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Our dear Brokie Berit has died

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Sonja has heard from Berit's husband Esbjorn that she died yesterday, from complications of bile duct cancer.  Apparently she was working full time just three months ago. 

She certainly was a true-blue Brokie, and greatly loved life and especially her family. 

I can't find the right words. I'm so, so shocked.

I will miss you, Berit.  :'(

Esbj?rn told med that the cancer was diagnosed only two months ago.

It was inoperable, but she received treatment and they were hoping she'd get more time.

Esbj?rn has access to her FB page, so if you want to you can write a message for him and their children there.

Jeff Wrangler:
Sad news. My heart goes out to her family.


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