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Around the world...
« on: January 23, 2008, 11:59:03 pm »
The New Zealand Herald (Auckland) billboards said HEATH LEDGER 1979 -2008 and had a picture of him as Ennis, smiling, over the masthead.

The Dominion Post (Wellington) had this picture, and the story went

Accidental overdose claims Brokeback Mountain star


KIWI film stars are reeling after the shock death of their mate and fellow Hollywood actor Heath Ledger.
Former [NZ medical soap] Shortland Street star and Hollywood heart-throb Martin Henderson became good friends with Ledger, 28, while the pair worked on the 1990s Australian television drama Sweat even talking him into pursuing an acting career.

Henderson's mother, Veronica Proctor, said last night that her son was devastated by the death of
the Perth-born Ledger. "I don't know that he would want to speak to anyone. He's very upset about it."

Ledger, an Oscar nominee for his portrayal of a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain, was found naked and unconscious in his New York apartment at 9.35am yesterday (NZT), with sleeping pills nearby.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. His family have said they believe that the death was accidental.

Fellow Hollywood-based Kiwi actor Daniel Gillies, who starred in the Spiderman series, knew Ledger

[picture] Daniel Gillies:
Kiwi actor shocked and saddened by Ledger's death.

through Henderson. In Colombia filming his latest movie, he called his father, John Gillies, yesterday morning and said he was shocked by the death.

"All he said was that he was ... a troubled person and it was very sad," Dr Gillies said. His son had met Ledger on several occasions, but was not a close friend.

In an interview last year, Henderson recalled meeting Ledger for the first time.

"Obviously he had talent, and I convinced him to move out of Perth and come to Sydney the Hollywood of Australia, if you like."

Ledger returned the favour years later in the real Hollywood, where he had already found success in Mel Gibson's The Patriot. Henderson had just arrived with no money and was struggling to find work.

"He was very supportive and generous, giving me some money that he got on the movie."

Ledger is survived by a two-year-old daughter, Matilda, from his relationship with actress Michelle Williams, which ended last year.

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