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--- Quote from: Front-Ranger on June 17, 2024, 03:32:01 pm ---Just got home last night and the latest issue was waiting for me. Surprise, the Shouts & Murmurs is funny this time! I'm also looking forward to the latest from David Sedaris.

--- End quote ---

I was finally caught up and ready to read the Sedaris article. Leafing through all the June issues, I didn't see it. So, I googled it and found it was in the June 10th issue. Went back to that issue and scanned the table of contents. No Sedaris credit. Well, there have been errors in the TOC before, so I went through every page, checking also to make sure no pages fell out. No Sedaris. I tried to read it online, but couldn't keep my attention. So, I'll have to read it in the morning perhaps. But, how did I know when I made that post that there was a Sedaris article? Mysterious and creepy. Do fellow NY readers have that article in your June 10 issue?

Jeff Wrangler:
In the June 17 issue I was going to go directly to the Sedaris when I saw his name in the TOC, but my eye was caught by "'Pinafore" on Repeat" in The Talk of the Town, which I then read and found enchanting. I suppose there are benighted souls out there who don't like G&S, but I really don't understand them. G&S is too silly not to like.  :)

Now I've moved on to the Sedaris.

Tell you what, I miss the days years ago when they used to list all the shows, etc., that were playing in NYC. I'm sure since the technology revolution that was considered a waste of space and thus dropped, but I always liked it as a way to keep up what was going on in theater and so forth in NYC.

Jeff Wrangler:
I guess I knew Robert Gottlieb was dead and just forgot it.

Jeff Wrangler:
Interesting article about John Fetterman, my senator (July 1).

Jeff Wrangler:
Is anybody reading the Fiction issue? There's a story by Annie Proulx in it.


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