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Phillip Dampier:
Each month, BetterMost will have a new image at the top of the site.  Just like a calendar, each month will bring something new.  For those who want to see the images in their full glory, I will attach them as replies to this message so you can see what they look like or save them yourself.  These will be in high resolution, so please be patient as they load.

To save these images, in most browsers, simply right click on the image and select Save Picture As and then you can save it to your own computer.

[Whoops... I had this thread locked in error.]

Phillip Dampier:
Here is the image we just finished using for the month of June

Phillip Dampier:
Here is the image we are using for the month of July.  It's too bad we couldn't accomodate more of the fence in our banner!

Sheriff Roland:
The banner just does nothing to prepare us for the beauty in these images!

These have got to be the best scenery picture I've ever seen - truly magestic - they are now part of my desktop - move over Ennis, you've been there for half a year now  ;D (still part of my screen saver, though)

Thanks to the photographer(s) and to you Phil (?) for making these available

Phillip Dampier:
Here is the image we'll be using in August as soon as I catch up and get it inserted!


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