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Say it all in Six Words!

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This was in the latest New Yorker Magazine: biographies of six words. Hemingway supposedly started it with his

For sale, baby shoes, never worn
So, could you write your biography in six words? Could you write Ennis' or Jack's?? Here, I'll start. How about this?

Made good; would rather be sheepherding.
That was Jack, of course. And then there's

Redlined to Ennis; ironed not flattened
(I don't know whether to laff or cry at that one!)

Here's a pathetic start on mine:

Raised two, now I'm Wyoming-boundor

Robot for years, BBM woke me.Your turn!!

You can read the New Yorker article here.

Yikes, Now is the time to fly

I'll study on it, might could come up with something better.  ;)

Good start, how about this?

True Man, shakes the ground, always!
That was too easy!!


Scared, loving cowboy learned too late


--- Quote from: Penthesilea on February 22, 2008, 11:27:56 am ---Ennis:

Scared, loving cowboy learned too late

--- End quote ---
Beautiful, Chrissi!


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