Author Topic: Self Esteem--An issue,, or not an issue..  (Read 867 times)

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Self Esteem--An issue,, or not an issue..
« on: January 11, 2008, 06:07:05 pm »

       This is basically a questionaire about self esteem...Try and be honest

1.  Do you think you are ?
              A. Good looking?
              B. Ok looking but need some help
              C. Need a great deal of help
              D. Aren't sure
              E. Wish you could see yourself as others see you
              f.  you dont give a rats either way..think you are fine how you are.

2.  Do you think you are.?
              A. Pretty close to a perfect body?
              B. Pretty good, but could gain a few pounds.
              C. Pretty good but could lose a few pounds.
              D  Think you are a fatty?
              E.  Think you are too skinny
              F.  Dont give a rats either way..just fine with how you are;

3.  Would you get plastic surgery if you could?
              A.  just a bit, in order to look a bit more relaxed.
              B.  To try and look more rested.
              C.  Try and remove a few  excess wrinkles
              D.  See if you can really look beautiful or handsome /change your look decidedly.
              E.  Try and lose twenty years...
              F.  Liposuction to remove, permanently, fat deposits.
              G.  Dont give a rats  either way..i am just fine

4. Wish you could look like movie star of  (your choice)
              A.  Nope, you dont want to look like anyone else
              B.  Think its better to look like an individual..even if its not beautiful.
              C.  Wish you could fix your teeth.
              D.  Wish you could fix your hair.
              E.  Think your butt is too big.
              F.  Think your boobs are too small./too big.

5.  Would like to just disappear into a whole new persona..

6.  Go somewhere far away where no one knew you and start all over.

7.  Go back to your hometown, and find the one person you left behind that mattered.

8.  Start a whole new career..

9.  What would be the one thing you would change about yourself if you could change one..

10. What do you like most about yourself..?

11. What do you like least?

12. On a scale of one to ten, what is your dont have to say...just think of
      it and see why you think the way you do...

There is no score here..No way to figure the winning number..It is purely for your own
contemplation.  Try and figure out if you have the problem with self esteem...why and
where does it come from...

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