, mounts, masochistic, milky, maternally, murky, managed, mincemeat, manners, mighty, macramé (macrame), menage (ménage), mouthed, mincing, materialistic, management, making, men's, MPAA, Mann's, mass | masterpiece, moves, movies, mysterious, makes, mushiness, mum, massed, muscles, muddied, man's, mare, motor, manually, mush, mileage, mammalian, milked, many, money's, must, mine, measures, measuring, minds || moan, myth, manure, major, Methodists, mare's, monotony, mumbled, manages, meets, más (mas), Merle, minding, mechanically, meaning, marries, menfolk, mentioned, must-have, mixer, misogynistic, muscled, missing, mouthing, motherly | mattress, mustered, may, minded, marking, mane, mustard-colored, miscellaneous, messenger, mattered, mend, musically, melody, most, McDougall, miffed, mother's, mars, Metheny's, May, maneuver, man-to-man, mom, mantle, meal |400| mid-twenties, movement, marked, mid-August, me's, maneuvers, McCoole, Montreal, moss, mark, manhandle, motel, mere, maritally, messing, martyrdom, messed, mashed, metal-rimmed, mawkish, mouthwatering (mouth-watering), mouthfuls, menu, mitt, messy | mask, makings, maximize, mute, monstrous, mastery, misstep, mix, multitude, marches, maniacal, mournful, moonlit, mannered, mooning, manhandles, marauders, muses, matched, methodically, maintains, masculinity, marriageable, mingling, matrimonial || melting, marvelous, mementos (mementoes), manliness, maintained, mistaken, memorial, miserably, mean-spiritedly, motley, mock, meandered, mendacity, maintain, milepost, muster, mindsets (mind-sets), mightn't, morning, multipurpose, McDonald's, mailman, malady, medical, mules' | Mexico's, makeshift, misinformation, manage, mentioning, miserly, mistreated, mandated, moments, metaphor, muscle, machine, meager, Mason, master's, Maguire, mainstay, moseying, moping, misinterpretation, misadventure, masters, murdered, melted, mammals |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: M (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:55:13 pm
marshalled (marshaled), mended, materialized, Mountains, models, mealymouthed, misunderstanding, minimized, mailed, matter-of-factly, messages, miseries, mistook, Mechanic, malicious, Midnight, mired, mashed-up, Mechanics, Mark, Morley, Murray, Main, mirrored, mixes | madly, mercy, mouthwateringly, mumbles, mashing, mushy, motel's, mauled, mauling, mellowed, minify, matching, memorialize, momentously, minima, maneuvered, misconduct, misinterpreted, mythologies, motivated, mitigate, minatory, melts, Melkebeek, mildest  || McMurtry's, mulling, middling, meatier, metamorphosis, melded, magically, magnetism, magnetic, maintaining, masks, masking, misleads, marched, mow, miff, mated, meddling, manipulated, meditate, mushroom, manhood, messed-up, measly, mannerly | menace, meanders, manlier, masculinely, motive, mucus, mopped, mirrors, MacLeod's, maneuvering, mess, manifests, mustering, musters, monotonous, muddling, matures, motives, maximum, murk, machoism, momentous, matches, mopping, managing |600| moronic, marriageability, meltable, miniscule, mindful, mismarriage, mendacious, malice, mutilated, males, materfamilias, mulled, misbelief, mollify, menswear, method, musician, Medgar, Mankiewicz's, meaningfully, melancholia, meetings, messes, materials, munched | munch, monumentally, mistakes, melodic, maligns, mops, month's, moniker, madcap, marauder, Mantler, Moser, master, measurable, miracle, mastered, motherliness, mauve, Monster's, mysteriously, Matt, MTV, Monk, mild, minces || mucus-filled, motored, motoring, mingle, massage, mammary, monthly, mortgage, mayonnaise, Mars, mesmerized, maternalistic, monopolizing, mentions, maligning, mumping, maximized, mogul, mental, misdeed, malarkey, masked, mahogany, made-up, mirthless | meekly, meagerly (meagrely), mild-mannered, millwork, mix-up (mixup), Marit, marriable, moxie, mulls, millinery, magnanimously, minimize, manifold, massaged, midday, malodor, meddled, margins, motormouthed (motor-mouthed), motioned, modern, minimizing, minimizes, mop, minority |700| moneyed, microscopic, Monday, MacIvor, Mojo, mingled, Michael, March, Methodism, moistened, mid-September, mends, must-see, mewling, masterfully, movie-costume-as-character, meat-eating, maintenance, mealtime, mealtimes, missish, muddles, mum's, motormouth, mincer | monetary, majority, mailing, moot, madder, monotone, member, milking, multi-person, multiply, maternalism, mothering, murdering, mangy, mangle, manipulate, milk-drinking, muffling, maul, modulated, meditation, Mackintosh, mewled, mowed, mildewed || memorable, Moonlight, Mile, munches, months', monkeyed, minute, multiplex, moistening, merrymaking, mistaking, manufactured, much-anticipated, much-needed, multiple, meddlesome, Movied, multitudes, McCarthy, mainly, merchandise, makers, modest, moreover, misplace | mate, magnum, mortis, mingles, Mickey, masticating, Montalbetti, McGovern, modulation, menner, mishuggeneh, mackintoshes, mumbling, mocking, milk-swilling, mite, monitor, massages, magenta-colored, midnight's, manipulating, mobile, Morin, manuscripts |800|  Milos, Moon, Midwest, Manhattan, Maggie, Myth, Motorcycle, mishap, Matilda, Meryl, Marlow, miscarriage, meanwhile, meaningless, Moran, map, meathead, muzzled, Metheny, moisten, midst, matchiest, mellowest, mellower, meaner | moped, mirth, maniac, mildly, mastication, Martin, Mamie, mightin', mingy, much-celebrated, mentionable, mentor's, monuments, moderate, media's, morality, mountain-filled, merely, maturity, modern-day, McMurtry-Ossana, merited, managerial-level, minuses, mash || manipulates, mentally, maltreatment, morning-after, manicured, memorably, much-reported, mistreating, moron, malign, malaise, moody, marketed, matchy, marketing, macho-prone, milestone, much-heralded, Minow, mortal, Matthew, mishmash, manna, maladaptive, Ma | magnets, ministrations, memorializing, mercury, minutia, malodorous, moral, moonlighting, moderately, much-discussed, mountainsides, milieu, murderers, misunderstand, malleable, masterful, machismo, monotonously, mischievous, Montgomery, mastering, mid-smooch, Miller's, mega, mama's |900| monologue, menaced, mob, maiden, merger, mascara, musicians, mapped, monkeying, mannerisms, meat-ingesting, mosquito, mayhem, mannerless, mischief, manwares, mechanics, masquerading, munchies, merged, magnetically, menstruation, mortality, methodical, mischievously, mysteries, Michelle's, milestones, Mara's, mercenary, monstrosit, minimalize, moaning, miraculous, mojo, moaned, misunderstands || meddle, mangling, Madre, misfits, mammoth, mature, midway, mutual

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: N
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:56:00 pm
N:  Newsome, November, nothing, nasty, necesitas, now, nowhere, no, naked, neck, northwest, neckerchief, never, numbers, nightgown, nickering, northern, nice, nominations, normal, nope, neither, nursing, nicked, necking | nineteen, night, newfangled, next, news, nobody's, not, nuptials, needed, nuzzled, nausea, nosegay, nail, nine, Nelson, nap, note, nickname, new, neigh, noon, nurturing, nose, nature, noise || notorious, Naomi, natural, nervous, Neiman, novice, North, newspaper, nurse, neon, nude, neophyte, Neil, near, number, nuanced, name, narrow, none, nincompoops, negated, nebulous, nonchalant, neatly, neologism | nostalgic, nuclear, notion, nocturnal, nephew, nates, nepotism, neckwear, nudity, needing, nonverbal, naughty, nonchalance, need, nostalgia, nieces, numerous, noticeable, nonplussed (nonplused), needlework, newborn, nixed, naught, napkin, navarin |100| necktie, nuts, neglect, noun, needles, nobody, noted, newcomer, nether, nutritious, notification, nary, nearly, nubile, Norwich, nemesis, north, nutrition, Norgard, nosebleed, Newfoundland, napping, nautical, nostril, needle | nascent, novella, nimbus, native, nescient, Norway, nights, notched, nefarious, nevertheless, nurses, nucleus, needs, nexus, Nation, nastiness, nearby, Nebraska, Norfolk, noticed, numb, nevus, notice, nervously, nails || Nikolai, net, no-name, nuance, nomads, neighbor, naive, nonchalantly, nightmares, nosh, nutriment, nonsense, nubs, nominal, nustled, nest, numbnuts, nine-year-old, neglected, nickered, No, notch, nominated, Nonesuch, Neal | noisy, numerals, Nikolaj, nonretractable, nurture, natty, Nevada, narcissistic, not-in-my-back-yard, Nakiska, Neyrinck, Nikolic, naturally, nobility, needled, ninety, naysayers, neutral, nohow, nickel, nearly-empty, nescience, nosy, ne'er-do-well, nightly |200| nods, needless, no-account, noggin, nomination, notwithstanding, nod, nonetheless, nape, nobodies, narrative, necessitated, noises, nuzzle, nine-year-old's, nerve-wracking, newcomers, nightfall, neighborly, negligence, negation, nastier, nymphomaniacal, nervousness, nomenclature | noches, negative, national, nodded, niche, nasal, nighty (nightie), night's, nevi, nimble, notices, no-win, ninety-three, namby-pamby, nestled, nethermost, notably, Notes, nil, nestles, nuzzling, northward, neat, nodding, no-nonsense || next-week, nameless, naysayer, Nichol, Nanton, never-to-be-realized, needy, non-commitment (noncommitment), New, necessities, needn't, nitty-gritty, nuzzlers, nuances, noteworthy, nut, noisily, nines, nooks, names, nuzzles, notified, nonevent (non-event), non-original, nincompoop | needling, nags, noodle, nom, nor, nesting, nastiest, newbie, nosedive, noodled, neediness, niece, Nashville, nerves, named, nonwhite (non-white), notes, noticing, netted, nightmare, noisiness, near-perfect, narrowly, nighttime, November's |300| nostrum, Nasty's, never-realized, nastily, notches, noncustodial (non-custodial),  notching, napkins, neglects, nooky (nookie), notifies, nonstarter, non, noisier, Newsomes, noisiest, nascency, noncommittal, noticeably, nursed, nullifies, nudge, narrow-minded, neglecting, noting | narrow-mindedness, name-calling, newfound, nationwide, newlyweds, no-frills, nothings, notchy, nominee, needlessly, nominees, negligible, noshed, negativity, necessary, notoriety, neighboring, neckers, nestling, necessarily, naughtiness, node, Ng, Never, notable || note-perfect, nub, noses, nullification, noteworthiness, nightmarish, neglectful, nuisance, nifty, newborn's, nightlife, nonalcoholic, nonverbally, nonoperational, nattering, nonstop, nattered, neckline, nicety, no-good, nuisances, neutralize, no-goods, nanosecond, nutshell | needful, nonperishable, necessitates, namesake, neighs, navy, necklaces, negligee, niceties, nonpareils, nonliteral, nominates, Nelson's, nakedly, neatened, negatively, nestle, namely, nerve, nothingness, nutcracker, neglectfully, nonviolent, nosedived (nose-dived), noisome |400| nonvintage, necklace, netherward, numbed, nictates, nuclear-powered, Navy, National, News, neighbors, naively, necessity, nourishing, nibbled, nostrils, nobly, nightclothes, nee (née), nonfattening, nonnegotiable, nutritionally, niacin, negotiate, nears, nonsalable | nuttier, noiseful, nick, near-miss, nagging, normally, notebook, nixes, namelessly, nicotine, neverending, newer, nightcaps, nurtured, nightcap, nailed, negatory, null, nudged, naturalness, newly, negates, newest, nuptial, nevermore || newlywed, nonresidential, nonphysical, no-brainer, namelessness, noble, natures, notions, nudging, nonplus, nephew's, northwesterly, nearness, nixing, nosey, negligent, negativeness, nonexclusive, nocturnally, non-standard (nonstandard), Night, non-gay (nongay), nigh, neighed, noontime | nagged, noninvolvement, naughtier, nonsensical, nag, nonentity, noisomely, nancy, Newman, nicely, nutty, nonfood, nonfatal, NYU, novel, Nolte, nonviable, natives, Nick, noncommittally, nimbly, notoriousness, nonsexual, northerly, nubby |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: N (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:56:43 pm
numerics, neighborliness, nonpareil, nicer, nutritiously, nasties, naturel, northernmost, non-implicating, niggle, newness, nonissue, nix, nuggets, nonparticipant, narrowness, naggingly, nonconformists, nudges, necessitating, Native, Nersessian, nattier, northeast, Noelle | nondescript, nudely, nibble, nationally, navigate, nerved, no-go, nonconfrontational, neared, nip, newsy, nonpayment (non-payment), newels, nattiest, niches, naggy, numbing, negate, Nesbit, natable, nonsuccess, negotiatrix, negating, nulls, Nooncaster  || nabbed, novels, noshing, noshes, nouns, nineties, nitwit, nookies, norms, nullity, nervily, nother, nonsensitive, niggardly, nailing, numbly, nattily, notability, nanny, naivete (naiveté, naïveté), nibbling, nibbles, nuptially, newish, noways | narrowed, nightwalker, nutritional, nipples, noddingly, nuptials', nasty-mouthed, netherworld, negotiates, nearing, numeral, negative-minded, nonsupport (non-support), nervy, nadir, notify, nepotistic, numbness, nonassertive, neglectfulness, not-so-butch, nicks, nails', nakedness, negatives |600| not-the-one-but-good-enough, nipped, nab, not-quite-satisfactory, nutcase, noiselessly, numbskull, nogoodniks, negligently, nibblers, nourished, nefariously, nourishment, neckerchiefs, nursery, nearer, nightlong, Negroes, nightclub, nurturer, non-conventional (nonconventional), negotiated, nonconformist, narrow-brimmed, nummies | nonreversible (non-reversible), negations, negotiation, Norman, nostalgically, nippily, not-so-graceful, novelist, no-no, nicotine's, nonpermanent, naughtily, negotiating, nonexistent (non-existent), naughtiest, non-union (nonunion), not-yet-twenty-year-old, new-fashioned, Ned, Nolan, Newsweek, NRJ, Nathan, negotiations, nine-tenths || noise-filled, notifying, nimbleness, nettled, nth, normalcy, northeastern, nippy, nondetachable, noxious, nourish, noose, nowise, nonidentical (non-identical), nipple, nippiest, nourishes, nudeness, nippier, navigated, ninth, Nicoll, nonacceptance (non-acceptance), not-so-warm, noising | noiseless, nonadmission (non-admission), needfully, nonperishables, ne'er-do-wells, needier, nineteen-year-old, nippingly, nipping, narrow-necked, nearest, necklines, newsworthy, newsprint, noonday, Newsomes', nightward, neckties, natters, nightwalkers, navigates, nippiness, NYPD, nickled, nimbler |700| nebbish, network, never-before-seen, noxiously, NPR's, Nathaniel, NBC, NBC's, ninetieth, neaten, Narnia, neverendingness, nosiness, nonce, naissance, neatness, neater, nightgowns, noxiousness, netting, normality, nicknamed, nosily, necked, nameplate | nickel-and-diming, niggard, numismatically, nutball, negativism, nowadays, nippers, nonissues, nonfulfillment (non-fulfillment), noncompliant, nudniks, neutering, night-faring, newfangledness, notoriously, narrows, novelty, nonvegetarian, noncompliance (non-compliance), nasally, nightstand, nightstands, nondairy, nightshade, nonconformity || noncommitted, Nailed, Nasty, nozzle, nanoseconds, nightspot, nonplusses, neatens, nonthreatening, noisemaking, nonspeaking (non-speaking), nonsmokers, netherworldly, noncommunication, neanderthal, noisomeness, nettlesome, Newsome's, never-to-be-fulfilled, no-holds-barred, nappies, nonentities, nonessential, nonemotional, nondrinker | nosing, nemo, noli, nimrod, nondrinkers, nips, nelly, nonreligious, nonessentials (non-essentials), necessitate, naches, nishtgutnick, News' (News's), nightspots, nicest, nonparticipation, nowheresville, negativistically, navigating, NFL, nitwits, no-nos, not-so-nice, nauseating, Nicholson |800|  neighborhood, noblest, Nickelodeon, not-so-spectacular, Namath, Newsom, newspapers, narrate, Not, Nickleby, Narrator, ne, not-yet-introduced, nations, niggardliness, nineteenth, nation's, nicknames, nauseated, nation, non-animated, narrowest, none-too-pleased, NFL's, narrower | nitpicking, nested, nada, nerds, nabobs, numbskulls, not-included, nearly-to-Utah, nonage, not-so-inspired, nonworking (non-working), neighing, Nancy, Neanderthals, nunnery, niggled, no-peeking, not-so-great, ne'er-do-wells', nonprofessional (non-professional), nose-curling, nitpick, Nature's, nationality, nabbing || neighbours, neighbor's (neighbour's), nomen, non-leap, neatening, nerdy, numbered, numbering, natter, nauseous, noodling, non-norm, nicker, Nebraskans, nerviness, naming, near-masterpiece, Norwegian, nebbishy, nonconform, none-too-friendly, none-too-familiar, not-so-subtle, naturalistic, none-too-butch | navel, not-too-distant, newsroom, not-so-smooth, noncommodious, necropolis, not-so-happy, nugget, nightwear, nouveau, neon-lit, naval, nature-soaked, nipper, northbound, nonsensically, nuance-filled, novelties, nickels, not-yet-carved, ninja-type, neophobic, nineteen-year-old's, non-fan, non-virginal |900| negotiator, niggling, newbies, napped, Newsweek's, nosed, non-Oscar-worthy, nos (noes), no-show, nonperson (non-person), nuttiest, ne'er-do-well's, nothing's, none-too-polite, non-receptive (nonreceptive), nookie-craving, nutcases, not-so-modest, never-ending, nihilistic, nullify, nullified, nullifying, naps, namesakes | narrowing, neck-and-neck, next-to-last, negator, negotiable, nellies, near-flawless, nonesuch, not-so-smart, name-day, nicknaming, non-lead, none-too-subtle, Netherlands, Nicholas, nappy, Noon, Nicole, navigators, neonate, nancies, natal, numbs, numerable || nonaffluent (non-affluent), numbingly, noteworthily, Nichols, narrator, novices, nosologically, nauseatingly

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: O
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:57:33 pm
O:  Oscars, overbearing, outside, off-key, Owl, ostracized, once, orange, odious, orgasm, omen, Ossana, obstacles, one, offensive, ogle, obvious, oath, offal, ogre, old, overalls, ordering, of, overwrought | orphan, obsessed, overt, opposite, opportunity, openin', only, off, other, originally, omen, ordeal, ominous, ornery, odometers, orbicularis, opener, older, Old, operation, orchestra, oblivious, occasion, olives, objection || obstreperous, over, observes, oldest, obnoxious, oxymoron, ought, otherworldly, obscure, Ontario, one-shot, occurred, overcome, outhouse, owned, overflow, ochre-branched, obtuse, office, odd, occupational, overstepped, ornerier, okay, organized |  obtain, oversexed, opinions, offered, oaf, overboard, odor, official, out, option, ordered, ordained, O., outcome, Orleans, ourselves, opposed, one-arm, omnisexual, on, orbs, obstinate, order, Osvaldo, opened |100| oppositional, oppressive, optimist, outstanding, orifice, opportune, ode, olfactory, omniscient, original, openly, opens, onanism, out-of-control, ordinary, outrage, organic, obscenities, ours, own, oil, ostensibly, outskirts, Oncore, opined |  octagon, obscured, observe, ordure, onto, orderly, open, outdoors, ovine, outspoken, opaque, orders, object, Oklahoma, overpowered, observably, overly, outfit, overture, ostrich, ovejas, ovaries, older'n, overwhelmed, ornate ||  overbite, oblong, occupied, ooooeee, orchestrated, oneness, orbit, orifices, opulent, occupy, octopus, ossified, obligated, occupation, owes, often, officer, offbeat, off-the-cuff, oblivion, opportunities, on-again, obligations, occupational, One | outdoorsmen, obviously, outed, observed, Op., ouster, oozing, orientation, onetime (one-time), obscenity, Oscar, operatic, our, otherness, orthodox, omnipresent, overdid, oversimplified, otters, off-putting (offputting), oligarchy, outdo, obsidian, octagonal, off-again |200| Orr, omnipotent, old-fashioned, Oscar-winning, obedient, off-limits, oodles, oratorical, off-the-wall, opportunistic, orneriness, overall, oblige, overwhelming, obscene, onus, occurs, old-time, orangish, overblown, one's, offhand, opposing, oddity, owlish | once-over, operative, offend, outlived, ostler, options, o.k. (okay, O.K.), out-and-out, over-the-top, out-of-bounds, optional, outgrown, overdose, ostentatious, outer, oversize, outsized, oversimplification, observant, one-upmanship, outdid, onscreen, Onofriechuk, overwhelm, overtly, || Oscar-worthy, observations, open-hearted (openhearted), outright, onset, out-of-pocket, outing, oscitant, off-guard, operates, overtaxing, operational, one-sided, out-front, oeuvre, off-balance, oh, outwardly, odors, oftentimes, origin, oversimplify, opinion, otherwise, optimism | old-style, out-of-sight, Oscar-nomination, origins, oddball, offer, or, obstacle, owed, odds-on, Oscar-produced, obligatory, odds, occasional, onomatopoeic, ostentatiously, owe, obsequious, oats, owing, over-the-hill, one-man, others, oughtn't, obligor |300| outs, oversteps, obituary, opening, ostracism, obligee, opportuneness, olfactorily, ovenproof, oven, overhangs, obviate, opted, ottoman, opposition, offshoots, overdone, overdoing, one-trick, offended, objectives, Office's, obliterated, one-handed, one-on-one | objectively, one-way, on-the-fly, otherworldliness, overstated, orphaned, outerwear, orphans, obnoxiousness, other's, openhanded, offhandedly, outdone, ossification, openness, osprey, objective, out-of-the-way, onward, ogling, overflowing, operator, obsessive, outward, obfuscate || oppugnant, observation, odiferous, omission, operated, open-air, outwardness, optioned, ogler, outsider, outweighed, overpass, offers, overflows, off-white, outstripped, open-ended, owner, oral, obsessionally, oughta, obscenely, one-track, offering, offspring | one-word, occasions, oranges, obligation, one-horse, outfits, open-toed, open-collared, off-puttingly, onerous, oriented, octave, organ, off-duty, ogled, one'll, overcame, objects, onerousness, overwhelms, offside, offense (offence), obsessively, overcast, ostentatiousness |400| overlooked, optimistically, opt, oozed, openhandedly, offshore, ocean, Other, Onesiphore, optimum, omitting, odoriferous, outgoing, outtakes, occasionally, one-armed, occupies, outdoor, opulence, objected, overlook, outdoorsy, outweighs, overstrewing, overhead | offerings, obviousness, optically, offsuit, outset, oxygen, observing, out-of-towners, obstruction, outfox, overabundance, outfitted, ostensible, orally, omitted, orgasmic, occur, occurring, overrode, overflowed, opting, optical, opts, off-the-rack, observers || overpowers, outfit's, opulently, outstrips, offensively, obtains, overcomes, observantly, outburst, ownership, ogles, outcasts, oppressively, overtook, obtained, oaths, outrightly, overheated, oasis, overspread, overtones, Office, objectiveness, observer, o'clock | orthodontia, outdated, ounce, operationally, onslaught, ostentation, odiously, outrageous, outsiders, oyster, outlaws, organization, opportunist, originated, Orient, offset, orchestrate, oppositely, ongoing, obscures, opportunely, offhanded, obstinately, oftener, overran |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: O (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:58:19 pm
otiose, overstates, oversized, ostensibility, opinionated, overabundant, odiousness, overwhelmingly, optimize, overrun, occupants, outcast, originality, off-loading (offloading), overestimated, outlook, offload (off-load), off-loads (offloads), obliged, organizes, overgrown, outpost, optimal, one-lane, operations | onrush, outdoing, overtakes, ominously, onlooker, opining, overtaken, ounces, oiled, obfuscation, obscuring, owners, orderliness, outmoded, openings, opprobrium, out-of-doors, overshadows, orientations, oppressed, overhears, otiosity, overhung, organizations, Overgrown  || Ossana's, Oscar-nominated, omit, orthodonture, obtaining, obtainment, onuses, orgastic, outdoorsmanship, ostracize, outweigh, omnia, overruled, overrules, on-target, odd-numbered, out-of-town, onwards, on-the-job, oratory, obtrude, opposes, overstuffed, oppose, opportunism | on-message, onlookers, opposites, offspring's, ostracizing, onesie, overalled, overpowering, off-color, outwards, one-off, oppositional-defiant, overlooks, opportunists, overlooking, obediently, overwhelmingness, overdue, obtrusive, obligates, outstandingly, outgrowth, overdoes, out-of-reach, oddsmaker |600| obfuscated, opponents, opines, outstrip, organizing, ousted, overpriced, obtrusiveness, opine, overtness, oblique, outsmarted, occasioned, Occidental, outdoorsman, outdoorsmen's, oddly, October, Opera, outlandish, out-of-the-ordinary, out-of-the-way, oddness, overpassing, outings | offed, one-child, one-line, orchestral, overhear, obloquy, oppositive, outplay, overstepping, overcooked, obstriction, oddballs, one-adult, overstep, ousting, obstructing, obstructed, overnight, outlaw, Oliver, Olin, osculating, Orlando, overhearing, overpoweringly || oversight, outdanced, outtalking, overheard, operating, obverse, octagon-shaped, outtalked, occupant, obliges, outlasted, occurrence, outpouring, overcoming, overheat, optimistic, obsolete, odometer, outlay, oscillated, obtuseness, outstretched, outperformed, outnumbered, outmatched | once-overs, officiated, overuse, obliging, onerously, overdo, owning, occupying, obliquely, overtake, Owen, old-odds-defying, outré (outre), opprobrious, outdo, overdrank, overjoyed |700| one-night, organism, ostracizes, obnoxiously, ovines, online, ostentate, overweight, oscinine, ostentator, overthrown, overspending, offending, onion-eyed, out-of-body, odoriferously, open-necked, oversaw, orphanhood, one-upping, overwinter, offensiveness, one-up, olfactation, openmouthed | overspent, overspend, outspent, op-ed, opera, one-upped, overexaggerating, officially, officiate, outlandishly, oncoming, overing, outmaneuvering, oldfangled (old-fangled), overhang, outplayed, oval, oft-eaten, outgoingness, Opening, olfactories, open-airness, octaves, oracle || officious, Outstanding, off-center, Onion, one-nighter, outbalance, optioning, ornateness, outpourings, Olinger, oft-repeated, overdetermined, outsmarting, onomatopoeia, offends, obsolescence, oversophisticated (over-sophisticated), oldtimer (old-timer), oldsters, openhandedness, offhandedness, otherworld, overtone, outfoxed, oldies | overindulge, obsequiously, oleum, overword, oddments, owns, outgrew, outrageously, outgrows, one-liner, oysgeputst, oy, overtired, overhaul, open-eyed, over-the-sink, orneriest, one-person, openheartedly (open-heartedly), overexaggerate, oops, overheating, override, Ovis, Ondaatje |800|  open-endedness, outsider's, ones, Orange, opposites-attract, offshoot, One's, one-scene, on-set, overhyped (over-hyped), off-Broadway, obsessed, obsession, overtures, outspend, Ortmann, outspending, once-in-a-lifetime, obey, outermost, outmuscled, oddest, overgrew, odder, on-off (on/off) | oysters, overlapping, overwork, one-dimensional, operatically, overshadowed, omits, overtalkative (over-talkative), overburdened, odium, occluded, ointments, ornamentation, overarching, overreaction, optometrists, Oscar-caliber (Oscar-calibre), oh-so-handsome, outdrank, overslept, Ox-Bow, oozes, overworked, operativeness, oh-so-sweet || overeager, oilmen, okey, outtalk, orphaning, Our, oh-so-suave, oven-roasted, Oprah, observable, Oprah's, opponent, Oregon, Omaha, optic, Order, outlast, outlasting, overindulged, optimizing, overstayed, obfuscating, oomph, outstayed, oohed | obeying, obeyed, operatics, ophthalmologist, open-minded, odoriferousness, oddish, ooh, odalisque, olive, ochre, overdecorated, occular, overemphasize, overshot, oilfields, overindulging, overlong, overreacting, overreacted, outtalks, outsize, optician, Ozus', ordinarily |900| officials, oppressing, orchestrates, owie, overcooking, Oscar-bound, Oscar-losing, outlawing, ombudsman, overbearingly, organize, Owens, one-day-at-a-time, objectionable, onion, on-the-sly, off-going, optometrist, outsiders', outcry, obligating, objuration, overusing, overused, oh-so-sexy | omissions, oft-quoted, outburst-prone, often-quoted, outrode, opprobriously, outwitted, okayed, originating, obliterate, olfactorius, odiferant, ophthalmoscope, overload, obtusely, Ottawa, okaying, off-hand, outta, odoriferosity, ofttimes, optics, occult, offing || ossifying, overhanging, outbreak, opalescent, omen, out-of-state, odontological, ovile

