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Interesting podcast about books that helped LGBTQ+ people


serious crayons:
I'm writing about a podcast called "This Queer Book Saved My Life," in which LGBTQ people talk about some book that -- well, not necessarily literally saved their lives but provided some sort of support, especially in difficult times. The books range from James Baldwin's "Giovanni's Room" to less famous but more recent novels and memoirs. Sometimes the authors join the discussion.

Here's a link to all the episodes in case anyone wants to check it out. Many of the guests are from Minnesota, but not all.

You get some really cool assignments!

serious crayons:

--- Quote from: Front-Ranger on November 17, 2022, 10:51:59 am ---You get some really cool assignments!

--- End quote ---

Thanks, FRiend! The downside is that we usually have to rely on pitches from the public about some project or program or person that might be a good fit for the "Inspired" page. (Lots of Ps!  :laugh:) It's hard to come up with ideas of good things people *might* be doing. So far we've never had to run a blank page, though.

Often I find the problem more interesting than the solution. Not so much in this case but the problem -- widespread banning of LGBTQ books; this year's attempts to ban books are expected to break a record, and 41% have LGBTQ characters -- shows why the program is especially important.


That Brokeback Revisited book that the Cullen forum people did had several "saved my life" stories in it. Another twist on the subject is the post David Stratchen just made about why Middlesex is a bad book for trans people, and what to read or watch instead.


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