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The Stone of Destiny
« on: October 18, 2008, 04:02:54 pm »

A few of you may have seen my post in the Kat Kate Kate thread but I thought I would make a seperate thread for Kate Mara's (Alma Jr) new film, the Stone of Destiny..

I've attached the 2 movie posters - I've only seen the second one in posters so I guess its the scottish version of the poster to entice more patriotic Scots to see it in the cinema.

I'm so annoyed!!!

I was walking along the street today and saw a poster on the side of a bus for Kate's new movie.... I saw here face and then saw the film title.....

The film is called the Stone of Destiny -

And that's why I'm so annoyed! This film is probably one that is unlikely to be a hit in the USA, because its a film based on a Scottish story. It does have Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle in it though so who knows.

Since around the 9th century, tradition holds that Scottish monarchs took their place upon the Stone of Scone during their coronation ceremony, until 1296 when it was captured by Edward I and placed in Westminster Abbey under a seat upon which English sovereigns were crowned, thereby showing the English power over the Scots. "Stone of Destiny" tells the true story of Ian Hamilton, a young student and nationalist, who was to attempt to return the Stone to its rightful place in Scotland and thereby right a long-standing injustice by the English.

Anyway, some of you may know that I do extra work in my spare time, I've been in a few adverts & in the Scottish Soap River City for example. Anyway about 10 months ago I was signed up to be an extra in The Stone of Destiny.... but they cancelled me at the last minute as they realised I had some highlights in my hair and they didnt want anyone with highlights as the film is set in the 50's...

I COULD'VE MET KATE! (And Robert and Billy but I'm more annoyed about Kate!!)


It came out last week, but I've yet to see it but I'm going to make sure I do.

Kate in the advert doesn't have too bad an accent.. but she only says "What could possibly go wrong?" so she can't go too wrong with the accent in 5 words!!

Apparently it closed the Toronto Film Festival.

Here's the wiki page

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