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: P
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:58:59 pm
P:  Proulx, predator, pulchritudinous, push, pair, pole-axed, prettiest, pussy, plaid, peacefulness, pneumonia, phone, plaintiff, pickup, pan, pregnant, pissant (piss-ant), potato, powdered, prurient, parka, piss, paw, pasture, Pope | percent, pesos, poof, peanuts, ponytail, pup, postcard, pretend, pack, published, Pershing, penis, Pentecost, prayer, pink, printed, powder, poor, price, pronto, percussion, Peak, parking, peels, precautions || peas, pay, perfunctory, poorhouse, posh, problems, prevent, pussyfoot, pubic, preening, peculiar, precious, perseverence, paranoid, pub, pocket, passenger, plumber's, procrastinated, paper, power, punch, paint, plot, persnickety | pie, primp, pummeling (pummelling), pinball, passive-aggressive, parallel, Photographer, pronounced, prick, paradise, platitude, parents, person, people, pee, paunch, peace, photograph, platonic, powerful, prudent, Party, pompous, pokey, party |100| poison, plethora, Phi, place, poster, please, prospective, punching, probably, popcorn, penchant, public, pariah, paucity, puke, Peroni, pretty, postmark, pitched, plan, portable, protection, page, play, pregnancy |  packing, plenty, polite, puppies, prologue, pyrotechnics, precarious, puffed, props, pockets, Picture, playing (playin'), plain, pumping (pumpin'), pebbles, plastic, pounding (poundin'), poles, pants, precipice, porch, pot, predicated, picnic, Pacific || produce, pass, pulchritude, pouty, puffs, pleased, paid, pizza, plume, peaches, Pine, piece, patatas, parental, potatoes, Prieto, pale, packed, PS, pillow, passion, pugilist, parted, pathological, partners | panorama, prejudiced, pool, personable, point, purple, poverty, problem, prejudice, pouting, proposed, prospects, pavement, perspicacious, propensity, penetrate, poignant, preference, prowl, pointedly, prankster, pudding, perfection, preview, pearly |200| procurement, pace, prevailed, petrified, predominantly, photoplay, possessed, private, pattern, punched, placket, perilous, practically, profile, pitiful, permeated, Pentecostal, problema, physically, pencil, pretzels, possible, pasted, pugilistic, protozoa | piebald, pins, places, promise, Pierre, papers, pauses, pendulous, passionless, pecuniarily, pen, pattered, periodic, postcards, plunge, pickle, predilection, pie-in-the-sky, push-and-pull, provocation, permanent, pinnacle, pieces, panel, paperwork, || pristine, panic, personalities, prickly, press-on, purchase, project, procured, pontificating, plucked, preying, penguins, picked, plastered, provide, pines, pined, pa, paced, playful, plates, perhaps, pining, pick-me-up, petered | poetry, placid, position, pussyfooting, poetic, pulled, put, predilections, pitching, penetrating, proletariat, perfunctorily, posse, picture, pitch, preferred, played, pulling, perfect, pooped, puts, pork, pastoral, pretended, polloi |300| paddle, perky, platitudinous, perkily, pain, punches, plate, perkiness, pounced, pick, pulls, parks, persisted, pie-eyed, plant, perked, petrification, plucks, perks, parked, packs, profanity, pepper, posts, palliative | parts, Perkins, physical, profound, pumpkin, predation, practice, putting, piling, proposes, proposal, picks, piscatory, painful, privation, Playboys, pinching, parsimonious, pencil-long, peeled, past, platform, promptitude, pelting, perkiest || panhandle, putrid, perished, preparing, practicing, plays, possibility, prepared, peruse, pinch, plucking, picking, passersby, pricked, purse, party's, partake, pushed, pours, punch-drunk, park, pyrotechnicians, philistines, patriotic, protected | pump, peanut, piping, passed, pickups, purplish, prostitute, plaids, paging, peeping, profane, pets, presto, probing, pitcher, players, prostitutes, pays, Pope's, points, pontificates, possession, poorly, pouring, proper |400| pointing, prances, pissed, pained, pressing, periscope, Portsmouth, Pulitzer, Postcards, pains, practiced, profoundly, passing, pause, postal, pull, passes, pots, perking, pans, potentially, partook, protein, practical, Peter | poultry, peek, pleasing, pickup's, polished, popping, put-downs, pitches, panoply, permission, passel, paled, protest, patrol, perfectly, performance, penalty, pluck, perfected, presence, partly, peeling, participated, prompting, protects || physics, participant, pegged, pares, politeness, placed, purposefully, purposely, predicament, personally, palookas, piscatorially, post-reunion, priceless, pedal, pooh-poohed, pops, put-down, prepares, pleasure, parody, Pajiba, path, peppery, p.m. | prolegomenon, proof, peroxide, peeking, persistence, pertinacious, penny-pincher, presented, poke, puppet, phenomenon, purchases, peso-driven, Pingtung, Pushing, prestigious, peak, paths, prime, perspicacity, pressure, pressured, partial, peepers, prepare |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: P (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 02:59:49 pm
peculiarly, puzzled, predisposed, periphery, part, perpetrated, pastures, peaks, possibilities, preceded, pages, puff, puffing, partner, painted, pillar, partially, preparations, peace-loving, Phoenix, provided, Pole, prairie, picture-perfect, pilferage | passions, perkier, popped, preparation, prowling, plans, perk, polish, plentiful, Proulx's, pickled, preciously, Princess, precariously, partition, properly, planned, prestige, pugnacious, propose, pitfalls, persuaded, precipitation, prose, preciousness  || publishing, previous, peeing, plugs, process, particular, pressed, privately, piqued, perils, perceived, pent-up, presumed, pressures, Point, pregnancies, prettiness, palm, paired, powdering, pursuit, piped, puzzling, peeved, petulant | palpable, prostitution, permit, preparatory, perceives, parent, pitifully, prefers, Planche, parting, pinched, psychotic, proclivity, peters, preferences, proposals, politely, probability, prowled, particularly, proudly, primping, processes, partiality, partitioned |600| perturbed, proposing, proposer, producing, proffered, propel, priorities, pondering, passional, pastimes, phantom, positive, processing, patch, pajama, preponderance, priority, papacy, Profumo, phantasmagoria, perverse, placate, pessimism, playfully, prompted | pointed, purpose, periods, poignantly, planting, provoked, plunked, professional, puzzle, pert, parents', perchance, phantoms, paralyzed, pratfall, proud, proverb, puce, Patriot, Parnassus, Platt, Pitt, Perth, prudently, passive || phlegm-filled, pluses (plusses), proved, players', particulars, patron, pneumatic, pokier, precise, pleasantly, paces, payin' (paying), plenteous, purposes, percolate, passively, pursue, pursuing, pensive, pacing, plotting, postcard's, portended, prank, pieced | perpendicular, preceding, playfulness, pall, petty, pelted, putdowns, proffers, prenuptial, plow, purposeful, personal, payback, poking, prearranged, plummeted, peculiarities, poked, prognosis, pharynges, pardon, probed, pinkness, predators, production |700| predeceased, parasite, Producers, PGA, preggers, prudishly, Planche's, predicted, pulp, potential, polluted, pendulousness, pendulously, puttock, pundits, partaking, pommel, parkas, persuasion, pairs, parenting, pomposity, pond, presses, posterior | pricey, pinned, postage, pleading, propelled, perplexed, payments, pounded, payment, public's, parentally, posturing, philandering, prearrange, prearranging, participate, prevarications, perturbation, perceptive, participating, packer, portrayed, premiere, premiered || pampered, Proof, Pilot, Phipps, pouncing, prettied, parties, prize, pretending, picnicking, pickings, playmates, prostitute's, politics, patchy, prejudices, purity, patronise (patronize), performed, posthemorrhagic, profusely, package, precisely, phoned, pop | paramour's, passim, post, paramour, preserve, prodding, parade, publicly, partings, posted, plotz, plotzing, prospered, Pentecost's, passerby, problematic, progressing, peep, pampering, peachy, posterior's, postprandial, progress, perfume, pornish |800| presenter, pucker, produced, Percy, promote, Poison, Perros, pore, Prozac, Prada, Parker, plains-life, plus, puked, plains, police, phoning, pamper, pushover, practicality, progresses, proctoring, purest, pickier, pushier | pukes, pride, peaceful, pact, prior, Pete, Pound, postpones, Provincial, phony, punishment, predicaments, pronouncement, promotional, passionate, prone, peaked, premature, planning, praise, powerlessness, prosperous, plugged, plangent, puzzles || preoccupied, pragmatism, preoccupation, pleasured, protracted, predict, powerfully, parsimony, pleasures, pleasurable, player, peppered, prevarication, poppycock, Pray, providing, pinnae, painting, Philharmonia, press, Persia, performances, primarily, penitent, pungent | perspicaciousness, plopping, prevaricated, Prayer, physique, popinjay, paddling, Princetonian, pranced, patches, political, perishes, pissy, pranks, Pollitt, present, patched, poker, plainly, privileged, parachute, pragmatic, penile, preternatural |900| peculiarity, penance, pairing, postman, puppylike, positioned, pathogenic, pacify, prospering, prisoner, pledged, penetration, payday, provoke, planted, putano, provocative, peeped, pals, provider, princely, patronized, Paul, protecting, practicalities | problem-solving, poll, pearl, paradisiacal, princess, protruding, peacefully, pummeled (pummelled), prodded, puppy, puppy-loving, painstakingly, pisses, Portuguese, pummel (pummell), previously, puking, perse, pig-headedness (pigheadedness), printing, peril, peering, pigeonhole, possibly ||  painfully, pang, pollened, PC, perform, protuberance, praised

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: Q
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:00:26 pm
Q:  As of Round 362, this letter is no longer in play.
quiet, Q.T., querulous, queasy, Quizas (Quizás), queer, quickie, quart, question, quipster, queeny, questioned, quotable, quit, Quentin, quickly, quizzical, Quynh, query, quaff, quarrel, quite, quashed, Quaid, quixotic | quarter, quarters, queried, quest, quirks, quaint, quick, quantum, quintessential, quota, quivered, questions, quality, quoted, quantity, quenched, quandary, quicksilver, quieter, queues, quitting,  qualms, quelled, qualities, queen || quilt, qualify, Quik, quietly, queasiness, quarrelsome, quartet, quickened, quaffed, quitters, quadriceps, quick-witted, quietude, quavered, quick-tempered, quasi-magical, quagmire, quaking, quorum, quintessence, quaver, qualified, quarantined, quotation, queue | quits, quadrennium, quipped, quadrumvirate, quitter, querulent, quibble, quarry, quartz, Queensland, quadrupeds, quaestuary, quip, Quebec, quintets, quadrupled, quirky, qualmish, quixotism, quadragenarian, quasi, quickstep, quiescence, quaintly, quondam |100| quantulum, quarrelled (quarreled), quarrels, quailed, Qatar, questioning, quarreling (quarrelling), quick-reflexed, quadrilateral, qualifications, quadrivalent, quantify, querulously, quid, quadrupedal, quitclaim, quotient, quaffer, quiddled, quarrelsomeness, quadrant, quintet, queued, quotidian, quash | quartzitic, quiescent, quiddling, Q, quizzed, qualitative, quarts, quieting, quieted, qué (que), quill, quo, questionable, Queer, Quad-City, quicker, quarterbacking,, qualm,, quell, Quicktime, Quail, Queen's, quartering ||, Qwipster's, questioners, qualifying, quavering, quotability, qualifier, quaternary, quaintness, quaffs, Quaid's, qua, qualifies, quantified, quizzes, Quill, Quire, Quinn, quilted, qualmishly, quailing, quails, quadruped, quirk, qualitatively | quirkier, quietest, quilting, quickest, quoi, quasi-periodic (quasiperiodic), quaffing, quips, quietness, quirkiest, quetch, quizzer, quiddity, quilt-covered, quidnunc, quench, quilt-topped, queries, quantitative, quasi-religious, queuing (queueing), quick-fix, quiet-spoken, quote, quiz |200| quenching, quivering, quoth, querier, quested, quilt-laden, questing, quasi-regular, quintillion, quids, quizzically, quetched, quiver, questionably, quotations, questers, queller, quadrennial, queerly, quadratic, qui, quetches, quilter, questioner, quasi-ambiguous | quieras, quenches, quenchless, quotes, queasily, quipping, quarried, questioningly, quetching, quads, Query, querist, querulousness, quizzicality, quicksand, quiets, quoting, quencher, quenchable, qualification, quodlibet, question-mark, quicken, quelling, quart-size, || queer-themed, quarreller, Quonset, quizzicalities, queerness, question-and-answer, quasi-mystical, quod, Quidditch, Quaternary, quodlibetical, quasi-lead, quixotically, quasi-independent, Queen, quadrupedic, quickness, quickening, quintessentially, quivers, quotidianly, Quebec's, quirkiness, quavers, quells | questionableness, QNetwork, quilter's, queering, quiltmaking, quavery, quenchableness, quantities, quotidianness, quadrennially (quadrenially), quarrelers', quashing, quarto, Q&A, quashes, qualifiedness, quick-moving, quellable, quaveringly, quaternion, Queerty, quietus, quirkily, quirked, quick-speaking |300| quorum's, quickens, question-ridden, quake, questionnaire, quick-spoken, quenchers, quester, quaveriness, quodlibetically, quasi-innocent, quibbled, Qing, qualifyingly, quibbling, q's (Q's), quaky, quakily, Qing's, quibbles, Quarterly, quarterly, quaked, questingly, qualifiedly | quakiness, quenchability, quick-reacting, quick-thinking, queenly, questionless, querying, quenchlessly, quenchlessness, questionability, qualificatory, quests, quiveringly, quick-footed, quick-wittedly, quibblingly, quantitated, quicksilvery, quantitatively, quester's, quiescency, quick-change, quirking, quick-temperedness, quizás (quizas) || queryingly, quantifies, queerish, quick-cooked, quasi-gospel, quilt's, quakes, quaker, quick-sightedness, quick-reflexedness, question-laden  ( [quilts 628] [quoteworthy 937]

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: R
