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Weights and Measures: A Converter for the Kilo & Liter Crowd


In case any of our non-USA BetterMostians would like to contribute recipes, here's a converter for the weights and measures:


It works both ways, so if you'd like to just give us the recipe in your own measurements, we can go here and figure it out, too.  :)

John Passaniti:

--- Quote from: Meryl on November 21, 2006, 07:30:16 pm ---http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/converter_index.shtml

--- End quote ---

Another more general converter is the Google Calculator.  The way it works, you just enter in an expression like this into Google:

4 cups in liters
375 f in c
10 fl oz in ml

And so on.  Give it a try.  Google Calculator knows a ridiculous number of units and can convert between them.  Here's an example:

65.1 million cubits per fortnight in miles per hour

Which of course comes from the Sammy Hagar hit song, "I Can't Drive 65.1 Megacubits Per Fortnight."

Thanks Meryl  :). It's very convenient to convert so many measures at one page instead of googling and searching every time.

Thanks, John, I didn't know Google was even more talented than I thought!  8)

Chrissi, I hope this means you'll be giving us more goodies to cook up!  :)


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