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[Important Tip!] How to Reply to E-Mailed PM Notifications
« on: August 26, 2007, 11:32:38 pm »
If you have your preferences set to be notified in e-mail whenever a PM (private message) arrives in your box, then chances are you've received an e-mail from Bettermost (or [email protected]) that contains the notification of the PM, the text of the PM, and a link to reply to it.

On occasion, residents are hitting reply on the e-mail message itself to respond to the PM.  Unfortunately, the e-mail notification system is not compatible with the PM system here on BetterMost, so when you just hit the reply button, you are actually replying to [email protected]

Now Apache is a friendly Native American here in the mountain west, but in fact he has no clue what to do with your messages, so they just get bounced into a "undeliverable mail" folder.

Well, actually "apache" is an automated process, not a person at all.  But the results are the same - the message you think you are replying to isn't actually going anywhere, so if you wonder why you aren't getting a reply back, that would explain it.

To reply to a PM you've been notified about in e-mail, find the link at the very bottom of the e-mail message.  Click it and you'll be taken to the PM system here on BetterMost and then you can reply there and your message will get through.

My hope is that a future software version will allow direct e-mail-to-e-mail communications so this doesn't happen anymore, but for now, just remember never to hit the reply key to respond to a PM you are getting notified about in your e-mail box.  Use the reply link at the bottom of the e-mail instead!
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