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Have any of you guys ever done it when there was a cat in the room? Did anything surprise you?

I ask this because of something that happened awhile back. John, my BF, and I were having lunch with a couple of his friends. After we ate and talked, they went upstairs for an afternoon “nap,” leaving us in the living room, staring thoughtfully down at the thick, white, carpet that beckoned to us. Well, things started to happen, and it was then we became aware of the cat: He woke up. Perhaps because we were ignoring him, the cat jumped down from the chair,  came over and stood there watching us on the floor in front of the coffee table. Soon he began meowing, rubbing against us, then butting John sharply with his head.  He seemed to want us to stop. I tried pushing him away, but he wouldn't go. Neither of us wanted to break the spell by getting up to deal with the situation. He then decided to climb up on top. Since that meant topping 2 bodies—a sort of sandwich--he had to extend his claws to climb, which even more seriously interfered with the magic. I remember him walking up and down my back, claws still out to steady himself since I was moving. I shouted out , “You're hurting me! Make velvet claws!” Then he started clawing my ribs softly, hypnotically. This was weird but kind of erotic. I tried to get into it, but my BF was not amused, and almost snarled: “We are NOT having a three-way with the cat!”

We have done it in front of the dog. The first time he was very curious and watched us intently.  He made me very self-conscious because I am not into public sex. Now he just sleeps. When he was interested enough to watch, I deliberately tried NOT to wonder what might be going through his mind: Surprise that humans doggie-style too? Criticism of our performance? Disgust? Horror? Maybe it's only cats who want to get involved.

BTW: Please no denunciations of beastiality.  It wasn't, and I think you have missed the point.  Also, I posted a version of this on an appropriate Reddit sub-site.  I was amazed that the inevitable trollery focused on questions of why EVER we were doing it at 1:30 in the afternoon, and why were we doing it on the floor, even if it was on a lush carpet.  Well, if their playtime must suffer from such constraints, too bad for them.


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