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What's Your Halloween Sugar Binge?

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Your Halloween Sugar Binge is Cupcakes

You love sweet things, but you're not big on overindulging. You'll just have a little taste.
A small cupcake is perfect for you. You can sneak one in anytime and avoid sugar overload.

Plus, cupcakes are fun and whimsical - just like you. They add a little cheer to any situation.
You're the type who is always doing something to make others happy... Like whipping up a delicious batch of cupcakes!

What's Your Halloween Sugar Binge?

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You Halloween Sugar Binge is Pumpkin Bread

You aren't a big fan on sugar. Maybe you just don't have a sweet tooth, or maybe you are a healthy eater.
So when you break loose and treat yourself, you go for something tame... like pumpkin bread.

It may not be a cupcake or a cookie, but it still is something sweet. And just a little bit of sweetness is enough to satisfy you.
Besides, you're getting a little bit of vegetable in your treat. So it's totally guilt free!

What's Your Halloween Sugar Binge?

bumping up for Halloween

My favorite is Bit o'Honey. It's hard to find, nowadays.

Jeff Wrangler:
Anything chocolate.

Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are da bomb.


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