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I didn't see a thread here that had this information, thought perhaps this would be a place to collect this information, in case people want to see or discuss any shows or TV movies with LGBTQ stories.

It can be discussions of gay characters in ongoing series, episodes that featured gay storylines, holiday movies, or any sort of TV exposure.

This can be any show or movie from any time.

Luke Macfarlane & Peter Porte to Star in Hallmark's Notes of Autumn

Bernardo Sim - August 18 2023

We?re so ready for a new LGBTQ+ rom-com from Hallmark featuring Luke Macfarlane and Peter Porte!

Today, the Hallmark Channel is announcing a new rom-com titled Notes of Autumn just in time for the fall season. The film features the character of Leo (Macfarlane), a successful author who is experiencing a tough writer?s block. Feeling the pressure to finish the new installment of his popular series of books, Leo swaps homes with his best friend, Ellie (played by Ashley Williams), for a period of time.

During his stay at Ellie?s place, Leo ends up meeting Matt (Porte), who helps him get out of his own way when it comes to writing something new and inspiring. According to the synopsis, Leo and Matt?s ?newfound friendships turn into something far more meaningful,? just as Ellie is experiencing a similar situation with Sam (played by Marcus Rosner).

Notes of Autumn is set to premiere on Saturday, September 16 on the Hallmark Channel.

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Luke MacFarlane                                                  Peter Porte

This is a great idea for a topic. With the writers' strike dragging on, we're all on the hunt for new shows or ones we missed before.

serious crayons:
Well, I hope all of you who have Netflix have watched Schitt's Creek, which stars perhaps the second most adorable gay couple of all time?

Poor Luke MacFarlane:  Bros bombed, so he's stuck doing Hallmark channel fluff. 


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