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Dealing with Stress and Stress-Relief Tips

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You probably all already do these, but this is my stress buster advice:

Take a walk and think about what you are seeing, not about work or whatever it is that is stressful to you. Think about the scenery, good memories, blessings, etc. Course-ya gotta have time to do that. But it doesn't have to be a long walk every time.

Pet your pet. Sometimes in the mornings when I let the dogs out, one of my old dogs sits on the steps with me. I rub his chest and kiss his face and he nuzzles my ear and shakes my hand, and we have a little chat. It's so nice. Or I sit in the floor and they gather around and sit all over me--that lowers the blood pressure. If you don't have a pet, you could volunteer at the Humane Society or foster a pet for a rescue organization.

Do something for someone else. It takes my mind off my own problems. This takes time, too, but when you have time it's great therapy. I collect things from the Marine's list and make boxes to send to soldiers in Iraq, and I enjoy doing that immensely. But it could be a neighbor or a friend. Whoever or whatever it is--you benefit as much or more than the recipient.

Sorry to hear you have a hard time at work Amanda  :-*.

A favorite stress-reducing activity of my friend is taking a bath in the evening. Soak up real good in the bathtub.

A simple tip for people who have difficulties getting to sleep at night, becaue their heads spin with things they have to do the next day(s): put a pen and a sheet of paper on your nightstand. When you keep thinking: oh, I HAVE to do this or that tomorrow, MUST remember to phone my mother-in-law, may not forget to email the inscurance company, etc, etc - write it down. When you've written it down you can be sure to remember it the next day and are able to let it go for now and get your head free.

For short time stress reducing when you're at work, I think Janice's tip is good. I personally have another method which I can only half recomment: I go out for a smoke. While I don't want you to start smoking, the other part of the deal may be helpful: get out of the stressful situation for a few minutes (if you are allowed to). Get out of your office and out of the building if possible. For me it helps a great deal to gain a bodily distance, to leave the room, for just five minutes.

I find if I am stressed at work because of the work (like I have too much to do) I make a list of everything I have to do--then start crossing the things off as I do them. That feeling of "okay, yes, I am making progress" can do a lot to relieve that overwhelmed stressful feeling.

If the stress is coming from co-workers (friction, not getting along, etc) that is a little harder to deal with. Fortunately, in my tiny 1.5 person office, this is not much of a problem for me anymore. Even so, if I have people issues (irate emails or whatever) I always wait 24 hours before responding. I find that time is a great healer and gives me perspective to deal with the issue.

My best stress buster is laughter and thank goodness for the Internet for that! I can usually find some sort of funny video, article, movie review or something else that will give me a chuckle and help to take my mind off the stress problem.

And if I am feeling depressed and down from stress, I take a page from Scarlett O'Hara's book: "Tomorrow is another day." After a good night's sleep, I always feel better--and I just remind myself of that.


Walking is a great stress reliever and mind-clarifier.  If it's too hot outside, try walking inside the mall.

If you can afford it once in a while, try a day spa.  Just a thereapeutic scalp massage, reflexology session or something similar can really help.    Guys, too!

Brown Eyes:
Wow! Hi Buds!  Thanks for all your concern and advice.  I agree that exercise is one major key in dealing with stress.  So, I've been making an effort to be better about developing an exercise routine.  I don't have a gym in Pittsburgh, because I haven't found one that I like here yet.  I used to have a really fun gym in Philly when I was in grad school.  But, now I'm having to invent my own exercise like walks, etc.

I think my feelings of stress lately have to do with feeling like I'm in a rut right now in my life combined with the fact that work is the most significant thing in my real life at the moment.  I devote way too much energy to work and it's making me nuts.  I don't think I gave myself enough of a break between grad school and work either, so I'm growing really concerned that I'm burning myself out.
Work is busy at the moment, but nothing is really wrong... there's no crisis, etc.  But, I'm feeling the urge to behave more and more like a slacker, which is not a good thing at all.

Grrrr...  Anyway, thank you all again for your support.

p.s. I'm so excited this weekend is a 3 day weekend!  Yeehaw!  This definitely is a welcome break.


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