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Kind of a Brokieesque movie, Little Women.

Here are some of the director's influences.

I've always liked Gerwig's films. Maybe she's my favorite female director. Today I enjoyed her new romp/fantasy/existentialist movie "Barbie." Margot Robbie was very good in it, but Ryan Gosling stole the show.

Jeff Wrangler:
Funny you should start this thread.

Last night I saw one part of the version that aired on Masterpiece on PBS, the one with Angela Lansbury as Aunt March. The production values are very high. I should probably have watched more if I could because the actors playing Laurie and Mr. Brooke were gorgeous. ...

From what I saw, Emily Watson was very good as Marmee.

I agree.  The PBS version was excellent, and more traditional than Gerwig's.  Great acting throughout. 

I've seen a handful of versions, even the opera. Couldn't pick one as my favorite, but the Timothee Chalamet version is what I remember most. That is Gerwig's work. I liked most of the actors, especially Florence Pugh as Amy. Here's a Richard Brody review of the film that I agree with.


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