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Happy Birthday Phillip!

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I just noticed that today's Phillip's birthday.  Happy birthday!

Thanks for all your wonderful work on BetterMost!

And 39, that's an important number in Brokeback mountain, isn't it? ;)

Happy Birthday, Phillip!  I hope you have a WONDERFUL day full love love and happiness. :laugh:


PS Thanks again, Phillip, for starting this site and bringing us together.

Happy Birthday Phil babe. I'll post this again on this forum...just for you Phil:

(oh my jake, something terribly wrong happened with that pic, it switched from a pic of a penis-cake to a napoleon dynamite pic..weird, well I think i fixed it:)


Happy Birthday from me too, Phillip!
Thank you for all you do.  I love BetterMost!  The chatroom and the addition of the Upcoming Events calendar are both excellent.


And from me Phillip.  Thankyou once again for all your hard work and constant consideration.  Ray

And remember, VOTE FOR PEDRO!


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