Author Topic: Sundance: Annette Bening, Julianne Moore wow the fest with Gay Marriage drama  (Read 5700 times)

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The Sundance Seven
A film festival known for stunning breakout performances produces its latest batch.

By Logan Hill & Bilge Ebiri
Published Jan 31, 2010


Our [other] favorite twosome, Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, play a lesbian couple who finally meet the sperm donor for their two adolescent children (Mark Ruffalo) in The Kids Are All Right.  Moore, too, got her big break at Sundance in 1995, in the harrowing Safe.  Though she’s no stranger to funny, her career is heavily weighted with repressed, intense women. What a shame. “Her scenes—especially her sex scenes—were supposed to be kind of heightened and out-there,” says director Lisa Cholodenko, who co-wrote the hilarious, at times jaw-dropping screenplay (the film was picked up by Focus Features). “I didn’t know how she’d respond once we got on the set. But her readiness was stunning.” The Kids Are All Right  feels invigorating and fresh in other ways, too. “It’s not like an eighties or nineties gay-festival film about politics,” she says. “It’s just a family is a family is a family. I said, ‘Let’s have some fun, weird romp with this new era.’ ”

Julianne Moore
The Kids Are All Right

The problem with The Kids Are All Right  is determining who will, finally, get the Oscar nomination: Annette Bening, the bitchy half of a lesbian couple, or Moore, who plays her goofy partner. We’ll give Moore the edge, thanks to a spastically hilarious sex scene you won’t soon forget.

Also:  Kate Mara!

Kate Mara and Josh Radnor

Not only did the star of How I Met Your Mother  make a crowd-pleasing debut as a writer-director, but he showed terrific instinct in casting the underused Mara (a TV regular and the daughter in Brokeback Mountain ) as his cabaret-singing Lower East Side love.
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Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne)
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Thanks neat to have news about Kate! :)  Maybe a tidbit to add to the "Kate, Kate, Kate" thread...

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I think of The Who when I hear the title "The Kids Are All Right."


Poor Roger Daltry looks so dorky and awkward in that video. Not for long, though -- he actually looked cool before Mick Jagger did.

Lisa Chodolenko, the director of High Art  and Laurel Canyon,

I've heard really good things about this movie and am looking forward to it. I liked Laurel Canyon.

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I also like both of these actresses - something to look forward to in the coming year!
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