Author Topic: Question.. Gay v Lesbian - is one more 'socially acceptable' than the other?  (Read 7731 times)

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Daily Mirror, I think. They're pretty much the most homophobic tabloid right? Not that The Sun or The Mail is much better. Uch... I really hate tabloids. I'm against censorship, but I honestly think it would do us all good if they were banned.

UPDATE: Actually I was wrong, it was the Daily Star that had the "Sick Sex" front page headline on that blink-and-you'd-miss-it kiss between Nick and Todd on Corrie - Daily Mirror was actually quite supportive of it - I suppose it shouldn't be surprising, Daily Star needs all the readers it can get, so it would try to attract them with attention grabbing headlines like that.

Here's the link to the frontpage
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I am just bumping some old threads for the new members here.  Hope you enjoy reading it.

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Thanks Jenny! This was always an interesting thread, it was nice to reread it!  :)
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somebody has been doing some digging!! Thanks Jenny C!!

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Yeah, we have a lot of great discussion/sharing buried deep down.  I think people who just got here may find it’s interesting to read.  We have a lot of fun here, but we also have a lot of serious discussion as well. 

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I am new here and havent read everything yet, but thought i would put my two bobs worth in about this question....

As discrimating as it might be, from my experience, i have seen that where two women together are NOT frowned upon, or the sex involved with them, considered unnatural, the thought of two men together is considered a taboo subject, and not considered natural.

I must say, that I myself, was in this category too, where i found it intesting and sometimes sensual to watch two women in a porno flick or a movie, I have never wanted to, or watched a gay men porno film...and not that i frowned upon it, I just didnt want to look at it, didnt want to watch two men going at it, maybe i did think it was unnatural, i dont know.

When i first saw the movie BBM I felt uncomfortable with the first tent scene...thought it could have been left out....with further viewings it became so natural to me, I actually wished i could see more, and it did turn me on...but, in saying that, I still havent wanted to go and get a gay porno movie.

I consider myself bi-curious, have had some lovely encounters with women, not a lot, but enough for me to experiment, enjoy and want it to happen again.My husband accepts it, and any friends i have told about it accept it too....But if the roles were reversed and it was my husband who was bi-curious, I dont know whether i would accept that or not, and im sure he would not be forthcoming in telling his friends about it.

I dont know why it is, it is truely a hypocritical way of thinking, i know, and yet i have always prided myself on never thinking of myself as a so open minded it astounds my family and friends, and they accept me for it, so I am at a loss to why I feel this way.

Brokeback Mountain, gave me an awakening into the sexual side of gayness, and I adore and hunger for the scenes in the movie of the lovemaking, the kissing and the affection between the two boys...I wish there was more (as im sure we all do)....maybe its just Ennis and Jack that i want to see making love.

I have never thought of gay men or women as any different from straight people, I have many friends who are gay, but i have never asked or wanted to know what goes on in the bedroom....I guess because it is a bit of a mystery, is why it stays in forbidden territory...I dont like exhibitionists, whether gay or straight, and I think that when gay people act like tarts and queens in parades and mardi gras, it just adds to the intolerence of the general public.

The other reason, i just thought of about why women together may be more acceptable, is that when it is depicted in porn or movies, the girls are usually beautiful and feminine looking ladies....I wonder if the movies depicted the girls as butch would they still be fantasized over by us viewers...i think not.

Lots of double standards abound, none more than on this subject...doesnt seem to be a right and wrong, just differences of opinion, and we all have to live with our own.

Lets hope Brokeback changed a few of those opinions, and there is more understanding towards everyone....My favourite saying is.."just because something is different, doesnt mean it is wrong"....i wish more people would think of things that way.
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