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Computers Make Us Crazy!


Do you think computers have made your life easier? Consider these points:

    Every time you do something, the computer asks you if you're SURE you want to do that? Yet it blithely deletes your work on the slightest whim or hiccup.
    You've poured your whole brain into a document and yet, when you're done, your computer asks you if you really want to save that?
    Speaking of saving, the symbol for "save" is a...floppy disc. Who knows what these things are anymore?
    And even further, a floppy disc is not, and never was, floppy.
    An industry can never be successful if it calls its customers "users". Or, can it?
    Little strings of code that help you do something are called "apps" short for "applications". Don't ask me why.
    The more toolbars slung across the top of your screen, the better, it seems. The toolbar that has buttons for things you never do must be at the top.
    Why the heck is the caps lock button in such a prominent place where it can be fat-fingered whenever you hit the shift button a little cockeyed?

What are your pet peeves re: computers? We want to hear!

Jeff Wrangler:
My one enormous peeve is not being able to live without it.  >:(

There will probably be smaller peeves that come to mind from time to time.


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