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Jeff Wrangler:
It never occurred to me to wonder about the age of William Finnegan until I began reading his article on surfing legend Jock Sutherland (June 10). Finnegan writes that Sutherland is age 75. He goes on to write that he's "a few years younger" than Sutherland. Turns out Finnegan is 72--and still surfs.

News flash: people in their 70s do stuff.

Heck, people in their 80s do stuff. Last week I was on the road with the president of my spirit tree group, and he is 90.

Just got home last night and the latest issue was waiting for me. Surprise, the Shouts & Murmurs is funny this time! I'm also looking forward to the latest from David Sedaris.

serious crayons:

--- Quote from: Front-Ranger on June 17, 2024, 03:32:01 pm ---Heck, people in their 80s do stuff.
--- End quote ---

Yup, just ask Joe Biden!

I like to note (and maybe already have here) that if you're over 60 you can't get hired by an advertising agency (for example), so you have to settle for unimportant roles like president of the United States or Supreme Court justice.

Jeff Wrangler:
Very funny, both of you.

Since I'd never done any research on him, I figured Finnegan was younger than me, like, maybe in his 30s.

Taking a trip, at least some of which I assume includes riding in an automobile, is not exactly surfing the North Shore. Nor is sitting on a SCOTUS bench or in the Oval Office. The latter two, of course, involve a great deal of mental acuity--and mental stress--but, again, they're not surfing the North Shore.

I presume Finnegan felt his subject's age was something notable--his own, too--or he wouldn't have mentioned it.

serious crayons:
But nobody expects Joe Biden to surf the North Shore. Hell, I couldn't have surfed the North Shore when I was 20. So yes, good for Finnegan and the other guy.


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