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R.I.P. Sandra Casanas AKA Sandée
« on: December 20, 2008, 01:40:22 pm »
Many people will remember the group Exposé, who from the late 80s to early 90s, sold 3 million cds and scored 8 Top 10 hits.  The members are Jeanette Jurado, Ann Curless, and Gioia Bruno.

However, what many people may not know is that before them, 3 different ladies were the members of Exposé.  Those 3 ladies were Aléjandra (Alé) Lorenzo, Sandra Casanas {then Tolla} (Sandée) & Laurie Miller.  After two singles (Point Of No Return & Exposed to Love), Alé, Sandée & Laurie split up, and were replaced with Ann, Jeanette, and Gioia.

Sandra Casanas (Sandée) was found dead this week in her home, causes are not yet known.

Here is a news story on the original Exposé when they first released "Point Of No Return"  in 1985.


After her departure from Exposé, Sandée went solo, and released the freestyle single "You're The One" on Atlantic Records.  Here is a fan made video.


Atlantic records declined to offer Sandée an album deal, and she was released from the lable after that hit single.  Fever records signed Sandée, and she recorded the full length CD "Only Time Will Tell".  The first single was "Notice Me", which went on to be a big club and radio hit.  Here is another fan made video featuring images of Sandée, which includes a cover of the "House version" of the song.  The video below is the freestyle version.


The second (and last) single from "Only Time Will Tell" was "Love Desire".  A departure, it has a slower beat, and is a mix of spoken word, and singing.  It was the only video that Sandée made.  Not long after, Sandée stopped recording music.


Sandée stayed active on the freestyle scene, performing in clubs and arenas in multi-act shows, most recently performing in NYC at the Copacabana to a sold out show.  I had the good fortune to meet Sandée backstage at the arena in Miami.  She posed for pics, and was very excited to see I had a copy of her cd, which she held up for everyone to see, and signed for me.

She was very humble, classy, and friendly.  She was excited about going back into the studio to start a new project.

Cause of death is currently unknown, she's survived by her son Maurice, and her grandaughter.

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