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:01:16 pm
R:   Riverton, respect, Rodeo, roughneck, Rich, rose, ranch, Randall, ravaged, rock, rifle, red-lined (redlined), Resistol, Rambler, rabbit, reins, rules, randy, reckon, roper, restraint, radiator, refrigerator, riding (ridin'), remember | rub, rim, reading, repression, risky, runt, reflexes, reclining, rumor (rumour), river, relationship, rivets, reliability, rained, ride, Rufus, restaurant, Roberta, raspy, resistance, Ronstadt, Randy, range, reunion, remote || rolled, rude, razor, romance, roan, ruffled, recognize, ragged, rural, resplendent, retch, robots, relief, ribald, radio, razzed, right, rancher, rewarm, repressed, romantic, rescinded, rodeo, rugged, rippling | rapidly, register, rhythm, rare, raucous, rejuvenated, rube, reluctant, regular, rise, really, roundup, room, rebellious, recrudescence, rain, Reyes, remembered, rails, rumbled, rip, resist, rationalized, Roy, Road |100| reporter, rang, ring, raw, regularity, rod, rough, rectal, ran, Rockyford, rubs, respectful, ruination, return, River, rainy, religion, regrets, rendezvoused, reverberated, ruby, reticent, rustic, rectangle, rushed | road, rolling, regurgitate, rubbers, round, roads, robotic, railroad, roared, run, Randolph, ruddy, rough-stock, Republic, redolent, rudely, riparian, returned, run-out, rent, reaction, riffraff, Ranchman's, reason, Rocky || rodeoin' (rodeoing), rhinorrhagia, roll, ranched, reassuring, repair, Reel, rotten, respects, roaring, rocky, revolve, reconcile, rubber, ruckus, Rodrigo, Rose, run-down, Rattlesnake, rest, revolting, rejects, roust, remembering, rug | reaped, relocate, rough-spoken, rough-mannered, ruminate, rover, ring-lashed, road's, roustabouts, radical, realizes, Reno, ramifications, rapture, rearview, rasping, raised, rough-and-ready, Royce, rank, real, rampant, rear, rights, rapacious |200| rushing, raw-boned, rangy, rassled, riveted, rough-and-tumble, ripple, relish, restless, races, roughhouse, respite, ranches, revealed, rains, ripped, retrospect, ranchin' (ranching), reception, rearing, reciprocated, retched, restlessness, raring, revere | roof, replete, roping, rack, ragamuffin, running (runnin'), roadhouse, rootin' (rooting), responded, rickety, Ritter, rambling, robustious, Restricted, reared, reflection, returns, roughstock, rides, rooter, roundabout, requisite, red, regretfully, restlessly, || rusty, Riverton's, ravenous, release, ridiculed, residents, regretful, rangelands, reunited, ridge, Romeo, racked, ravished, revved, rodeos, reality, runaround, Rafter, rider, rattled, rotting, Rattlesnakes, redemptive, returning, reach | rid, ruffle, Ranch, rode, remains, relegated, rendezvous, rolls, remaining, relaxed, reduce, risen, revving, ransacked, reverie, revive, rifles, rascal, resolved, restrooms, rabble-rouser, ropes, rags, rival, residence |300| reconciliation, retaliation, realization, repeatedly, relaxing, rage, roasted, rocked, rumbles, remiss, respectively, roasting, run-in, response, roasts, roast, reached, railing, rousing, raises, reads, rsvp (RSVP, r.s.v.p., R.S.V.P.), rapport, removed, Roan | ready, reel, roses, rivals, reeling, redeeming, refused, reeled, rubbed, rush, radiating, ribs, requite, regret, registered, record, reaches, resolution, reaching, rattles, reciprocating, rubbing, rented, red-blooded, Rufus' || razzle-dazzle, remnants, rancid, rears, recoil, rile, rinky-dink, riot, refrained, reminder, raise, Rodrigo's, refuse, Roy's, resigned, reels, repairing, randily, recipient, rubber-legged, raising, rabble-rousers, rowdies, ratcheted, resemblance | relishes, ruin, retort, relished, rascally, ruffles, rust-colored, ravel, ranted, reminders, refuses, Roger, Redemption, riders, received, rambunctious, remembers, rings, resolve, resolves, receiving, recovery, ragtop, raining, required |400| Redbone's, ratchets, relieved, robbed, repressing, rescue, resting, Ridgely, rhymes, rises, refrain, reservation, resentfulness, rents, relishing, rummaging, revelation, recipes, removes, recipe, regretted, refusing, remedy, richer, refrigerated | reuniting, rebukingly, red-hot, ranked, rolled-up, reserved, ringing, regulations, rangers, rehire, roughness, respected, readied, reclined, readily, rough-edged, reclines, reservations, relentless, radiates, reserving, recent, recitation, restrained, recreational || recklessly, rounds, resplendently, rule, resigns, reunites, retraced, recess, ranting, reunite, remarried, relive, relaxation, relent, red-lining (redlining), remained, repeats, rarely, reminisce, Range's, Rock, Roswell, retrieve, relaying, retrieving | remove, rehired, rupturing, refusal, replenishing, regrettably, raging, risks, rivers, reprimanded, restrain, retail, refunds, R-rated, released, Ride, rupture, recluse, rundown, rascal, reshape, restive, recurring, restorative, roaming |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: R (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:02:00 pm
roamed, repowder, Resistols, reflected, rich, ruled, reflects, receded, regulation, rewarmed, resume, recompense, registering, rescued, runoff, rising, revisions, rope, rewards, realized, renamed, Riverside, restoration, reflecting, reciting | reconnected, romantically, ribaldry, regarding, refreshed, run-of-the-mill, romp, rip-roaring, resourceful, rotgut, result, resided, residences, ramshackle, retreated, remainders, residual, respective, riddled, reconsiders, rodeoer, ratiocination, raininess, readers, run-on  || restrains, recognizable, reeking, reasons, rock-ribbed, research, radiated, raucously, resisted, rationalizes, rushes, resentment, reiterates, reheats, risk, roaster, reckless, resorted, rant, Randall's, reacting, receives, ridiculous, recliner, rankled | risked, relegating, reacted, red-faced, risque (risqué), respiratory, riled, retreat, roam, reversed, refrains, react, resign, recesses, red-handed, rather, rewarded, roundly, recourse, ridden, reluctantly, removing, resemble, reachable, rooms  |600| rudeness, rejoining, remoteness, repugnant, rejecting, ramps, ripe, riches, rose-colored, repast, remain, retainer, reader, reminiscent, retucks, relax, roughneck's, relaxes, Richter, resembled, registers, realize, revolved, replaced, repasted | repasting, responses, risking, rockabilly, ruder, regarded, roused, realizing, resembling, reply, reverse, resists, releases, relocates, rungs, relied, recalls, rosy, Roar, reported, Rolling, Rosario, Russell, reluctance, riche || runny, recognized, roams, roped, reeked, recumbent, raking, retching, Rio, replied, remarked, renting (rentin'), righteous, rapacity, reverberate, roiling, replacement, ready-made, relay, ricochet, reassessed, regaled, rationale, raunchy, reflexively | rocking (rockin'), resumed, ripoff, roughly, recoiled, respectable, reckoning, relics, roughhousing, roustabout, resentful, reckoned, renewed, relayed, racer, raced, remarks, reportedly, recovered, recovers, reduced, resented, reconstituted, riddle, radiant |700| redone, radically, roles, reeky, rollout (roll-out), replenished, rating, rakish, remarking, Rotten, Roxanne, rendered, realism, rogue, Rockyford's, ranchers, reheating, reheated, rectitude, roomy, relations, relinquishes, related, renal, rocks | reinvest, reaping, reap, responding, responds, rounded, reproducing, renounced, ruling, retrieved, relatives, rehiring, roaringly, rearranging, ranger, ruffling, rested, ripping, reignited, retinas, remainder, racket, repairs, reviewed, resowed || respecting, Rendition, Robbins, rum, regained, read, ripsnorting, retention, resolute, roadworthy, red-lipped, roominess, rugrats, resignedly, routine, resoling, resort, reasonable, revolves, represent, rightfully, rumored, rationed, Rhinestone, remake | romanticism, rigor, respice, refraining, resisting, reproves, reproduces, rendering, reminiscing, reassure, reich, reden, Roughneck, respond, referred, rah-rah, remark, rapscallions, route, redirect, rhapsodic, regardless, resulting, replications, rest-homes |800| reasonableness, reunions, refashioned, recycled, Russian, refresh, Riding, relevant, Ricci, Rachel, Randy's, rattle, rattling, rewrites, revolution, responsive, rental, remembrance, ruse, relate, rawness, riskiest, relying, redder, riskier | rebuff, repeated, rankle, rumbling, reducing, Reese, redneck, removal, rag, reviving, religiously, reenactment (re-enactment), relationships, rebuffed, revolutionary, recovering, rendition, rankling, ridicule, ratings, relentlessly, reliable, rightful, renewal, resulted || random, rancher's, refreshment, rat's, ragtag (rag-tag), rewarding, refresher, refreshments, ramble, retained, restored, remedial, rearrange, revealing, responsibilities, ruminated, Rises, reveals, Rimsky-Korsakov's, reserve, recognition, religiosity, rebuffing, Robinson, riddles | resorts, Rex, rapaciously, recite, resilience, rank-smelling, regrettable, review, regard, Rockmount, reddish, reversal, reconnoitering, romping, reappeared, rummy, reduction, rowdy, red-lines (redlines), reverses, randomly, releasing, resistant, raged, rageful |900| rotary, reassembled, rap, repaired, reconnect, resonant, ruining, restoring, replying, raison, reprimanding, receipt, restful, revoke, railway, resorting, regions, rave, riveting, ransom, rekindled, rumpled, ratchet, rear-end, roar | recordist/engineer (recordist-engineer), rambler, rendezvousing, Rockies, randier, repercussions, roiled, receive, reacts, relies, recently, recruited, rol, Routly, reverberating, revulsion, role, request, realm, rectified, regretting, rambled, results, relays || reprimand, rearranged, Range, revenge, realistic, rubric, Rottweiler, reversible

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: S
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S:  signal, soup, sex, stoic, sheep, stem, sure, shit, shut, stream, sitter, spuds, snug, socks, sad, Sage, sombreros, startle, support, spread, saddles, son, submarine, spit, shallow | stove, songs, semen, sore, sign, stand, sooty, stairs, supper, sarcastic, swear, shaving, service, Santaolalla, sinner, stick, SAC, stud, soda, sleepin' (sleeping), sights, September, suspenders, spooked, sugar || sorority, smarten, sated, snuggled, scrawny, streak, soporific, saddled, skinny-dipping, sister, sustain, slighted, shark, shame, stock, serendipitous, smells, sideburns, smidgin, swallow, salty, snoops, straight, serious, stub | smoking, straining, snowmen, señor (senor), Streets, Shen, surreal, sometimes, stompers, sacrosanct, sauce, shrine, slop-bucket, sulky, slipped, slicker, stripped, shooter, spoke, Spanish, smitten, suspect, sweater, skillet, sublimated |100| snow, short-lived, sorry, suspicious, solid, Sense, sawtooth, sulking, squeezing, sneaky, stuffed, sonofabitch, stomped, supermarket, skill, Steve, smoldering, situation, sweet, Stetson, spartan, scud, sophomore, sister-in-law, second | shape, snap, slicked, slip-sliding, survivors, syndrome, silence, shirt, spatula, sheepish, striped, scattered, slow, screenplay, slopping, saliva, somnolent, shovel, swapping, stubble, snapped, sour, scythe, shirts, shoot-em || sleep, saddle, slippery, Steamboat, s'alright, sweat, spats, smooches, suspended, stone, Strawberry, stuck, shady, snippy, stanched, striking, shivering, stimulated, scared, settled, sickly, shredded, simmering, snooze, sick | space, shrimp, storm, Sandy, sheet, scrapes, sylvan, sunrise, salacious, scalded, sprang, secrets, story, stinging, summer, steadiness, seconds, Secret, soap, slank, smoke, sheepherder, snakehole, struck, Sleepy |200| shoulders, supposed, supercilious, sweetness, snorting, short, Scott, spun, suffused, sheets, shelf, scrape, straits, scribbled, shattered, succumbed, sissies, state, stereotype-shattering, spent, sage, swerved, summers, squalling, stank | smokers, shudder, start, spitting, seized, smack, somewhere, see, satisfied, score, slithered, straight-and-narrow, since, stiffs, shelter, sense, squint, slot, stogies, sniff, south, screech, smart, shrink, shook, || sitting, shares, shadows, sticky, sandwiched, said, Stonewall, sweetheart, shows, some, starving, stamp, special, scene, sinker, stump, supple, sat, Siesta, sometime, stayed, straight-laced, straighten, spill, sized | stole, stampede, Sheridan, stolen, Steffen, stuffing, shared, shack, signed, shames, soulmate, separate, sparks, single, same, siren, steamy, silently, stumbles, straps, So, stymied, side, seat, standing |300| spilling, skating, strong, self-deprecating, strides, sinking, still, strapping, stepped, sink, sourly, small, spits, salt, strutting, scraping, silent, sobs, societal, stepfather, shaky, suppressed, shot, saving, sanctified | spurning, simply, stars, secret, stew, scrounge, shaking, sack, solitude, sassy, something (somethin'), squeeze, slightly, stubs, spat, school, slide, stacked, scrubbing, Signal, steps, spiritual, smooth, strikes, swim || spaceships, stink, stunk, straightened, Stephen, singing, smock, scratch, soapy, scraped, Strangers, shakes, secretly, skinny, Southern, selecting, Social, sharing, sloshed, spirits, stopped, surrounding, saxophonist, surprised, swing | swings, shards, sale, sizes, stirrup, sleeve, stitching, suits, stemming, stemmed, spying, scintillating, steel, shoulder, suspiciously, spend, satisfies, sexless, steely, swig, stops, scrimmage, settle, snowdrift, spiflicated |400| shakers, sashay, station, snowy, swiped, Skylark, submarines, Shipping, Scribner, smack-dab, surface, sleazy, shoot, smelled, suffusing, speed, spouse, spice, stale, square, source, shoots, smiling, somebody, shelves | spilled, shyness, stint, stake, sidewalk, steamed, stapler, supplies'll, saddling, sex-starved, steady, slept, salivation, squeezed, screwed, slick, stipulation, smoothness, succumb, seethes, sinning, saying, sinners, sealed, sledding || slacks, stylish, spurs, seriously, someone, secreted, sourness, smeared, slipshod, sort, serrated, spouses, skinny-dippers, sojourns, stuff, scratched, shaken, slaps, stoke, swathes, Starz, Saturday, stems, saltier, stubborn | shooed, silly, swallows, squiffy, sweeps, style, stoicism, sock, sphinx, stewed, sharpshooter, shoveling, seasonal, success, Streep, scandalous, sun, sticks, silver, slip, sharers, series, strapped, soulful, sight |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: S (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:03:43 pm
