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Re: The Company Mascot Quiz
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Hi Fiona!

You were saying yesterday(?) that BetterMost triggers memories for you.  It works the same way for me.  In fact, just now, you've reminded me of a childhood memory!  Thank you for that!

When I was a kid - 6 or younger because we still lived in the Chicago area - I can remember Mom being peeved with me for telling someone that 'My Daddy is smart, but my Mommy is so dumb she can't even find the dance studio!'  Mom had gotten lost taking me to a ballet class.  I could be such a brat.  Of course with mature adult hindsight  ::), I had a bad case of hero-worship for my father.  Note who was bothering to take me places!  I wonder who I was talking to??  I'll have to see if Mom remembers!  :D


It does indeed trigger memories for me and most of them are good ones too.Now if I could just fine a way of finding my way back to a particular topic here,I really would have cracked it.
The number of times I sit and think,oh, I should just see what's happening on that thread,can I find it?can I heck.
I like the tangents that some threads go off on.I have always been mocked for my grasshopper mind,jumping here and there,so this place suits me fine,because nearly everyone does it.Just one more thing we seem to have in common.