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Phillip Dampier:
How We Live is a forum that continues to fulfill our second year objective of deepening and expanding our sense of community.  This is the place to start threads about life issues you may be facing, and to invite other BetterMost residents to join in with their experiences, hopes, and perspectives on the topic.

Some of the ideas for threads being kicked around which help define what this forum is all about:

Coping with Aging or Ill Parents.
Personal goals....Tell us yours and tell us your progress!
Parenting in Today's Climate
Tribute Thread for Those You Have Lost
Recipes and Meal Planning
Finding a new job
What are your passions?  How do you make time for them?
What does a balanced day look like for you?
Travel and Holidays
Saving money
Bicycling for transportation

As you can see, we're planning for a wide range of serious, light, practical, and inspiring discussions to take place here. 

This fresh, new forum has fresh, new mods - long-time, committed BetterMostians, Kelda and Snavel del Snuit.  We are delighted to have these two European moderators broaden our team!  They will be introducing themselves soon, and sharing their vision for the How We Live forum. 

David In Indy:
:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

You both will make excellent moderators!!!   :D

WELCOME EVERYBODY to the new How We Live forum!!!

Kelda and I are very excited about moderating this new forum! As Philip mentioned in his post, there are already a lot of ideas for this particular forum and we will start creating threads for that. But also feel free to post anything you feel fits in this forum!


Hi all!

Welcome to the new How We Live forum!
Please feel free to start a new thread about anything that is related to your daily life! Do you have questions or issues about anything that you have to deal with in daily life, please feel free to start a thread! It would be great if in this forum we can exchange tips to make things in everyday life easier!

For instance, personal goals, parenting, travel tips, finding a new job, money-saving tips, etc. We have many more ideas and will just start posting new threads, so please join in!

Greetings from the How We Live forum mods, Kelda and Melissa

Mel and Kel,

That is such a beautiful photo of the two of you!  :)  I'm excited about this forum, and about you modding it!  :)  I'll start some thread soon, no doubt.



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