sheepishly, social, size-conscious, sedate, studly, sit, Sleep, swept, subtext, stirred, sauntered, smokes, siestas, See, sagebrush, scalp, straightens, slumped, snows, screen, Seebe, Spray, suspension, soul-stirring, stand-in | surprise, scented, swallowed, scaring, spread-eagled, slumbering, shutting, strings, soles, soused, staggering, swanky, staircase, stretched, sofa, saw, scraper, street, slam, sped, starved, servile, subside, supported, studied  || scenario, soaked, sported, scripted, snob, sentimentality, sentiment, strictly, sneaking, survives, stood, sentimental, say, stripes, sex-on-legs, seen, step, shuttled, supplies, simpered, shacking, sidelines, show, smiled, staring | squeezes, sultry, suffering, staid, sexual, stay, sopping, spinning, spicy, slams, stands, stress, stray, sexlessly, supports, sooner, spark, seal, swimming, stifle, shifted, shave, sweeping, strips, stinginess |600| surprise, sank, surname, slips, suggestion, spanking, spending (spendin'), seize, stemmers, squarely, sired, soupcon, stubbornly, suit, soothe, snowdrifts, stark, Saigon, Supreme, spoon, suggestive, smell, spot, shoved, soured | satisfy, stretching, separated, soundtrack, spoiled, scurrilous, snow-spitting, swimmingly, shipped, setting, sands, sky, spray, shoveled, successful, stone-faced, sexy, seductively, Skip, Serge, scent, Smith, Snowy, suggested, spotless || soothes, shopping, should, sneer, steered, strode, sags, sensible, straying, solidified, suggests, scares, she'd, she, simmered, sputtered, shabby, shocked, sender, says, seeing, six-cent, seasoned, slip-slid, strayed | solemn, shining, spare, soiled, stamped, swigged, simpleton, stench, salting, slowly, scruffy, sparkle, seemed, studlier, Sunday, smelliness, save, Saturday's, shofar, slotted, sneery, Stoutamire's, shouted, sailing, seven |700| sprains, secured, suspicions, stucco, slender, Sixties, Seventies, sleight, scrawniness, sustenance, Strew, Supervisor, saturnine, scurvy, Seattle, sheltering, silky, shortchanged (short-changed), sophisticated, share, stout, singular, son-in-law, slammed, stirring | slump, spendthrift, spender, sparked, sits, speedometer, stunned, stenographer, supporting, supportive, stepdaughters, siring, swaggering, Service, shadow, sliced, sluiced, sees, seedy, shuddering, smelling, stair, succor, slowness, slowed || smacked, Swofford, slid, sips, surroundings, seconds', spouts, sentences, sprinkled, sounds, shirking, steaminess, slimy, signals, shuffles, sot, singsongy (sing-songy), swill, swilled, strengthen, seethed, seething, scratches, shots, sipping | sip, sine, sunt, surely, soon-to-be, spooning, stratosphere, swiftly, sounded, sucking, shtik, shpilkes, shouldered, size, scotch, shifts, sass, spy, shiver, starve, startled, Salchows, swinging, stinking, segregated |800| stronger, screenplays, suicide, struggling, scenes, Shootout, songbook, Sobrenatural, struggles, subtlety, swipe, softly, simplicity, s'wonderful, scrubbed, silk, someday, scratching, string, southernmost, spooned, snazziest, strangest, sustained, sent | such, strife, switch, steam, sporatic, Sarah, shore, spraying, spectacular, scrolling, shipment, sedentary, shipments, surrender, student, she's, speak, slow-motion, split, sparkling, stories, showed, services, sweetly, sweeter || sweetest, stuntmen, scabbard, sufficient, stability, southeast, side-view, shoes, stained, stooped, stop, stuffs, set, slugged, sullen, stunt, satisfaction, Scarlett, Slavonica, Siesta's, semi, sprezzatura, stunning, starting, salad |  satisfying, somewhat, sunny, sizzling, senselessly, strength, spellbound, sanctuary, stutter, strikingly, swigs, subverts, starkers, slit, spurge, storyline, skulls, stone-deaf, struts, simplifying, subject, sweetened, Solanum, satiating, settling |900| salary, slop-bucket-mouthed, slabs, soil, simmer, seemingly, splayed, spring, swingy, sloshing, somehow, snowless, Stop, serving, scattershot, sleaze, scorching, shoddy, scene-stealing, stigma, scandal, swagger, socializing, sickened, sodomy | scatterbrained, sororities, stumped, skittish, simple, sickeningly, surface-level, sidled, sleaziness, substituting, Sylvain, succumbing, sorrier, skedaddled, sound, system, surfacing, society, smaller, socialize, sane, scofflaws, sheepishness, sway || scorned, sanguine, Sierra, sideways, snatch, smile, swung, shake
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: T
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:04:25 pm
T:  turkey, tractors, tongue, truck, tent, tourists, time, Thanksgiving, that's, Timmy, transmission, tablecloth, tipsy, toothbrush, train, trailer, Twist, town, travelin' (traveling), tears, Tetons, Texas, turkeys, tack, toboggan | them, toothpick, truth, teacher, thermos, turmoil, Thresher, thinker, Trash, tumbleweed, tantrum, Tremblay, tobogganing, trouts, T-shirts, tough, taboo, thousand, trucker, tell, turn, tattoo, tucking, taciturn, Thunderbird || tricycles, talks, tokes, toque, thank, tumescent, teenagers, team, thunder, Texans, tailgate, television, trouble, testicles, ten-gallon, tube, Tri, true, torn, tactless, thrilled, tree, twenty, thirteen, thirty-nine | tobacco, taller, tacky, tire, troubadour, Thine, transistor, taste, thrusting, Tammy, torrid, torque, tank, torture, trombone, tempo, tap, telephone, tumult, teeth, tragedy, Telluride, temple, Teddy, thing |100| trespassers, Taylor, tend, trick, trail, tension, tormented, taped, ten, Thompson, tenderly, truculent, table, there, their, twenty-fourth, turquoise, tiffs, twelve, theme, thanks, torso, tucks, tumultuous, the | twist, trigger, touched, together, transition, timid, thirty, talked, toilet, trailhead, two, triangle, trembled, tame, tidy, twine, toaster, Taiwan, trees, thru, twitched, ticker, things, temporary, trash || type, Troy, tasty, testes, turbulent, thanked, talkative, thrown, trollop, tete-a-tete, three, trips, trauma, trot, tempers, themselves, terror, toast, tight, touch-and-go, testosterone-driven, trysts, trade-off (tradeoff), tubby, truths | tomcatting, tiny, thought, tuck, triumphant, tremble, tremulous, thermal, treacherous, those, tabula, trek, tantamount, torqued, torch, trespassing, tomorrow, towel, trashed, timbre, teasippers, talk, trimmings, throat, teasing |200| thirst, thumbprints, trapped, think, truncated, through, totally, to, tenterhooks, twice, talented, thrived, tamer, timely, toll, tall, trophies, tranced, traumatized, tin, thumb, thwarted, top-grade, throw, titillating| tender, tribulations, this, typewriters, turned-on, try, tawny, technical, threshold, throughout, times, tarantism, tentative, tilted, timber, twisted, turned, trailers, twitches, testament, tremorous, tit-for-tat, tantalize, twitch, Trans, || threw, thrashing, tyranny, talent, tins, thousands, tongue-in-cheek, tie, tremendous, talking, they, than, traumatic, telling, tremendously, touch, tricks, telephones, thick, tune, topsy-turvy, thumbtack, tension-filled, tackle, tuned | taken, twenty-five, Taylor's, Twist's, tonight, toastier, tacks, talents, toasty, twisting, tacit, trout, Titanic, turn-on, toasted, thirteenth, twenty-four, trespass, tantalized, toothy, took, taping, toasts, toastable, tied |300| tag, tone, terrible, tableware, turkey's, trying, take, turkeys', thoroughly, tried, tainted, tackled, Thanksgivings, torrent, takes, too, treated, toppled, Thursday, taking (takin'), tools, threadbare, thorny, teapot, tips | Tammy's, toddles, tolerating, they're, tea, tables, toddler, Thursday's, toddling, trial, thicker, torrential, though, tires, tangled, titillate, titillated, that, tore, titillater, then, trucks, treating, twosome, tending || truism, tempestuous, toastiest, tasted, treble, tea-colored, truck's, triumph, taters, two-word, turns, traffic, task, terse, touches, tiresome, tango, thinkin' (thinking), toasters, tumblers, tinny, Tremblay's, toothless, trembles, toys | two-thirds, turnover, tray, tactful, triggers, tanned, tighten, toasting, these, touchy, testosterone, trombonist, tapped, toward, Tom, top, tossing, ticked, throws, tepid, tolerate, timeout (time-out), tighter, thunderous, truly |400| tossed, T-shirt, tightened, towards, tumbled, trials, tragic, Toronto, Trickle, travellers (travelers), thumbs, tummy, terribly, trembling, treading, tries, turning, tastier, tastes, tucked, temperature, tarnished, thin, timorous, tolerated | travel, total, trespassed, twosome's, tab, trophy, tosses, trucked, teeming, toughing, tough-talking, trip, tense, tired, touching, tentatively, tells, tenderness, titillation, tenderest, tenderfoot, tricky, treacly, titters, tuneful || tumble, tresses, truculently, twelfth, tentativeness, thieved, thankful, two-story, throwing, treat, tryster, trusty, tantalizing, tread, tackles, trespasses, trodden, track, tolerates, text, tourist, teaser, truest, trailblazers, trots | thoughtfully, tussle, toss, transportation, tease, troubled, turndown, talkativeness, trance, thugs, tenor, trade, temp, Tai-Chi, Tortilla, Tui, tethered, togetherness, thread, two-man, tra-la-la, travelled (traveled), transfixed, threads, traipsed |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: T (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:05:12 pm
teenager, Texan, tape, Texas-sized, TV (tv), trod, trekked, towns, tracking, theirs, tomorrows, troubles, toke, traditional, trio, tractor, threesome, truthiness, trucking (truckin'), trivia, tour, Technology, Three, tasteful, Trans-Canada | tempestuously, tangy, T-Bird, troubling, tuckered, thrills, tramped, tipplers, tanked,  temperamental, teetered, tastefully, trendy, tottery, territory, tolerant, tracks, tortures, trepidation, traveler (traveller), trained, Timmy's, thundercloud, two-mortgage, themes  || tenacity, transform, traded, talker, typewriter, Theatre, tendered, transgressions, tempting, teary-eyed, tortured, torment, told, temptation, trundled, trussed, till ('til), tripped, tan, thanking, tempted, tackling, truculence, treasured, tyrant | thoughtlessly, transcended, tickled, tersely, treatment, two-bit, trading, Trimble, terseness, tumbling, therapist, therapists, tribulation, tail, trait, treasure, terrify, teemed, tapping, triumphed, titivating, trademark, tugging, telephoned |600| territorially, two's, token, tolerable, trickle, threaten, tracked, trivial, tripping, tableful, teach, thieves, tutoring, thickening, taupe, touchdowns, taciturnity, treaty, twenty-first, treasures, transient, tremendousness, touchingly, tussled, trace | tearing, tagline, troublesome, Taupin, talkers, thoughts, tamping, two-child, treats, trickled, tacklers, travails, traipsing, travels, tinkering, tip, tubular, thrashed, Tonight, Tale, Travers, Take, title, thinks, tackiness || two-handed, Twists, thrust, tactics, throng, thirsty, time-consuming, trekking, Texas's (Texas'), townspeople, timepiece, toothful, thunderously, traipse, trashy, tensions, tricked, training, tingle, thick-set, twinge, tendency, third, tranquilizer, teased | three-fourths, three-quarters, tussles, trampled, terrified, transported, tup, teenaged, terrifies, thigh, thighs, Trimble's, tricking, twits, they'd, tuxedo, thumping, today, Tiger, tarnation, Times, touted, touting, Teton, Tyler |700| Tony, twofer, three-thousand-dollars-a-year, Travis, terrifying, tiptoe, tarted, trembler, tobogganed, Tench, tweaking, theatrical, trend, thou, timberline, tents, toppling, tonsils, touristed, tying (tyin'), termagant, turpitude, ten-mile, toes, titular | trades, trust, thirty-cent, telegraphed, terrific, trusting, two-year-old, terminated, termination, teaches, taught, triggering, trampling, twang, tangle, trimester, trotted, tactile, touchy-feely, touch-up (touchup), they've, tilt, transpired, tight-lipped, Thrupkaew || typecast, tap-dance, Tommy, tequila, timeliness, trooped, torments, tenants, tightens, tanking, temperament, target, 'twas, tolerance, touchdown, troublesomely, threats, tax, threatened, truncating, theft, trippingly, tenacious, toney, teetotalers | trappings, tempus, toto, temptingly, toothpicks, teenage, troublemakers, Terry, Turner, treeless, tokhes, trombenik, triggered, thin-sliced, talky, tongue-wrestling, tutor, trespasser, tiresomely, two-weeks', tear, tirade, temper, trachea, The |800| Taiwanese, tattered, Tivoli, Thatcher, Towers, Todd, Toth, texture, Timemaster, topless, toxic, tumbleweeds, tempts, truthful, time-honored, there's, tournaments, tramples, trunk, topmost, trickles, tones, toughest, tearier, tempest | toking, tiff, thine, tasteless, trashing, Therrien, totes, thirty-ought, triple-hinged, thicket, tormenting, tournament, tragedies, terms, threat, trampy, tongue-tied, twentieth, toeing, tested, tomatoes, ticket, touts, Tucker, transpires || Turan, transitions, treatments, timed, TLC, teems, Tienhoven, temporal, tightening, trains, Taupin's, tattooed, trumped, tattle, transcendence, turbulence, thunderclap, Touw, theories, tacked, trounced, thoughtful, trepidatious, threatening, teens | teases, toured, two-timing, toots, thirty-nine-year-old, trickster, they'll, tweaked, Tori, topped, testy, tripper, toughened, tizzy, traipses, This, thinly, titubated, toughen, thereto, tranquil, tongues, treaded, tops, transience |900| toggle, trash-talking, truelove, toiled, trisyllabic, tousled, testosterone-fueled, two-daughter, thingie (thingy), testing, thinkable, timing, tranquilized, tinfoil, thorn, tryst, technique, technicalities, trailblazer, Taiwan-born, temperaments, testosterone-powered, toed, tribute, twists | tangibly, transgression, treadmill, tonus, terrifically, traumatizing, targeting, tumbler, toe, trepidatiously, titillative, tangible, thirtyish, T-shirts', tightrope, tatas, tush, toothsome, traffickers, taps, trumpet, trudged, thumbing, thereby || tongue-lashing, tangling, Tetons', torquing, terrain, tinged, TESOL, telltale

