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(This message is appearing on most BBM related forums today and comes to us courtesy of Tamarack. You may contact her directly for additional information.  I have linkified both Mouk and her in the message below.  Clicking either will get you to the Private Message editor directly! -- Phillip)


In order to perpetuate the spirit of BBM we would like to set up a Not for Profit Organisation, perhaps a Foundation, aimed at protecting and developing the heritage of BBM and at prolonging its effect indefinitely so that the story/film and their message are never forgotten and keep making the world a better place for a long time to come. Actions, projects, publications etc could be organised by the Foundation itself and/or facilitated in the form of grants and support (eg volunteering) to adequate individuals and organisations.

Not being location specific, the Foundation would be accessible to  Brokies and like-minded people worldwide, with possibilities of participation and a feeling of "belonging" for all, just like our beloved DC, BM, EnnisJack and Strike-me-Gyllen Forums.

This initiative is institutionally separate from the Forums for legal reasons, but it is in the same spirit and in close fraternity with them. We hope that the Forums and the Foundation can draw strength from each other and support each other, even if only informally. 

At this very early stage, we are seeking to build up a think tank and hoping to be able to gather about 20-25 dedicated people in order to set up a vision and the basis for a viable strategy. This ain’t no little thing and it will require quite a bit of hard work, so we would like to hear from people who have time, energy, plenty of ideas and ideally, but not necessarily, NPO experience. Once we have eased the way by getting over the first technical hurdles, we will post the results of our work so that everybody can participate as little or as much as they wish.

You can state your interest by PMing BayCityJohn or Mouk on DC, Tamarack or Mouk on BM,  Ethan or Mouk on EnnisJack, Incognita or Mouk on SMG by 4th May .

We look forward to hearing from you !

PS - Although we are posting this only on these forums at this stage, all Brokies and their friends are very welcome.

You're a part of our family - BetterMost, Wyoming