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Random Poetic Musings
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Life is a whirlwind
One wild ride
At times overwhelming
What I feel inside
No getting off
Until all's said and done
Though sometimes I want to
Can't hide and can't run
One day highest highs
And the next lowest lows
Somewhere there is balance
Tide ebbs and tide flows
Sunshine and shadows
Darkness and light
Searching for reasons
A meaningless fight
Harmony, balance
Somehow to grasp
It slides through my fingers
A peace that will last
There is no predicting
There is no control
Through today's tributation
We grow, become whole



Life in My Hands

Life in my hands
How can it be?
Such crucial decisions
Come down to me
Woman so fallible
Called on to choose
Which path to pursue
All outcomes I lose
Unreal to me still
I so wish I were wise
The fate of my child
With my instinct lies
Right course of action
Ever unclear
Today yields no answers
Tomorrow draws near
No retreat, no referral
This call's all mine
No way of knowing
If all will be fine
Silent desperation
The name of the game
If I opt wrongly
Am I then to blame?
Love is my purpose
Science my guide
Life in my hands
Who am I to decide?



The Devious Nature of Time

Why are some minutes just minutes
and why are some minutes unending?
Those times that we wish were infinite
blitz by when all time needs suspending.
While those hours that need expediting
tick by with no finish in sight.
The nature of time bears no fighting
as one more day fades into night.



Life in the Balance

When minutes are hours
And hours are days
No way of knowing
Where my future lays
Calmness a memory
Angst my best friend
Just a beginning
Or start of the end
Out of my hands
But consuming my mind
No answers just questions
Leaving me blind
Poised on the brink
In my desperation
Until a new morning
Brings new revelation
Thankful for kind hearts
Lighting my way
Providing me guidance
These debts I'll repay
Life in the balance
Or feels so to me
Maybe I take life
Too seriously??



Second Chances

World of prose
We’ve composed
Elating …
Days are light
Lonely nights
Waiting …
So much
In your touch
Wanting …
Lines of verse
Haunting …
Such a gift
Spirits lift
Rising …
Newfound love
Undreamt of
Surprising …
Kindred minds
Found in rhymes
Laughter …
With one heart
Split apart
After …
Such is life
Joy and strife
Balance …
Words from you
Pull me through
We’ll have our chance …



Insanity is a State of Mind

She’s unhinged, they say
As they lock her away
Their normality
Not her reality
Scars on her wrists
Hands curled into fists
Deepening gloom
4 walls of her room
Escape in her mind
Is all she can find
The world out of reach
Voices rise to a screech
Demons in the night
Dispersed with the light
No beginning, no end
Round and round yet again
Hope fading, hope gone
Yet life lingers on
A whisper, a scream
Solace but a dream
Depression, despair
They say life isn’t fair
The all knowing they
Those who locked her away



Inspired by a friend ...

Shifting sand of my past
Hope for something to last
Search for solidity
Holds no validity
Change only permanence
Struggle for self and sense
Want only truth
in a world so aloof
Clarity here and gone
Accept today then move on



My Black Monday

World crashing down
in a violent cascade
Yesterday's truth is tomorrow's charade
Answers elusive
while questions abound
Peace a vague concept
None to be found
Sun is still shining
Blue sky above
Darkness within
Held at bay just by love