Author Topic: Drabbles: A BBM Snapshot in 100 words  (Read 4451 times)

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Re: Drabbles: A BBM Snapshot in 100 words
« Reply #10 on: September 17, 2006, 08:12:04 pm »
Thank you, was kinda nervous first posting and all.  I kept it at 200 words so used a couple its and as that I wouldn't if longer, lol.  Drabbles are fun though.

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Re: Drabbles: A BBM Snapshot in 100 words
« Reply #11 on: January 08, 2008, 03:28:47 am »
025. Strangers
They call him Señor Azul—Mister Blue—for his eyes.  They know what he likes:  tall, rangy men with brown eyes and dark blond or light brown hair, not too much older or younger than him.  He rarely fucks them; he’d rather be fucked himself.  Blowjobs?  Sometimes he gives, sometimes takes.  He never wants to know their names, never socializes.  He just shows up, cruises until he finds someone suitable, and goes off to a room with him.  He’s well-liked because he’s both considerate and generous.  They never see him smile.  They’re strangers to him, though they know him well.

This is one of Sid Melucci's 40 fine drabbles, that  haunted me so that I started digging in the pile of shit in my yard till i found the pony that I KNEW must be there...


Hey there, Julie!  I just wanted to bump this post because I've only recently discovered Sid's 100 word drabbles.  They're really extraordinary.  I savor one and have to force myself to wait and contemplate until scarfing down the next one!  Well done, Sid.  And thanks, Julie, for posting about them here!
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