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Re: A Ninth Viewing Observation
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The other thing is what Ennis says next. He says, "When you don't got nothing, you don't need nothing." Which means, exactly, that when you lose the wish to win other's approval with your material trappings, then all of the other materialist cravings fall away. Ennis had truly learned the meaning of life, which is to love and be loved. And, that's it.  :'( :-*

I would really like to know what this means for Ennis' character. Sure, he realized a bunch of things after his visit to Lightning Flat. I think he knew that he loved Jack from years before (latest starting from the reunion, according to the book probably from after 1 year after Brokeback), but i think he buried it deep within himself or at least had never allowed himself to think on that. In this last trailer scene with Jr. he openly admits that it was indeed love - just by finally spelling out that word. I think he'd come a long way there already.

The story of Front_Ranger's aunt and this
Some of my colleagues and friends seem to care a lot about how their house is furnished and decorated. Sometimes I think they only get it decorated for their visitors.
imply that the furniture issue also means keeping appearances, so does this mean for Ennis that he is now more honest with himself? I think, yes. If keeping appearances means that there are some hidden insecurities at work, then does this mean Ennis was able to already defeat some / all (?) of his demons? Does he still regard himself as not-queer? If no, there is a step further - is he still ashamed of himself? Does he still have to fight the image of his father (he kept him in high regard when he was 19)?

I think last-trailer-scene-Ennis' biggest issue is now guilt - for letting Jack down, for not being there for him, for all the wasted years he pushed Jack and his own feelings away. But how about his self-acceptance? What do you think?