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: U
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:05:59 pm
U:  up, unsatisfactory, untangle, undying, unconscious, undulating, unless, ubiquitous, undressed, Uncle, upchuck, unearthed, ugly, urgent, underwear, unhooked, upset, unawares, up-and-down, urinate, uh, upended, upstairs, unbuckled, undo | utopia, undivided, uninhibited, umbrage, union, unfulfilled, uncommonly, unmöglich, untidy, uncontrollably, usurp, underwater, Utah, umbrella, unbearable, universal, unauthorized, upper, unraveled, umpteen, ultimatum, udders, unlikable, unison, ummmm || Ursus, uncommon, understand, unqualified, upholstery, unbridled, useless, unfortunately, unsecured, unannounced, unzipped, united, uvula, uncivilly, Universal, ultraconservative, undid, utensil, under, unyielding, underachiever, underhanded, understated, undergrowth, urgency | urban, unbetrothed, ugsome, upbeat, unfinished, unflappable, uncut, unctuous, unity, undermined, untimely, unable, unorthodox, unusually, unreachable, useful, unromantic, University, unkempt, untold, uphill, unnumbered, unbuttoned, unequivocal, unpacked |100|  unfavorite, unbelievable, undershirts, United, up-and-comer, unscheduled, undemonstrative, uninterested, usual, using, unmistakable, uncomfortable, undone, Urquhardt, unholy, undoing, unsaid, uncomfortably, unsympathetic, unlock, unsayable, unacquainted, ultimate, urinates, unscrupulous | utter, unloved, unmercifully, urination, unscrews, unhook, unnoticed, urges, unassuming, umber, unbuckles, unloaded, until, undergarments, Urquhart, understands, urbane, unrelenting, uncouth, unshaven, undressing, USC, unanimous, usually, underneath || umbilicus, umpteenth, use, unequalled (unequaled), unpaid, unexpectedly, us, untoward, unlimited, undaunted, unflinching, unrequited, uncompromising, undeniable, unchaste, untucked, used, unknown, uncircumcised, unconsciousness, unguarded, utilitarian, uncharted, unsuccessfully, uncomplicated | usable (useable), ungulates, utterly, ulterior, unstoppable, unprepared, uppity, undulate, upcoming, unlike, unlikely, universality, uncertain, upon, understanding, upstage, unsuspected, unbuttoning, unrestrained, unaware, unpredictable, upside, unifying, unspeakable, undertow |200| unprecedented, underwent, unabashedly, unwitting, upstart, unique, uses, unleashing, unleashed, uproarious, unanswered, upside-down, unspoken, upsurge, unilateral, ultimately, understandable, uncrushed, unctuously, unleash, underestimated, ululation, unreceptive, undergone, uberman | unlocked, unexpected, undershirt, underage, ugliness, underpinnings, undertaker, unmistakably, uncommunicative, unpretentious, unadvisable, unmissable, unforgettable, unfamiliar, unabated, unguent, unconvincingly, unnatural, unruly, uniquely, unconventional, unifier, underwhelming, unquestioningly, understandably, || unleashes, undisciplined, upchucking, uncombed, unapologetically, unglued, urinary, usurper, unfaithfulness, upchucked, uptight, unveiled, up-and-coming, urethra, unappealing, underthings, uneasy, upstate, undertaking, ups, unborn, unfulfilling, untenable, uproar, unfold | unfolds, underlying, unpeggable, unalike, unwilling, unerringly, unambitious, untouchable, unit, untwisted, Unforgiven, utilize, undercurrent, unsavory, underhandedly, unrehearsed, undiluted, upsets, unbosomed, unshod, underscores, unfilmable, unturned, undertone, uncontested |300| uneasily, umbrageous, unhurried, uneaten, unpleasant, unforgotten, unbosoms, upsetting, untroubled, unbeknownst, unencumbered, uneasiness, unseen, underplay, uncomplimentary, unbosoming, unkindest, ubiquitousness, unused, unwillingly, unparalleled, untwist, urinative, uxorious, unwed | unspectacularly, Union, unconscionable, upwardly, untwisting, undoubtedly, unwatered, uglied, U.S.-based (US-based), unsatisfying, unbroken, U.S. (US), unease, uncredited, underpaid, unbosom, uptake, unbridles, unrobed, unbosomer, unbuttons, usefulness, unplanned, unwillingness, unavailable || unhinged, unlooked-for, unzapped, ugh, unsung, unmelodic, unimpressed, upward, undresses, unacceptable, uno, unseeing, underside, upends, University's, upper-crust, unidentified, understood, unsteady, uncouthly, upstanding, unmannerly, unabashed, uh-oh, ulna | utero, undermine, unintelligibility, undertook, underbelly, unmentionables, uniform, untied, underlings, uncle, unmarketable, unmusical, ubiety, up-and-up, unamused, unkind, unmarred, untwists, unexpectedness, uncomfortableness, underscored, upend, upsweep, uncooperative, unloading |400| unaccompanied, undeniably, urinal, unaired, unaccommodating, undecipherable, undersea, Using, upright, unforeseen, unhinges, unnerved, undisclosed, unassumingly, unsullied, undenied, unimagined, uncorked, unobstructed, unconcerned, unappetizingness, unappealingly, usualness, uncanny, utilized | unveil, unapproachable, unlocks, underdogs, unapologetic, unoxygenated, underhandedness, unveils, untrodden, unemployed, unsatisfactorily, unheard, uppermost, uprightly, unflinchingly, unarguably, unconditionally, undisguised, unassertively, unending, ulteriorly, uncomplainingly, unclear, unachievable, unscathed || unawareness, underdog, underdressed, undermines, unfriendliness, unutterable, unbending, unhesitatingly, uncouthness, uniqueness, unsure, unfished, unwind, undoable, unrelentingly, unimaginable, unload, unpalatable, urinating, unconsciously, universe, unavoidably, unhorsed, unobserved, unhorse | uncooked, unabashedness, unappreciated, unzip, unhappy, unlawfulness, underwhelmed, unusual, unknowingly, unaggressive, upped, upscale, unliveable (unlivable), Urbana-Champaign, Ulrich, unbeatable, unresolved, unfastened, unequivocally, upfront, unattached, unnerving, unbudgeable, unstinting, usability |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: U (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:06:39 pm
unheard-of, unanticipated, unfit, underway, unsteadied, unseemly, unquestionably, unavailability, unwritten, unbridling, unfettered, uninvited, unsmoked, unprotected, underestimates, un-American, ubiquitously, unsleeping, unaccepted, Upper, upstream, unarguable, utility, unremarkable, ultimacy | uninhibitedly, uplifting, unceremoniously, unsettling, undergoes, untrammeled, unfastening, upending, uncalled-for, unbarred, unwanted, ultramodern, underfoot, uncluttered, unsocial, upholstered, unaccustomed, umptieth, unsuited, unspecified, unendowed, upraised, unbelievably, unacknowledging, unvarnished  || unspeakably, unexplored, unencumbers, uncertainty, understatement, unsentimental, universally, unfasten, undress, underwhelm, uninviting, unsparing, unnamed, unruffled, upliftingly, underdone, underwhelms, unhooks, unaccounted, undercurrents, uncertainness, unpleasantness, unfazed, unfavorable, unmannered | unsportsmanlike, unsatisfied, unselfishly, underplays, unsolicited, undergo, uninterrupted, unwell, unfavorably, unsolved, unloads, unadulterated, untruthful, untarnished, unintended, unmoved, unbreakable, unconsolable, unbearably, unpromising, unnecessary, unbecoming, unrivaled, unwashed, unrewarded |600| unintentionally, undimmed, utopian, unbounded, unappreciative, unprincipled, unsuitable, ugly-looking, unpleasantly, undercooked, unwittingly, unvoiced, unsuspecting, underclothes, unsnapped, underdeveloped, untouched, unconstitutional, USSR (U.S.S.R.), unreal, unacceptably, unstrung, underplayed, unceremonious, unendurable | unsatiated, understating, undergoing, underscore, uncurbed, usage, uprighted, unloader, unpleasantry, unthinkable, uncertainly, unnecessarily, unresolvable, unpaved, unsuccessful, urge, urged, unseating, Ulrich's, unstringed, Uncensored, undergrad, unchanged, undesirable, untimeliness || unhealthy, urging, unburdened, unfriendly, unimpeded, upshot, uncorks, ultraviolent (ultra-violent), uneven, unintelligible, unfurled, unburdens, uniformly, unpopular, uncharacteristically, unread, unbelieving, unlearn, untraveled, undertakes, ungenerous, unaccountably, unrest, unshakable, unceremoniousness | unreliability, unready, understaffed, underwork, unhinge, uninformative, unattractive, upbraided, undulated, uppers, unhindered, unwelcome, unconsolably, unluckily, unhappily, unagreeably, unhappiness, uncountable, uncle's, unforgivable, Utah-Wyoming, unforgiving, unblemished, unprepossessing, unfailing |700| unmoneyed, untrustworthy, UPI, unbothered, UK, Underworld, USA, unclean, ultrafeminine, untended, Universal's, unbendable, unendingly, unmindfully, Utah's, unfitness, untented, unclothed, uxorial, upturn, underscoring, uncensored, unaffordable, urethral, unobtrusively | unaffected, unattainable, underprivileged, unresponsive, unbearableness, untrue, unravels, unhitched, utilizes, unyieldingness, unmanly, uttering, untiring, untangling, unchangeability, unmanliness, unnervingly, untasted, unnamable, unfounded, unrealized, unfairly, unfeigned, unwedded, unthawed || underrated, Untitled, Uma, unsuitability, unintentional, uneducated, unreasonable, uphold, uninformed, unhandy, unsympathetically, unspool, unmentioned, unquestioned, urine | undue, usus, ultra, unbuckling, unbuckle, untrained, uncontrollable, upwards, underlies, unwavering, umzist, umshteller, unlaundered, urinated, usefully, uttermost, utmost, undercut, upheld, unintellectual, undeterred, uplifted, unlucky, under-canvas |800| unfamiliarity, unconventionally, unproduced, um, urinator, undersell, unsurprisingly, Undercover, unrecognizable, undismayed, unprofessional, uglier, unpersuasive, unveiling, unduly, undefinable, un-Chinese (unChinese), undefined, ushered, unto, unwholesome, unlikeliest, unwisest, unwise, upsetter | unfakable, untamed, unrewarding, unavoidable, uglies, unplucked, unflatteringly, unworthy, untactful, undeserving, unnoticeable, undergarment, uncharitable, undesired, unchained, uncomplaining, unspeakableness, unearthing, unclad, urgently, unsentimentally, unreliable, unclothe, unassailable, uterus || ungrateful, unmentionable, underemployment, unlikelier, unwiped, ungodly, unattractively, unperturbed, undesirability, unclothing, undecided, undesirables, unemotional, unpolished, underfed, unafraid, unsettled, underoos, unhinging, undertake, unwary, undetermined, unwarranted, unrelated, unsteadily | utilizing, unfathomable, uncaps, undesignated, ungraceful, unbreathable, unbearable, unsafe, usages, unobtrusive, ultramodernistic, uneventful, underdress, unpleasantries, uncannily, uptick, unfeeling, unbrushed, undertaken, undamaged, uppityness, unknowable, uncaring, uncategorical, uncontainable |900| unaddressed, unarmed, unlovable, ungloved, unflattering, uncarpeted, unexplainable, uniting, underling, unseasonable, unethical, ugly-worded, unshaken, unvoluntarily, unfruitful, undertones, undies, untruth, unanimously, utilities, uncared, unreturned, upbraiding, underestimate, unchallenged | unworkable, unthinking, uncorking, uncork, undereducated, unforgivably, underdrawers, unchecked, ugliest, unharness, utopianism, unasked, usurped, underpaying, undeveloped, unfaithful, unhidden, umpire, usurpation, unseated, unzipping, untowardly, untraditional, unsuitably || upbraids, unalloyed, unexplained, upping, untruths, uniced, untangled, unresponding
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: V
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:07:16 pm
V:  As of Round 654, this letter is no longer in play.
virgin, vent, vigilant, ver' (very), verdure, verbose, voice, Vernerey, vibe, vestige, voyeur, vacillating, victim, vagina, verge, Victor, vulnerable, vegetables, visibly, vehicles, vast, vibrations, Versatile, vest, volunteered | violence, veins, Vancouver, victorious, vacation, Van, vegans, venison, verbiage, vertebrates, venetian, vomit, various, vamp, Venice, vicissitudes, vices, voracious, vested, Vegas, varmint (varment), Verve, vaquero, vacancy, vinyl || vague, virginity, velour, Ventres, virile, vittles, ventriloquist, voice-over, vamos, vicious, validated, voluble, volition, visitor, varied, voluptuous, view, vocal, vocals, vociferous, vulgar, volatile, valley, vivacity, Voice | vocalist, volumes, visceral, video, vigor, value, virtually, venal, vintage, vituperative, villain, violinist, vagaries, vainglorious, valuable, venomous, vernacular, version, vixenish, vouched, vermillion, vision, visit, visitation, vain |100| vocalists, variety, vice, vibration, visiting, vengeful, vivid, verisimilitude, vainly, vacuum-insulated, vistas, vitriolic, vigorous, venery, vanity, vexed, venous, valiant, vagabond, vessel, varnish, V-neck, via, vicinity, Vancheri | violent, verse, vilified, vexation, Valladolid, vixen, visits, volume, vas, vendors, Venezuela, vital, visceralgia, Varsity, vagarious, velocity, victimization, vexatious, Virginia, vaginal, vaccimulgence, visor, vertiginous, vertical, vestibule || versa, vehemently, vacuous, Vine, vesicle, versus, virgule, valor, vamoose, verify, vacillate, vacant, valued, vehicle, vacuum, veracity, Venezuelan, Vayda, vermin, vilify, vapid, victor, vertigo, valiantly, Valerie, | vivacious, vexing, variegated, V.O., vibrant, Vanderbilt, varicolored, vindictive, virago, verdant, vanquish, vows, violently, volcano, vacate, vocabulary, vehicular, vehement, vulnerability, viewpoint, veritas, veritable, void, viewing, vanished |200| vacations, variable, views, vocalizations, volatility, vastness, verification, verging, vendetta, visited, vogue, velvet, vivaciousness, vastly, violence-prone, voraciously, venerable, vouchsafement, vetoed, vociferated, vascular, vantage, vaunting, viable, vowels | values, virginal, vista, vex, vagueness, vaudeville, valuableness, victory, virulent, virtue, vortex, vanguard, viciously, vita, validity, voyeuristic, vacationing, visage, visually, veiled, virtuoso, verified, viewed, validation, valid, || viewy, vambraces, vomitus, voluminous, viability, vindicated, verbosity, viscously, violet, voices, venture, vamped, voting, vincible, Village, visitors, verifiable, vehemence, vanilla, veil, vacantly, vaunt, viewer, vis-a-vis, votes | visuals, vivaciously, vibes, Vera, venting, vacuousness, victories, valleys, vote, voters, versions, Void, vinegar, visionary, victims, veered, vented, Vidal, vermillioned (vermilioned), vino, variation, vampish, Voorhees, vowel, verdict |300| varieties, vents, vegetarian, vexatiously, velveteen, violet-hued, vindicative, vexes, vindication, vegging, valance, visible, vexedly, vengefully, valence, votive, valency, verbalized, variance, victoriously, vim, viewers, viewer's, vestiges, vocational | vegetable, vigilantes, virulence, Vacaville, vertically, veteran, ventured, vinegary, vainness, verbal, voted, virulently, Verena, voyage, voyages, visibility, vamps, VIP, Vue, vignette, vehemency, vaster, vacillation, virility, verity || virulency, vapors, vaporous, vacillator, vivace, veiling, victimized, vacated, veracious, vocalize, vacationers, venturesome, venturing, vehicle's, venue, vainglory, vacationer, vacuously, vertebrae, velvety, vigorously, verses, vignettes, violence-shunning, vary | violation, validness, Veronica, vending, valetudinarian, vests, valedictory, V-necked, vilification, vapidly, viewable, vocalizing, vocally, versed, vibrates, vibrating, vacillates, vastitude, vitally, voiced, vincibility, verbality, voiceless, volatileness, victuals |400| vulnerably, valiance, voiding, vacating, vagrant, vulnerableness, visualizing, Vermont, Vershire, viewless, verily, vile-smelling, volubly, vanish, ventilated, vaguely, veils, validate, ventilation, vitamins, vitamin, vitamin-packed, vitamin-rich, vanishing, veneer | variables, voicing, visual, valueless, verbally, vile, verdancy, vexatiousness, violating, vileness, viewpoints, violate, vagary, voicelessly, vocalized, ventures, vocation, viscerally, verisimilitudinous, vaguer, verisimilar, visibleness, veilless, vise, value-packed || valorous, vanquished, vied, vacillatory, viciousness, vilifies, vaunted, vagabondage, vestigious, vaguest, vatic, verbalizes, varying, vegetarians, verbalize, vilifying, vaguish, volubility, visitant, vessels, Viral, videos, viscera, vengeance, vacationed | verged, violated, validates, vulgarity, vacancies, vapidity, vacillated, verbosely, vérité (verite), Vicari, vault, vacuum-packed, voltage, versatility, Visa, Vitale, venereal, Vaux, veggies, voraciousness, vigilantly, voids, voided, vie, violates |500| vultures, venerated, vying, vigorousness, vanquisher, viewership, vulgarize, vacationland, vanishes, vitality, voicelessness, visitor's, vaticald, VW, van, Volkswagen, Volkswagen's, varies, VW's, viewers', Valley, Vance, versatileness, viscous, vituperatively | vibrated, virtuosity, vamping, vengefulness, venereous, venial, vividly, vocable, vrooming, vertiginously, variations, valanced, variably, vulgarly, valuables, volitionally, vacates, valuing, vacuity, vicarious, vulgarizing, vincibleness, vividness, vodka, Vermonter  || Veurink, vestigial, viewings, variability, vividity, verbs, verve, verbalizing, vampishly, vincibly, varnished, vexingly, vroomed, Vatican, vies, virtual, vaporizes, voider, visions, vulgarities, vier, verifies, volley, vicissitudinous, vein | voluntarily, voyaged, vandalism, vexedness, varmints, voluntary, value-minded, verboseness, vulgar-speaking, volunteers, value-priced, victimize, vitiates, vibrate, varnishing, veritably, Vice, veniality, vigil, visualized, veiledly, vale, visioning, variously, volunteer |600| volunteering, vitiating, veg, vociferously, veraciously, vagariously, vaulting, vile-speaking, viewsome, volcano-like, vice-ridden, vaunts, vauntingly, vest's, va-va-room, vice-filled, veers, Vivian, Valentina, visioned, venally, validating, violence-ridden, variegation, vanquishment | vanquishing, vintages, vetting, voluminosity, vile-talking, vulgarizes, vegetation, veer, venom-filled, veneered, velvets, vice-laden, vicissitude, voyaging, variableness, vicariously, vulpine, vermilion, Verona, von, Venetian, Valli, village, vocably, virgins || virus-filled, vixenly, voluptuously  (

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: W
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:08:11 pm
W:  whoreson, washboard, windy, Worland, wrangler, Williams, watch, wind, winks, Wyoming (Wyomin'), winter, whiskey, will, whoa, waiting, warsh, word, wings, wives, winning, waving, waitress, window, Wroe, water | want, wilderness, wanna, whip, week, weary, wedged, wallpaper, western, whitecaps, wannabe, wardrobe, wrong, whore, wrang, washing, weather, wheelbarrow, writhed, we, world, what, Willie, willy-nilly, woolies (woollies) || wonder, widening, welcome, whispering, wishful, woman, wine, while, Wolf, wedge, wend, wagon, wander, wire, whistled, wasted, walks, whimsical, wiseasses, weekend, wistful, Wainwright, worse, waist, wrist | witness, windows, wipe, wallowed, warning (warnin'), wristwatch, wreck, Walking, west, whittling, where, weed, wile, wear, walloped, wept, Wynette, worries, wanderlust, wish, wrestling, worn, wanton, wangle, wedding |100| wakes, white, wave, work, wiles, wintery, whopper, wicked, wheeze, Washington, Western, woebegone, warbled, wantonly, wavers, well-worn, widow, walk-up, women, watering, windshield, welled, waits, writer, worry | woodpile, wide-eyed, wide, waltz, white-green, wiggle, wild, wearisome, whole, wobbly, wise, way, wreathed, warm, wrenching, words, Wills, whittled, wordless, woolly, withering, wife, whirling, wrestled, windmill ||  wonderful, wrecks, wayward, woeful, wavy, waggled, Washakie, writers, whispers, wall, wonky, Wikipedia, weeds, Was, whom, Will, working-class, weekends, wet, weather-eyed, wo, well, won't, wrangling, wooden | wonderment, war, wrung, whirled, wacky, wealthy, waxed, wade, wrote, washcloth, wearing, wont, within, waste, who, wizened, worth, weight, welling, wall-to-wall, wilted, weapons, waf, Wind, westerlies |200| whoopee, what-can-we-do, walk, walls, western-style, wounds, wincing, wines, wiper, waylaid, winsome, ways, why, wasting (wastin'), wreckage, wads, what's, watches, Walden, warranted, wired, Wal-Mart, wastebasket, whammy, Winfrey-like | wheedled, wheels, wheel, warmed, withered, welcoming, wrinkles, wash, working, wherewithal, warm-up, whiled, wilder, Water-Walking, woke, wavelength, wills, wants, wrapping, wipes, weighty, woods, wardrobes, white-knuckled, whirlwind, || wow, whimpered, Wells', weeper, wigged, winced, worms, whiz, we're, Wonder, waspishly, William, whack, waggish, willful, whose, whisper, wished, willingness, would-be, wrapped, which, wool, written, wisecracks | winner, wrecking, whacked, whinny, whether, winners, wringing, wraps, warmed-over, won, whirl, wanted, well-lit, washout, wore, website, without, well-broken-in, wowing, was, wake, wallflower, Warner, wheatscape, willing |300| wondered, when, Wynette's, watching (watchin'), William's, wanting, washed, washing-up, wasn't, whipped, washrag, waves, wound, wrenched, willingly, walked, went, worm, wallcovering, waited, Washakies, Wisconsin, writing, wahoozey, website's | Wainwright's, withdrawn, wood, Wyoming's, wouldn't,, wordy, wrought, willfulness, wage, wiggling, watched, whining, with, wheeled, wandered, were, would, wastes, whet, worked, wheeling, waylaying, weren't, whetted || whine, whiff, wrongly, wordlessly, waters, wordiness, willfully, wickedly, washes, worded, warming, wears, wanders, whenever, wildlife, wife's, womenfolk, woman'll, whistle, whisker, wet-blanket, wary, warpath, witnessed, wavered | warily, wangled, windbreaker, works, whinnies, worn-out, washday, wrings, witnesses, worrying, watchband, Wings, woodwind, wriggling, wariness, wounded, Wroe's, waitresses, weathered, wistfully, watchful, wins, winces, weathering, waltzing |400| whimper, waylays, wrap-up, welfare, walking, Wiggins, warfare, Waterville, Wamsutter, warring, woken, wonders, wait, what're, welcomed, wondering, witnessing, washtub, whined, weighted, warms, wandering, whiskied (whiskeyed), welcomes, Whip | windowsill, workmates, well-favored, wager, whiskeys, worried, watchword, workday, willed, worship, wishing, well-being, whistling, warmheartedly, willpower, warm-blooded, wrought-up, warmly, wangling, whatever, warmness, winging, well-groomed, wedlock, wallet || wintry, wonderfully, wheedles, whips, wool-gathering, worthy, wields, weatherbeaten, woolies', watcher, wed, wanderers, wending, wormed, waster, warmer, worriedly, wanderings, warmed-up, wages, wilds, Wesley, weekly, weekday, week's | whiskery, wily, willies, well-to-do, whistles, washer, wakened, whereabouts, weather-beaten, wringer, whipcord, weights, worker, Woman, Wuxia, Wo, wiled, winked, warmth, wires, weariness, wanderer, wiling, weighed, woollen (woolen) |500|
Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: W (continued)
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:08:56 pm
whines, whiplash, wildly, well-off, weapon, wielding, Wyomingites, woo, whim-whams, whale, widened, worrisome, wishfulness, wades, watery, wading, worshipping, wrists, watercraft, Watts, Windtower, Westwinds, West, wealth, Wildlife | whipping, wildest, wolfed, worst, wonderland, whys, wherefores, wining, whopping, whoop, wrecked, wellspring, white-painted, wall-mounted, westerly, wing, wishbone, wretched, wry, workable, well-heeled, washdays, weatherproof, wends, wince  || write, wring, waxing, warshed, watered, Writers, winding, whetting, wet-hot, wishfully, well-intentioned, wasteful, whizzed, wiggled, wallflowers, wasters, well-rounded, wastethrift, wastefully, weakness, whiles, whooping, whizzing, weds, walloping | worrier, why's, wearily, wedded, wallop, Wolever, withdraw, workers, wherever, weak, weakening, wallops, worthless, workout, withheld, wuss, weeks, watered-down, whiling, whilst, waved, wiping, wispy, wriggled, wifely |600| waitress's, weakly, weddings, waned, windchill, wide-awake, wordage, wishy-washy, wastrels, wield, widowed, wholesome, win, waistline, wash-and-wear, whiskey-drinking, weekdays, Wilder's, Wimbledon, wholly, wrongful, wiring, wistfulness, withindoors, wolfing | wolves, widens, wooing, Warren, whyn't, where's, whitened, wickedness, wowed, whaled, winnable, whippersnappers, withhold, wanderingly, wileful, woefully, washroom, whitewashed, wristband, Walter, Whishaw, WAFCA, Wuthering, well-meaning, wishes || whisked, whatnot, wiggles, waffled, winery, whisks, wifeless, woozily, warned, woooeee, wrap, wreaths, wrath, wounding, withholds, whiskers, whitewall, whitewalls, wallowing, walkway, woozy, well-fixed. well-chosen, woodenly, wind-wing | weighing, whitewash, workaday, whupped, weakened, weaken, whoops, willows, whooped, workfellow, Wright, Watkin, withholding, weakens, weekdays', whiffed, wicker, whiffs, whiffing, Walk, well-intended, world's, walkout, wiped, worsened |700| Wendy, waterborne (water-borne), waffling, Wiley, wrench, well-placed, worthwhile, worldwide, wimp, wheaten, weightier, wended, watchfully, wherefore, Wuorinen, would've, worlds, warbles, well-mannered, warble, womanless, well-founded, wives', whistleable, wench | winnings, well-earned, withdrew, weighs, wedding'll, waffles, wheezing, word-for-word, well-bred, woes, whoring, wintered, widespread, woe, wimps, wimpish, whispery, wording, whodunit, welcomeness, well-aired, well-known, wedges || wangles, Walked, Williams' (Williams's), wolfs, waking, waltzed, waltzing, whiteness, warmest, withstand, wisecracking, whitewashes, washup, winnowed, wielded, weatherperson, wearisomeness, Willie's, well-cast, wishbones, waver, whiskey-sipping | wampum, whittle, wisdom, whiny (whiney), winking, wrenches, waltzes, wink, weather-bound, woulda, widely, wag, whitish, wisely, whupping, wearied, waywardness, wonk, wedge-heeled, waffle, well-grounded, wigging, well-aged, withstood, wind-bent |800| wisecrack, Wichita, Warhol, worldly, who's, Wonderland, Wild, Worth, wronged, wigs, waive, whispered, wham, wunderbar, wakens, wipers, whimpering, Wyomingite, weaknesses, westernmost, westmost, weakest, wisest, wider, wee | wrestle, wealthily, wits, Wendland, wanks, Wiebe, window-height, well-situated, wagered, wintertime, worriment, warm-ups, wilderment, waywardly, worshipped, willkommen, workings, whitens, witches', whiskey-fueled, writes, workmanship, womanly, wrack, womb || whoa-nelly, Wyoming-set, weeping, workweek, wrinkled, Wyoming-based, wig, withstands, Winfrey, whaling, Winfrey's, whence, well-timed, warbling, wobble, Westerns, wobbled, weaseled, wackiness, wetness, weaker, wasp, Wisniewski, wiggly, wetting | well-built, whimpers, waistband, workaholic, wows, well-stocked, wrestles, woefulness, worming, wisps, wheat, whiffy, wakening, watershed, wackos, wrestlers, woody, worsen, wacko, whippersnapper, whites, whatchamacallit, wordlessness, win-win, whiskey-slurping |900| wholehearted, wake-up, weigh, whiskey-soaked (whisky-soaked), warped, wannabes, woodcarving, winged, weenie, workload, wedging, wrinkling, workdays, well-thought-out, well-grown, whores, when's, whim, wishlist, wimpy, wobbles, wobbling, wisecracked, wordplay, Wall | weird, weirdly, Whitney, whereas, withstanding, warranty, windbeaten (wind-beaten), wisp, wondrous, waitressed, whittles, windblown, widower, whiskyfied, well-fed, well-informed, well-meant, west's, wapiti, whimsically, weep, wonks, weasel, wit || write-off, wiser, wrongdoing, whistleblower, wasabi, windburn, Wise, wondersome

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: X
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:09:30 pm
X:  As of Round 654, this letter is no longer in play.
