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Re: The Lovely Kate Mara
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I hear you, Del.  I was kind of coerced into seeing it yesterday with/by a friend, myself.  I'd give it a 6/10.  Here's what I liked:


- Kate's and Mark's characters didn't end up having sex - hell - they didn't end up even making out.  I liked that because Kate's character is supposed to still be mourning her deceased boyfriend/Swagger's best friend and spotter.  I truly believed that most, if not all, of what she did was out of honoring his memory and not out of being horny for Swagger

Apparently Kate's character was a widow, she actually says it at one point, and yes, I too was shocked they didn't do a love scene.  They probably filmed it and it was cut.

- I thought it actually was an indictment against the Bush Administration.  But it was subtle enough in it that most Bushies would not recognize it (because let's face it: most of them are not that bright).  But you gotta admit, the lines "Some have been thugs" (talking about recent Presidents) and "What kind of asshole would think something like this up?" (about, basically, The Patriot Act) were pretty damning.

It's hard to say.  I heard his 'thugs' line and thought that could apply to just about any president in the last 150 years or so.  And the fact that Mark's character himself said he didn't like either of the last two presidents.  About his line 'what kind of asshole would think something like this up', I thought that was just a complaint about black ops organizations in general and Danny Glover's organization specifically. 

- Michael Pena has a natural warmth that comes right through the screen.  As much as I'd like to hate him because he was in "Crash," I can't because he just seems like such a lovely human being.  If not for him, though, I'd have given it a 5/10 - maybe even a 4/10 - for the reasons you cited.

I also liked his character because he seemed very human and being the side-kick didn't get killed off in order to further fuel the hero's revenge rampage.  I also liked the fact at the end, Kate's character has this very shocked expression on her face - in disbelief that Mark's character could actually go through with what he did.