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She hoped ...
« on: March 27, 2007, 08:00:43 pm »
She hoped ...

She needed to get out for some fresh air.
She applied a thick layer of her foundation -
The bruise was now mostly concealed.
She slipped on her sneakers and left the house;
Taking the puppies along for a walk in the park.
The air was fresh and crisp,
The receding sun bathed the trees
In mellow red and yellow light.
She sat down on an old bench
And watched the dogs play,
Chasing after each other, yelping eagerly..
She smiled, momentarily forgetting her woes.
As darkness slowly fell, she headed back,
Her spirits slightly enlivened from the outing ..


He was sipping a beer when she got home.
The curtains were drawn
And the radio blasting.
Without uttering a word,
He seized her by the wrists
And dragged her into the dark bedroom.
His eyes were glazed over with the look she dreaded,
And he smelled of sweat and whiskey.
He slammed her against the closed door
And pulled down her pants.
She surrendered without a fight,
Knowing better than to scream.
She squeezed her eyes shut,
Waiting for the assault
Praying he wouldn't use the bottle this time ..

She stood before the bathroom mirror
Unable to find the courage to look into it.
It'd been two cracked ribs, a cut lip
And a concussion last time.
This time, she'd been lucky.
Her right cheek was badly bruised,
The skin was purple and raw
And it stung when she washed
The bits of dried blood from her face.
She could hear all the voices -
Her mother, her best friend
Pleading, begging her to leave.
But she cared for him,
Once upon a time she'd been madly in love with him.
She was sure there was some goodness in him,
Some love for her underneath the hostility,
Some tenderness behind his dazzling, sky-blue eyes.
She hoped ..

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Re: She hoped, a poem ...
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Wow!!!!! Amazing :)


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Re: She hoped, a poem ...
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Hey Marl.. thanks for stopping by to check it out.