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--- Quote from: Sheriff Roland on July 01, 2006, 08:59:15 am ---Now let's draw a list & see if we can get the Canadians of BetterMost to come out of the woodwork. There's:

Mandy (dmmb_Mandy), from St John's, Newfoundland (who got us started)

Bill (Seaweed727) from Nova Scocia - who's probably too busy to join us today, seeing as he's part organiser of a 12 000 + musical outdoor festival in his small (- 1 000 people) town

Nicole Ross, Toronto, Ontario - who hasn't posted since mid April
Chanterais, Toronto, Ontario - ditto, mid June
Me, Toronto, Ontario (BTW, I've never met either one of these ladies, but I've met Bill!)

Milli (Lucise), Calgary, Alberta - who claims to drink more than talk, on weekends (yea, right!) - now leading in the motormouth BeterMostian challenge
"Professor" Cassey Cornelius, Calgary, Alberta - who actually lurked here two days ago, but hasn't posted since early May

and the newbie (well to BetterMost, anyways) forsythia from British Columbia

and Pierre Tremblay an his wife (Nicole?)
--- End quote ---

Sure do miss hearing from all these lovely Canadians, and Sherrif Roland. Maybe they'll come back when we have our 10-year celebrations!

Happy Canada Day! I want to see our Canadian Brokies doing something celebratory!!

happy canada day!

Hilarious short video about Canada Day!


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