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Eighteen Effin' Years

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Jeff Wrangler:
Or 25, depending on how you're counting.

In either case, it's not possible.  :(

Anyway, every time I make coffee and throw the sopping brown filter into the garbage can, I think of Linda Higgins.

I don't need any postcards, though. I've got plenty of snapshots and other photos from years on years.

Of all the many ways to be reminded of Brokeback Mountain, this takes the cake! For my coffee, I use an Aeropot, which is a tube that sits on top of my cup and holds one cup's worth of coffee grounds. There's also a pusher that fits tightly inside the tube and all the brew is suctioned into the cup. I just have a few grounds each time, which I put on my houseplants. So I'll just have to find another reminder! I'm sure it won't be hard.

Jeff Wrangler:
For weekday/workday breakfasts, I have a cone that sits on top of a cup or mug. It holds a single filter. You put coffee in the cone and pour boiling water over it. On weekends I use a small drip coffee maker.

Jeff Wrangler:
We know where Brokenback Summit is. I wonder whether anybody goes there anymore.  ???

I was last there in 2019, after spending the Fourth of July at the Ten Sleep Rodeo. That was when I met Craig Johnson, who was the Grand Marshall of the parade. Before that, we went up after the eclipse in 2017. Dana joined us.

In 2021, I was very close to there at Medicine Wheel and was surprised that my traveling partners didn't know of the nearby Medicine Lodge. Time to plan another trip!


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