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Movie Love Poem
« on: May 20, 2008, 05:45:11 am »
Black and White

No death within a dappled grove,
No "Go, bid the soldiers shoot!"
No butterfly just out of reach
No captain, climbing with his flute--

Nor swinging in the childrens' swings
Nor line dance lead by death, in vain,
Nor love gained throgh the loss of wings
Nor child's redemptive cry in rain--

Though birds change course in glinting sun
And love appears in loved son's face
No sorrow's end, nor joy begun
Can change the bent of yout  eyes' grace.

The (black and white--see?) movies are:

"Rashomon" 1950, "Hamlet" 1948, "All's Quiet on the Western Front" 1930, "Grand Illusion" 1937, "Ikiru," 1952, "The Seventh Seal" 1957, "Wings of Desire" 1988, "Rashomon" (again) 1950, "Wild Strawberries" 1957, "The World of Apu" 1959.
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