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Sheriff Roland:
 :) Welcome to the "I Love The Lighter Side" board. It will always be a work in transition, because even after many months of availaibility, Brokeback Mountain is still being discoved by new people, other people are in the process of constantly rediscovering the "real" BBM, and yet others are practically born again types - who's life will never be the same because of this masterpiece. No matter which of these you identify with, you are welcome!  :D

You will notice that many of the posts on these threads fall into a format consisting of short "one shot deal" comments that do not require or even encourage discussion. This will not be applied as a "rule" but rather as a guideline. (argumental type comments are highly discouraged)

Please allow yourself to delve into your feelings  :o about the characters, be they book or film characters - not the actors.

And go ahead and have some fun too


Thanks Roland.  I like the reminder that brief is good, and that it's about the characters, not the actors.  Cheers!

Nice place you've got here Roland  ;)

Sweet setup you got here Ro.... :)

Good job!

Hi Sheriff,

 Thanks for the lighter side. It's consoling after all the mourning. Means a lot.

Good weekend, guys.


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