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FInd Your Doppelganger!

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Have you ever looked for your doppelganger--someone who looks uncannily like you? I did recently, and the picture below was what came up. I was thrilled, because the person is actually a hero of mine! Do you know who she is (no fair looking it up)? Post your doppelganger here!

I forget how I did it. I think I put my portrait into Google Images and selected "find more like this".

Interesting topic, Lee!

Here's a photo I became aware of the other day. It has apparently already made the rounds on internet. It looks like a doppelgänger of a person who's become famous recently. Can anyone see who the person in the photo looks like?



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Yup. It looks like a doppelgänger of Greta Thunberg, but funny thing is, the photo was taken in Klondyke 1897!

The photo has been accused of being fake, but the University of Washington has confirmed that it's real.

she's a time-traveler!

Start the conspiracy theories!!!


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