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Brokie TwistedDude has passed away

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Front Row: Michael, Linda, Sonja, Julie
Second Row: Debbie, Dawn, Pete, Bobby, John, Sid
Last Row: Tom, Fritz, Ellen, David, (Pete's husner) Larry


--- Quote from: CellarDweller on April 28, 2022, 04:34:04 pm ---From a performance of Beyond Brokeback

Clockwise from left front:  Sonja/Sason, Dawn/StillLearning, Sid/Sid401k (partially hidden), Michael/MichaelFlanaganSF,
Ellen/TellYouWhat, Bobby/Bobby19in1963 (partially hidden), Julie/TwistedDude, Fritz/Fritzkep, Pete/Ptannen (arm only)

--- End quote ---

Was this in Chikago?


--- Quote from: Sason on April 28, 2022, 06:38:09 pm ---Was this in Chikago?
--- End quote ---

I believe it was 2009 for "Man Dance".   I just found the group pic on UBF, and it says "Man Dance" on it, so I added that to my original post.

And now it's her 87th birthday.  :'(

serious crayons:
I believe I remember Julie from IMDb! I don't recall seeing her as much on BetterMost, but I might be mixing times up. Sixteen years, damn.


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