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Dealing with Stress and Stress-Relief Tips

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Brown Eyes:
Hey Friends,

So, I'm starting this topic really to ask advice about how to relieve stress.  Lately, I've really felt a lot of stress at work to the point where I found my self crying (a tiny bit) in my office at work the other day (over nothing really... so I think it was largely a stress reaction).

Besides hanging out and having good times on BetterMost and/or watching BBM and/or reading fanfic, etc. all of which I employ often as stress-relief strategies...  ;D

What do you all recommend in terms of dealing with daily stress?

Actually, seriously, I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time logged on to BetterMost at work lately too, which is wonderful for my Brokie-self, but I recognize it too as being a sign of stress at work.


This is a great topic and I'm so glad you brought it up! But, where to begin!?!?!?

I guess something to recognize at first is that stress is omnipresent in our lives. We are hardly better than animals when it comes to the amount of stress we endure.

But, there is hope! You're right that BetterMost is a great stress reliever! And another thing...be good to yourself. Love yourself. You must not let that little voice in your head gain the upper hand. You know the voice I mean? yes, I think everyone does. The critical parent voice. The sooner you get rid of it, the better off you'll be!


        Aww Amanda, I am so sorry you have been feeling down lately.  We all have those times
for whatever reasons.  Life is full of stress, and some lives more than others.
        I can tell you what i have learned to do that helps me, dont know if it will work for you,
but it will be worth a try.
        I dont know if you know but i used to play pool in tournaments a lot..locally and nationally.
I have also played a lot of Poker, and you have to deal with stess without showing it ...as per a
poker face.  But I digress.  The reason why we usually have the feelings that we recognize as stress
related. Is  because we get into the fight or flight response...the protective mode.  We freeze up
like we are holding our breath to not be detected...Our adreneline is raised, and we start to tense up..We get shakey and weak from lack of oxygen.  That makes us more afraid...The cycle heightens.
        Then when we finally start to calm down and relax our adreneline drops making us feel sad and overwrought.  Thus the tears...now those are the common reasons for the feelings, now there is
a relatively simple routine to help with all of that...not every time, but most of the tme, and somewhat nearly every time...That is to breathe...long and slow deep enriching breaths...through your mouth....breathe in and hold it for the count of five, exhale every last ounce of air you can again thru your mouth.  then do it all again.. ten times minimum, and more if needed...however usually you will find ten will do the job...
         I am not a doctor, but I have used this method successfully and have taught it to a lot of others as well.
         And may I also recommend the "Inner Book of Tennis"  or other like books they have
some very helpful hints as well...
         You cannot evade stress in our modern world, but you can learn to help yourself handle it
more easily.                                                               Good luck.....

Hi Amanda,

I am also under a lot of stress. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and have surprised my self crying over nothing important. The way I manage stress is taking one or two hours a day to do some exercise or go for a walk. No matter how busy I am, I always take that time off. In my case, I run and swim, but you can also take a walk to a park or some pretty place. For example, walking (or running) where there are trees or do some window shopping has been helpful for me. When you do this, you have to take work and its problems off your mind. Another thing I do, when I have time, is take one Friday or Saturday night to go dancing. Or dance at home. Try to do these activities after work. I think it is important to relief some stress everyday after work, and go to bed as relaxed as you can be. 

I am still very stressed out but everytime I do some excersice I relax and sleep better. It helps me stay focused and more put together the next day.

I hope it helps!

--- Quote from: Front-Ranger on September 01, 2007, 01:03:34 am ---You're right that BetterMost is a great stress reliever!

--- End quote ---

I agree but being in front of a computer when you are feeling stressful is not always a good idea. I guess it works for some people but IMHO it is better to go out for some fresh air, if it is possible of course. (I know sometimes work does not allow it).

serious crayons:
Hi Amanda and everybody, good topic!

I think BetterMost can be a stress reliever. I myself use it as an escape when RL gets too stressful. It immediately takes me to another world, in a way, so by the time I return to RL I feel better. Sometimes getting away for a while really is helpful.

I've also had a lot of luck with walks. Maybe for similar reasons. When I feel depressed or stressed, and I take a walk I almost always feel much better by the time I'm done.

As Janice says, breathing can be helpful for quick relief. The breath counts I've seen recommended before are slightly different (Dr. Andrew Weil has one that's something like 4 counts in through nose, hold for four, out for seven -- or something like that, anyway), but that probably isn't a big deal. The main point is to stop, breathe, concentrate on your breathing. Part of the benefit is just pausing to relax, but breathing itself seems to have some kind of magical quality. The explanation I've heard is that it's the doorway between our conscious actions (things we do deliberately, like walking or typing) and our unconscious actions (things we do on autopilot, like digesting or our heart beating) -- breathing can be either one.


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