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Hi there, I just discovered ToOP/Bruce's thread called "Brokeback Mountain Anagrams."  In it he gives a link to a site that makes anagrams of the words and phrases you give it.  So I thought we could make it into a game.  You may need to help me refine the rules, but basically I picture us playing it much like the Cryptoquips game -

Choose a word or very short phrase (let's say four words maximum) from the short story or film, and run it through the anagram maker.  Then select any one of the answers it gives you, or create your own.  Post it here, telling us how many words are in the phrase we are trying to figure out. 

Here's an example (the number in parentheses indicates we are looking for a 3 word phrase):

Darn Isle Men (3)

Answer: Ennis Del Mar

Allow at least one turn before going again.
Check back occasionally, and see if you might need to add a clue.
Please use a new post each time you add clues, or make corrections.
Please include all previous clues in newest post.

Here's the anagram maker:

Here's the Anagrams Already Played List:,15125.0.html

First one:

Wispy Gherkins (2)

Whiskey spring   :)

All Wet Youth  (3)

Great idea, Elle!  8)


 Tell you what

 Now if we can just find a way to do Brokeback Crossword Puzzles  ;D

 Warlike Junta Sews (3)

Water Walkin' Jesus

Great Idea - I love it!  ;D  Let's try an easy name...

Ulnar Pine Ox (2)


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