xcuses, xhaled, xtricate, x-wife, xtra, x-husband, xertion, xhilaration, xcited, xtras, Xmas, Xtians, xtraordinary, x, xpressing, xcept, xtreme, xcommunicated, xtremely, xiphoid, X, xclusive, xcitement, xerotripsis, xcellent | X-rated, xplicit, xpected, xposed, xplain, xpands, xpired, xhibition, xhume, xanthodont, xpenses, xile, xeric, xperience, xtrovert, xcused, xamination, xpectorating, xtemporaneous, xactly, xpensive, xtinguished, xpunge, xternally, xact || xterior, xplosion, xplore, xercise, xenophonia, xtended, xist, xcruciating, xorcise, xplode, xperiment, xplanation, xpediency, xpectations, xtrapolated, xistential, Xotic, xtracurricular, xpenditure, xpropriate, xpansive, xpression, xplorations, Xanthippe, xudes | xpert, xtent, xasperated, xtension, xplosive, xpeditious, xecutive, xanthic, xonerated, xponent, xhausted, xuberant, xenoepist, xcess, xcrement, xamine, xtraordinarily, xpound, xiguous, xigent, xacerbate, xacerbated, xploratory, Xerxes, xtravagated |100| xclude, xamples, xploit, xpect, xpansion, x-daughter-in-law, x-boyfriend, xpects, xtraction, xits, xpanding, xenia, Xact, xtraneous, xcision, xhausting, xpletive, xhaustion, xciting, xcursion, xtramarital, xtinct, Xpress-News, xpressed, xpressions | xchanged, xtol, xtroverted, xpo, xaggerated, xamines, xhales, xpectantly, Xinhua, xerophilous, xpecting, xit, xplaining, xcites, xpand, xecution, xtrapolation, xiled, xalted, xquisitely, xistence, xasperating, xploding, xplained, xhaling || xplosiveness, xpend, xplored, xosphere, xplores, xcerpt, xcerpts, x-girlfriend, xtraterrestrial, xcavated, xtinguish, xhaustive, xploration, xtravagant, xculpate,  xceptional, xists, xcoriated, Xpanded, xclave, xpending, xacting, xpletives, xclamation, xcise | xfoliate, xclaimed, xhumed, xulted, xtenuating, xtant, xanthocomic, xenogenesis, xquisite, xpatriot, xception, xcuser, xperimental, xpiate, xcitable, xtensive, xercises, xpress, xhibit, xecrable, xisted, xpanded, xemplified, xemplary, xponentially |200| xceedingly, xegesis, xtemporaneously, xecutive-produced, xpertness, xcursions, xpertly, Xanadu, xpendable, xemplify, xhilarating, xploring, xplains, xcelled, xpelliarmus, xempt, xaminations, xpectation, xoteric, xonerating, xtroverts, xcitability, xtensions, xhiphisternum, xample | xpunged, xegeses, xclusively, xiting, xerophily, xerophytes, xpurgated, xacted, xposing, xceeds, xplorer, xtremes, xcuse, xorbitant, xcusing, xpectancy, xude, xcusatory, xylanthrax, xcrete, xquisiteness, xceed, xcessive, xcessively, xpounds, || xpulsion, xiles, xcreta, xcessiveness, xploded, xceeded, xcursionary, x-sister-in-law, xtensively, xigencies, xpectorated, xhibited, xited, XXX, xpedition, xtricated, xtremities, xpresses, xamining, xplicitly, xpeditiousness, xchange, xcretion, xpectorate, xecrableness | xorcist, xcretable, xt, xpectedly, xcusable, xtolling, xecrably, xclaim, xecration, xcising, xuberance, xtolled, xisting, xpectant, xcised, X., xecrating, xtra-special, xecrated, xanthous, xcel, xecrator, xoskeleton, xcels, xcellently |300| xercised, xcoriate, xecratee, xasperate, xecrates, xcoriates, xcorciating, xcoriator, xcoriation, xfoliating, xclaiming, xcoriator's, xtracted, xceptionally, xampled, xalts, xtra-nasty, xecrative, x-husband's, x-wife's, xecrate, xpertise, xclaims, xasperates, Xeter | xamined, xpletively, xtrapolating, xpurgation, xtricating, xulting, xuberantly, xchanging, xtremity, xpectorates, xalting, xultation, xalt, xiling, xtravaganza, xplanations, xhibiting, xultancy, xpounding, xpedient, xhibitionistic, xorcism, xpeditiously, xcellence, xpensively || xhort, xhale, xtremeness, xhibits, xultance, xercising, xculpated, xaggerates, xcerption, xhaust, xcogitated, xpressly, xpense, xtends, xperiences, xcogitates, xperienced, xperimentally, xtralegal, xtroversion, xpurgate, xplosively, xplosives, xasperatingly, xhibitive | x-boyfriend's, xerted, xacerbates, xpelled, xpensiveness, xudation, xtremism, xceptions, xtirpates, xtrapolate, xpressiveness, xcitant, xtending, xhorted, xperts, xistentialism, xhalation, xclamatory, xplodes, xpressive, xpressively, xhorts, xacerbating, x-girlfriend's |400| xperiencing, xtricates, xcretory, xplanatory, xaugural, xposure, xceeding, x-con, x-husbands, xpose, xposes, xculpates, xerting, xtenuation, xpletive-laden, xuberancy, xert, xcogitation, x-boss, xtinguishes, xpel, xhilarated, x-boss's, xploits, xtra-nice | xacerbation, xpanse, xchanges, xtras', xpresser, xhalations, xpelling, xtents, xpended, xcluding, xiguously, xteriors, xtend, xplicitness, xuded, xcludes, xtenuate, xuding, xtract, xperimentation, xploited, xenterated, xtinguishing, xerts, xclusion || xpenditures, xultingly, xpends, xacts, xpounded, xcepting, xaggerate, xclusivity, xclamations, xertive, xpeditions, xtremis, xasperation, xecute, xpedite, xecuted, xpiration, xhausts, xpels, x-employer's, Xandir, Xandir's, xpedited, xecuting, xcitedly | xpressionless, xpectoration, x-employees, x-employee, xpedites, x-lover, xpeditionary, xaggerating, xclusiveness, Xcellency, X-acto, x-employee's, xhibitionistically, Xiyàn (Xiyan), Xiao, X-Men, xternal, xculpation, xternalize, xternalized, xclusionary, xponential, xpectable, xpectance, xtensiveness |500| x-employees', xtemporize, xplanatorily, xtra-large, xplanatively, xtempore, xcruciatingly, xpansiveness, xactness, xcitement's, xcluded, xpellers, xtra-close, xcelling, xperimented, xcisable, xcises, xiguousness, xpediting, xotic, xcursionist, xactitude, xecutives, xploiting, XXL | xceptionalism, x-rodeo, xcitation, xecratives, xpiry, xplainable, xplainer, x-virgin, xhibitor, xacerbative, xanimate, xtoll, xteriorly, xoterically, xplosivity, xecutes, xacerrating, xpatiated, xpectably, xtramaritally, xcrescence, x-sheepherders, xactingly, xtraneously, xcogitating  || xaction, xpressivity, xpensing, xtra-fine, x-law, xemplifies, xtracting, xpletive-laced, xtra-careful, xhortations, xhorting, xpletive-filled, xpressway, xpectorations, x-son-in-law, x-wives, xtra-bold, xtra-rude, x-Neiman, xcitably, xpediently, xsected, x-steady, xasperater | xternalization, xcogitative, xpiation, xculpable, xplicate, xpiring, xcusableness, xpire, xploitable, xecutor, xasperatedly, xpectedness, xult, xults, xigency, xinanition, xinanite, x-lover's, xtinguishable, xtinguishment, xemplification, xfoliated, xemplifying, xemplar, xcisions |600| xpiated, xpiates, xtra-tense, xtra-hurtful, xtravagance, xtra-irritating, xtravagances, xtra-ugly, xtracurriculars, xtra-wimpy, xpletory, xponents, xsuccous, xpandable, xcalceation, x-boyfriends, xtravagantly, xplicable, XXIII, xplicably, xemplars, x-Farm, x-Wyomingite, xtra-passionate, xtra-tasty | xtra-satisfying, xpires, xtra-handsome, xpatriate, xpressers, xtra-vulgar, xtra-clumsy, xtra-happy, xtra-fond, xtra-needy, xclusivism, xtra-comfy, xhaustibly, xhaustingly, xpansively, xtra-flirtatious, xinanited, xtra-angry, xtra-talented, x-girlfriends, xperiential, xtra-sexy, xaminer's, xtra-cautious, x-spouse || xtra-cranky, xperiments, xtra-bouncy  (

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: Y
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:10:08 pm
Y:  As of Round 362, this letter is no longer in play.
you, yeanling, youths, your, years, yellow, yearlings, yarn, yawn, young, yee-haw, yU, younger, yes, yeah, Yaremko, Yorker, yell, yard, yin, yonder, yang, Yeager, year, yearning | yelling, yield, yanked, yesterday, yummy, yelping, yips, yucky, Y, yellowing, yabbering, York, youngster, Yuletide, youngsters, yak, yoke, yet, yammerin' (yammering), you're, yore, you'll, yearned, yours, yearly,|| yenta, yokel, youthful, yes-man, yourself, yesteryear, youngest, yap, yare, yahoos, yielding, yeasty, you'd, yen, youngling, yakety-yak, yelp, yolks, yellowish, yapper, yellow-dog, yikes, yammerer, youth, yellow-bellied | yammered, year's, yearn, yells, youngest-born, yo-yoed, yawing, yelled, year-round, yipped, yawning, yaw, yup, yowled, Yellowstone, yowl, yobbo, yokefellows, yokels, Yule, yipping, yclept, yardstick, yelped, yowies |100| yielder, YOB, yep, you've, yakking, yellowed, yawned, yesternight, yanking, youthfulness, yukking, yields, Yahoo, yawp, youthfully, youngness, yeoman, yarling, yip, younkers, yanquis, Yorkers, Yorktown, yank, yapping | ye, Young, yellow-belly, yatter, yatters,, Yuma, yellow-bellies, yond, yards, yearns, Yankee, Yale, Yuan, yawner, younglings, yummier, yaniboy, yoked, yeanlings, Youngstown, yippee, yer, Yuba-Sutter, yakked || Yonkers, yot, Yanni, youngish, Yen, York-born, Yokoi, Yunnan, yowling, yummiest, yerba, yanks, yearningly, yack, yawns, yum, York-based, Yorker's, Yimou, yaps, Yek, year-end, Yellowknife, Your, Yeager's | yielded, yammer, Yang, ya, Y., Yakima, yellow-haired, yeast, yolk, yon, yauld, Young's, young-bearing, yacking, yacked, yokelish, YouTube, yuppies, yawned-at, yabber, yolky, yerked, yoga, yo-yo (yoyo), yuppified |200| yammers, yearnings, yokes, yeti, yippee-ti-yi-yo, younker, yeoman's, yattering, yadda, yesterday's, yo, yob, youthhood, yarely, yourselves, youthy, yipe, y'all, yuck, yesterdays, yacker, yieldingly, yellow-toothed, young-at-heart, young'uns | yuppie, yieldless, yearlong, Yano, yapped, yoking, young'un, yo-yos, yo-yoing, Yingtai, yessed, yessing, Yun, yin-yang, yend, yearned-for, yelps, yous, yelper, Yogi, yardage, yipes, Yun-ping, yarns, yeses, || yokefellow, yearner, years-long, yellowest, yellower, yeomen's, Y-axis, yardbird, yerk, yakker, yardsticks, yellows,, YMCA, yawper, yielders, yay, yanker, yahooism, yuckier, yellowness, yea-sayer (yeasayer), yuckiest, yauldness, Yoshino's | yes'm, yellowy, yucking, yucks, yellow-peeled, youthsome, Yarmouth, yarned, yerks, yessiree, yes-or-no, yoo-hoo (yoohoo), yellow-colored, Yorkville, Yoshino, yerking, yesterdays', Yearbook, youngsters', Yuba, yuppier, Yorkville's, yellow-tinged, yellow-dyed, yellow-hued |300| yellowly, young-begetting, y'know, yearningness, Yorba, year-after-year, yuppie's, yeomanly, year-in, year-out, yacky, Yehey, year-around, years', yeller, yellow-capped, Yukon, yellow-topped, yenned, yenning, yellow-jacketed, yodels, Yellville, You, yellow-bleached | Yellowstone's, yock, yogurt, Yalof, youths', Yi, Yi's, Yu, yoo-hooing, You's, young'uns', Yatego, yocks, youth's, yocking, yurts, yearners, young-blooded, Yatego's, youngster's, yumminess, Yoko, Yarmouth's, youthful-looking, Yoko's || young-spirited, yuckiness, yoni, yucky-looking, yappingly, youth-sized, yawed, yodeling, young-bodied, yowls, yens  ( [yee-haws 628]

Title: Re: "ABCs of BBM" Words Played: Z
Post by: Fran on June 26, 2009, 03:10:44 pm
Z:  As of Round 362, this letter is no longer in play.
zephyr, zeros (zeroes), Zippo, Zoo, Zilka, zonked, Zen, zenith, Z28, zeal, zoogenic, Zimmerman, zip, zest, zeitgeist, Zarvos, zilch, zone, zinc, zapped, zippers, zzzzz's, zany, zooms, zigzag | zipper, zing, zipped, zealot, zingy, zingers, zygotes, zooming, zookeepers, zeroed, zygomatic, zealousness, zoomed, zoophagous, zinger, Zealand, Zack, Zurich, Zaragoza, zestfully, zamarra, zombie, Zolaism, zoned, zestful || zigzagged, zillion, zigs, Zolten, zaftig, zoetropic, zags, zigzagging, zootonic, zed, zip-coded, zanyisms, zero-sum, ZIP, zapatos, zippy, zaniest, zipless, Z, zap, zealous, Z-Bar, zanily, zootrophic, zoilism | zebra-like, zymosis, zeugmatic, zodiacal, zoom, zatetic, zoomorphic, zealotry, zillions, Zain, Zane, zappy, zombified, zestiest, zestier, zonal, zestless, zingiest, zoophilic, zapping, zanier, zymase, zee-shaped, zesty, zipping |100| zippered, zipped-up, zag, Zebulon, zombielike, zuche, zazzy, zygotene, zestfulness. zooty, zested, zizz, zowie, zizzed, zonked-out, zizzes, zizzing, zizzer, Zig, zygomata, zero, zoolatry, zootechnics, zestily, zinged | zeroing, zinging, zones, zenithal, Zhang, zings, Zihi, Zambia, Zertinet, Zealanders, ZPG, zurramato, [email protected], Zia, Zhou, zib,, zakila, Zweibund, Zhoumuo, zippier, Zacharek, zippiest, Zilka's, Zaglia || zoning, Zacharek's, Z28's, Zeke, zonking, Zemblan, zodiac, zoic, Z., Zarvos', Zoeller, Zanuck, zapato, Zola, Zach, Zurich's, zigzagger, zero-tolerance, Zachary, zips, Zion, zacate, zipper's, zigged, zigzaggers | zoetrope, zagged, zoonoses, ZDNet, zigzags, zealously, zonated, zip-coding, zoo, ZoomInfo, zigging, zoophilous, zigzaggy, zippering, zeroth, zealotism, Zinfandel, zonation, zip-fly, zig, zit,, zoological, zaps, zip-flies, |200| zagging, Zhang's, ZippyVideos, zephyr-swept, zum, Zellman, zephyr-fanned, Zhivago's, Zidane, Zoo's, Zero, Zaniah, Zinedine, zoology, zincous, Zahn, zoophilia, zeppelin, zoographic, Ziegler, Zamnet, Zen-emulating, Zahn's, zygotic, zampogna | Zhen, zippity-do-da,, ZNBC, Zen-lik, zoopathology, zoophilism, Zkrocená, zoonosis, zoon, Zara, Zappa, zealed, zoophoric, Zant, zealless, zoonotic, zighyr, zigzaggedly, zigzagwise, zeitgeist-capturing, zigzaggery, zigzaggedness, zealful, zealant, || zoophilist, 'zine (zine), zoogamy, Zadan, zebra, zootomy, zealants, Zoe, Zelig-like, Zeit, Zee, zoophily, Zeit's, zloty, zippily, zeydeh,, zigzaggeries, zippiness, zoogamic,, Zodiac, Zadan's, zaniness, Zhong | zoographical, zeal-driven, Zealand's, Zazzle, zither, zelophobia, Zimmermann, zest-driven, zounds, zeitgeist-inspiring, Zaire, Ziyi,, Zanzibar, 'zine's (zine's), zootomists,,, zootechny, Zaman, Zimmerman's, zanyism, zelophobic, zeallessly, Zeitung |300| zlotys, zingier, zazziest, zazzier, Zane's, Zhivago, Zolaistic, Zolaesque (zolaesque), Zaglia's, Zeitgeuge, Zerbisias, zip-fastener, Zeek, Zan, Zizek, zootomist, Zantales, Zillion, Zone, Zachariah, Zulu, zero's, zanyish, zelophobically, zoophobia | Zimmer, zeros' (zeroes'), zanies, zappiest, Zehner, Zenger's, zootomical, Zeitzeuge, zappier, zipperless, Zehner's, zoography, zonks, Zander, zootomies, zodiac's, Zerbisias', Z-Score, zootomic, zephyrous, Zama, Zumber, zip-fasteners, Zimmermann's, zoologically || Z28-driving, zonk, zapper, zealots, zippered-up, zootomically, zoographically, zazzers, zippered-down, zipperings, zinger's  ( [zonally 628]

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