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How Many Marbles Are In The Mason Jar? **ANSWER POSTED!!!**

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ok ok

I like you...

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even if you ARE trying to make a move on my men...

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Hey! I won!  Well me and Lee

I can just hear Jess now hehehe  That's OK Jess and have fun  :-* 

I'll be back on the road Wednesday

Wonderful thread!

[email protected]:
The jar is filled with about 0.52 liters of marbles.  The marbles, "aggies," are about 11/16 inches in diameter, or about 0.34 inches in RADIUS (not diameter, as stated).  This gives the marbles a volume of about 2.8 cc's each.

The ratio of marbles to air looks to be about 0.58 to 0.42.  So, I am going to guess that there are:

(520)(0.58)/(2.8) = 107 marbles

How'd I do?


--- Quote from: David In Indy on July 08, 2007, 01:09:03 am ---Ready for the answer??  :D
There are......

............ 114 marbles in the canning jar!!  :D

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You were only 7 marbles off. . .pretty good!


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