Author Topic: My Own 1st Year Anniversary With That Film - Your Site Founder Speaks Out  (Read 4027 times)

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Thanks for that wonderful post, Phillip! Yesterday was my 1st Brokeback Mountain anniversary. I went to see it on the day that it opened in Germany, on March 9th 2006 in Fulda, which is a 45 minutes drive from where I live. Still got some of the old cinema tickets! :)

I had read some very good reviews beforehand and remember visiting the IMDB message boards after the Oscar debacle, thinking: well, all these people are exaggerating a little, aren't they? They are taking this way to seriously.
And then I saw the movie myself...

The next day, I created my pipedream account and started to participate in the discussions. Wow, and what a year this has been. Brokeback got us good, I guess.