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Re: =Director's Instruction= **ASIDE** ((MOVEMENT)) %%THOUGHT%%
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** John, I am very impressed with your Chutzpah!  I'm impressed with your shameless grandstanding!  Shake it girl Man! **

**thank you Mr. Raymille, I will take that as a "yes" then, and repost the scene here for clarity:**

The outer door to the Twist house opened with a jerk and slammed shut with a loud bang, and Jack’s miserable old man stomped into the porch and on in to the kitchen without even wiping his boots on the mat.

"Where the hell is that boy when I need ‘im???"  he bellered.

"I been waitin’ for him to get his sorry ass outa bed for four fuckin’ hours!  Always keeepin’ me waitin’!  How the hell can he still be laying abed at this time of the day?  ‘N I don’t see his truck outside, has he done drove it into a ditch again?" 

His poor browbeaten wife turned to him, wiping her floury hands on her flowery apron….

" ____________________________________________________________ "
**(now here is where Mrs. Twist has to improvise her line.)**

Mrs. Twist: I'm in the cellar puttin' up the pickled beets.  Be up soon."  %%That stoopid old b*stard.  When is he gonna just kick the bucket and leave me in peace.%%

The Wind (maybe AKA Pentecost-type Holy Ghost): %%There he goes mucking up her floor again, I'm just going to blow all this dirt out the door.  God, I love her.%%

ok, that's the end of our improvisation, whaddya say Celeste?  And thanks for the Pentecost wind Clarissa!

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Then the clouds opened up and God said, "I hate you, Alfafa."

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Re: **********THE PERFORMANCE! For Real!!!!!*************
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((Tootie and Elizabeth, chatting companionably on the outskirts of Signal as they walk to their waitress jobs at Pete's Pulled-Pork Pen, start to pass a semi tractor-trailer truck parked along the road, when a loud groan from within the cab brings them up short.  Alarmed, Tootie steps up to peer in the window, but it is so fogged up, she can't see a thing, so she raps loudly on it.  Suddenly the engine starts up, the emergency brake is released with a thud, and Tootie has to leap off the step as the truck springs forward.  The girls stare in amazement as, 500 feet down the road, the driver opens the door and tosses out a large apple, then keeps driving like a bat out of hell.  Approaching it with caution, they find themselves strangely attracted to the moistly gleaming orb.....))

Tootie: "Don't touch it Elizabeth, it might have germs."

%% Or maybe I could keep it and give it to some kind stranger who looks so poor that he smokes half a cigarette and saves the rest for later, and win his heart! I better hide it from Elizabeth... %%

"Oops, I need to tie my shoe. You go on ahead, I'll catch up."

((Hides apple in folds of frumpy dress))

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(Okay, I've figured something out - when people hit "reply" or "quick reply." then the subject line of the new post comes from the first original post.  If they hit "quote," then the subject line comes from the post they are quoting.  Ergo, if I adjust the first post's subject line and add the notations, all subsequent replies will have said subject line, UNLESS they are quote replies.  I think we can live with that, and that is why the first post now has the notations in its subject line.)
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**This cast is getting bigger than that hokey Oscar-winner, Trash, er, Crash.**

%%Well, least there are hot extras for me to cruise while I wait for my scene.%%

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(( Still redlining it down the road in a panic, truck driver checks his rear-view mirror))

%%What in the ...   those damned nosey little heifers!!  Oh no...oh, SHIT!!!  My APPLE!  They're picking up my APPLE!  Damn it all to hell and back!  I just didn't want them girls to catch me....   I... I was gonna  [muffled sob]  ...go back and get it after they passed by....!  What if those little fillies open their damned little pieholes and.....     aw-w-w....shit.%%
"From the vibration of the floorboard on which they both stood Ennis could feel how hard Jack was shaking."

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Re: =Director's Instruction= **ASIDE** ((MOVEMENT)) %%THOUGHT%%
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ok, that's the end of our improvisation, whaddya say Celeste?  And thanks for the Pentecost wind Clarissa!

**I say we are just beginning on an excellent journey of unimaginable beauty and craziness here, and can't wait for more.  Thank goodness it's Mr. Raymille directing.  He's got such an amazing grasp of the subject matter and he knows just exactly how to motivate the actors.  True genius in that one.  A touch of madness as well, but quite a bit of genius too.**

**Mr. Raymille working on the B.A.M. production (looks different without the toupee).  He's got kinda a weird thing about safari-style clothes and such, but, hey, whatever it takes....**

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** Bad news people. A coyote with balls on him the size of apples has been shot and badly injured by our security team today when he tried to enter the sheep-area. Claims he was on his way to an audition for a role in "Broken Arsed Mountain." Is that true? Why haven't we been informed about this?? Anyways. The son of a bitch has been sent to bed and won't be able to act for at least two weeks. **


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** Ms Spanky!  I am here to assure you that there have been absolutely no coyotes in the sheep area!  **

(( Looks very closely at the sheep ... ))

** Nope!  Everything is just perfect over here!  Nothing to be alarmed about!   :)**

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%% I am in awe at the professionalism of everyone; I mean each and everyone is so committed, as to comment on absolutely everything, when - and maybe above all, before - any of the action has occured or any line's been said  :laugh:
As a minister, I shall go and say a few prayers of thanks to our Lord above, and tell him to keep the sheep from temptation and deliver them from evil, so that they stop wearing those suspender belts and fishnet stockings  :o %%
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