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[Announcement] BetterMost Community Policies (last updated: 1 February 2008)


Phillip Dampier:
The following document is presented to new residents registering for an account on BetterMost.  A copy of the current rules is provided to all current residents for your convenience, and can always be found in the Town Hall.

Welcome to the BetterMost, Wyoming User Community!
If you are joining us as a new resident, welcome to the community.  If you are already a resident and you are seeing this User Agreement, it means it has been revised and we'd like you to take a moment and review and agree to the changes, which will be highlighted for you towards the bottom.

I realize most people never want to read these things, so I'm putting the important information at the top which will take less than a minute to review.  Further down you'll find our Privacy Policy, which you may want to review if you are interested.

There is only one major rule here: NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.  We work hard to make this a positive and nurturing place for our residents, and while there is nothing wrong with debating issues, we do not allow discussions that personally attack other residents.  Such messages are subject to immediate removal.

The other rules and policies:

Adult language may be found in some of our forums, but we draw the line at adult images containing frontal nudity, as well as messages which contain excessive graphic sexual content, pornography, or other obscene content.  This community is open to people of all ages, so please consider your audience when writing messages here.  Messages in violation are subject to revision or removal.  Please respect copyrights and do not engage in illegal activity.  We respect the diversity of the community and maintain as few rules as possible here to permit the free exchange of ideas and views, and we ask that residents respect that as well.

The views expressed in content found here are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the staff or management of this community.  No warranty, expressed or implied, is made towards the accuracy of the content found here.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners and staff for all matters pertaining to this website.  A valid, working e-mail address must always be on file in your Profile to permit us to contact you if required.  Account deletion requests are subject to a 14-day waiting/cooling-off period.

If you are visiting to report a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please contact [email protected] for further instructions.

Thanks for joining our community and welcome aboard.  You'll find more information about the services we offer in the Town Hall forum.  All my best wishes.

Phillip M. Dampier
Mayor, BetterMost

Last revised: 1 February 2008 - Changes made since last revision (10/07) - Agreement simplified and shortened; no new rules or changes to existing rules made in this revision.


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