Author Topic: Women on Facebook still prefer to take their husband's name in marriage  (Read 7777 times)

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And men are still contemptuous of women having any other choice rather than take his name.

Obviously as the article and many commenters points out, wanting to keep your own name means you're waffling about marriage and not ready for it.  ::)

Seems he takes offense to the idea of me tacking his last name on to the one I already have. The move — according to him — says I’m wishy-washy about my commitment and (gasp) that I’m not ready to leave my family and be a wife. When I introduced the subject for discussion on Facebook, turns out plenty of folks from both genders side with his opinion. I didn’t tell him that, though.

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I've always thought that idea was dumb anyway.

I have a friend who kept her "maiden" ::) name after she married.  She has a family friend who will only send invites to her addressed to her "married" name, which doesn't exist as she didn't take it.

I remember a few yeas ago reading a story of a woman who grew up in a family with only girls, and her father mentioned that his family name would die with him.

When the woman got married, her new husband agreed to take HER name, so that any children they had would continue to carry her father's name on.

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I kept my name and he kept his, the kids has his last name. Has worked well for us.
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