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[Important Tip] Account Deletion Procedure
« on: September 28, 2007, 01:38:32 pm »
Because this comes up on rare occasions, I'd like to explain our account deletion policy here on BetterMost.  Since this site opened, we have had around 10 account deletion requests.  All but three of those who requested to delete their account have since returned to the site.  Most have regretted their decision to leave, so we have created a 14-day waiting period policy to process account deletion requests.  This gives users the opportunity to complete any 'business' in the community, respond and clean out their PM boxes, and have a chance to resolve any outstanding issues before this final step is taken.

Because account deletions are final, forever deleting any PMs and preventing any future use of a user's username here, or edits to their existing messages, it has become much easier for us to suggest a user who needs a break just walk away from the site for as long as they need as opposed to terminating their account.  You can even shut off your PM's in your profile so people won't send messages to you while you are taking a vacation from here.  But we aren't interested in forever trapping you here either.

Should you find a need to terminate your account, you can send a PM to me or Ellemeno.  We'll process your request 14 days after receipt, with no explanation on your part required.  If you run into any problems here, please let either of us know because we'd like to help.  And if you change your mind, you need only PM either of us before the 14 days are up, and we'll happily rescind your request.

Those who do leave are always welcome to return anytime.
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