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How Many Marbles Are In The Mason Jar? **ANSWER POSTED!!!**

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David In Indy:
The container is a glass mason canning jar, approximately 5 inches tall (13 cm) and 3 inches in diameter (7-8 cm).

The marbles are typical sized glass aggies, about 1/3 inch in diameter (10 mm).

The jar is filled completely to the top with the marbles.  :)

I found this jar of marbles over at my Dad's house a couple of weeks ago and took a picture of it.

How many marbles do you think is in the mason jar?

I will post the answer in one week!  :D


         Well now we are getting down to it.  Just straight out guessing for fun...I like those ideas.  I have always wondered how close i was on those contests.  So I guess I will get to find out this time.  heheh
                         Good one David... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

           I guessed 86 too

David In Indy:
Thanks Janice!!  :D

How many do you think are in there?

In addition to voting, you all can post your answers!

I'll give you all a hint: there's more than 20 marbles in the jar, and less than 200!  ::)

 ;)  ;)

Does that help??  :D

Awww....you're so generous with the hints. I guess-timated 86!

Our local mall had an SUV filled with plastic water bottles and whoever guessed the closest won the vehicle. I guessed, but didn't win---it was a nice prize tho.


                Man I might have snuck in and tried to count them suckers at night for that prize.   teehee

                       David you are pretty sharp here ,,,just be careful......wait for it...try not to  lose your

                  Janice ducks and runs for the next thread


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