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Most annoying/least favorite holiday songs

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--- Quote from: Jeff Wrangler on December 19, 2011, 03:51:04 pm ---Never heard of them, much less heard them.  :(

I confess I find "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" still good for laughs and something of an antidote to all the saccharine one hears this time of year.

Check the "Glee" thread; did I read somewhere that the gay boys do that one? I know I've read that Michael Buble does an interesting version. But I can't imagine that anyone outdoes the great Eartha Kitt.

That one, along with "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." is one of John Mason Neale's Victorian fake medieval carols. Sounds good when played by a brass ensemble, I think.  :)

--- End quote ---

I will dig them up later tonight, Jeff, when I can get to youtube.

In the meanwhile, YES, the boys on Glee did a fab version of 'Santa Baby' I posted in my blog over the weekend:

I will need to review the Eartha Kitt version - Paul played about 12 takes and I'm not even sure he got to that one.  ;)  :-*

Sheriff Roland:
Got another really offensive suggestion, with proof ...

Two years ago, Neil Diamond released a third Christmas album including the awfully self promoting "Cherry Cherry Christmas". Only just heard it a couple of times (thank god).

Cherry Cherry Christmas

Wish you a very merry, cherry cherry Christmas
and a holly holy holiday, too.
Underneath your tree may there always be
sounds of harmony, not a song sung blue .
Just a very merry, cherry cherry Christmas.
And if all of those who love you gather near,
you'll have a very merry, cherry cherry, holly holy,
rock and rolly Christmas this year.
When the snow drops on the treetops
it's a pretty amazing scene.
Hear the choir, light the fire.
Feels like pretty amazing grace if you know what I mean.
Oh yeah, it's Christmas time
In a world of make-believe I'm a believer,
and I believe in things not always understood,
but the things you feel make believing real.
That's why Christmas feels so good, so good, so good.

When you imagine all the world as one great chorus,
you're gonna learn that every voice has got a song.
Let's raise a Christmas toast of red, red wine,
we'll even sing Sweet Caroline while the whole world sings along.
I hear music in the sound of children laughing.
It's a beautiful noise that fits you like a song.
Makes you wanna have a very merry, holly holy,
cherry cherry Christmas time the whole year long.
The whole year long...sing your Christmas song...the whole year long.
Cherry Christmas, Everyone!!!

Oh, and, by the way, the album contains yet another, not really humorous (and annoying) Adam Sandler composition, "The Chanukah Song"

I have TONS of xmess CDs, and very few songs actually annoy me.  However, "Little Drummer Boy" does not need to be heard more than once a year.  

"Santa Baby" is a lot of fun.  Eartha Kitt's is the classic version.  I also like Madonna's "Betty Boop" version.  Jane Krakowski does an awesome, sexy version.  Not sure I like Michael BublĂ©'s though.  Try RuPaul's!

While we're at it, RuPaul does an awesome "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus".

I bored Lynne with sixteen versions of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" on youtube this weekend.  The "Glee" version is quite good, but check out the version with Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer, the composer.  

I hear there are a few southern xmess songs too...

Roland, I'm with you:  don't even need to hear that one; anything by Neil Diamond is guaranteed to be annoying.

My three most hated Christmas Songs!!!

#3.  "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."  It wasn't funny the first time I heard it, and it hasn't ever been funny any other time I've heard it.  Now there's even a 30 minute animated cartoon based on the song.  


#2.  "Dominick The Donkey."  Recorded by Lou Monte, the song is about a donkey that helps Santa give out gifts in Italy.  Lou sings it with an Italian accent, saying things like "jingity jing, hee haw hee haw"  


#1.  "The Christmas Shoes."  I understand that not everyone has a happy Christmas, but I don't think you'll hear a more depressing song.  This song chronicles a man who is tired of Christmas and standing in line in stores.  He's behind a child who doesn't have enough money to pay for a pair of shoes, and he overhears the child tell the cashier that his mommy is sick and needs to have these shoes "in case she meets Jesus tonight."

Heard it once, I was in tears halfway through the song, and I turn it off anytime I hear it start.  I know many people who tell me they do the same thing.

Wasn't bored - I was getting educated!  8)

And Chuckie - about those Christmas shoes - I had to sit through the *play*.  Never never never again.  Manipulative.


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