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Phillip Dampier:
Welcome to BetterMost Holidays.  This forum will be around until mid-January for all things holiday.  Your moderator is Meryl.

You'll notice that we have subject headings for things like recipes, pictures, and holiday planning.  This is to help keep things organized.  You can help us out by trying to keep things under the existing subjects as much as possible.  We'll be adding some new topics as needed.

Remember, you can Search for recipes and topics here using the Search button, colored blue, towards the top of each page.

Happy holidays!

Brown Eyes:
This is a really fun idea for a forum Phillip!
 :D :D :D



Thanks Amanda, and Phillip!  :-*

This is the place to put those treasured recipes, folks!  Get out the old card file, sort through the junk drawer, look at what's stuck on the refirigerator and dust the flour off the Fanny Farmer cookbook.  Thankgiving's breathing down our necks and Christmas is only one lap behind!  And after you cook up something scrumptious, be sure to report back on how it went down.  8)  ;D

Congratulations Meryl and welcome to our merry band of mods! I hope U have a lot of fun with this forum! I have a whole passel of things to contribute and hope to celebrate my 3,000th post here or on Sosh. I'm also glad this forum will be live until at least mid-January because I dearly love to celebrate Chinese New Year. Anybody else with me on that?


--- Quote from: Front-Ranger on November 20, 2006, 11:57:50 am ---I dearly love to celebrate Chinese New Year. Anybody else with me on that?

--- End quote ---

You teach me how, and I'll celebrate it! :)


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